White Tail Deer Drone Footage

White Tail Deer Drone Footage

Montana is full of wildlife and beautiful country and finally after months of trying I was
able to get some drone footage You guy’s are too close to the elk Step away from the elk please subscribe and click the
notification bell so I was out on a drive in the Boulder
Valley when I noticed this herd of deer luckily I’d brought my DJI spark and
decided to get a closer look I focused in on this particular group these were white-tailed deer which you
can always tell the difference because they have a long fluffy white tail at first they didn’t notice me but then I got greedy and decided to
move in closer that was all it took they were out of
there I didn’t even notice this buck until after I had gone back and looked
at my video I learned a valuable lesson about
filming deer and elk and stuff that day and that is next time I’m gonna come in
from overhead

Eugene Islam

18 thoughts on “White Tail Deer Drone Footage

  1. Yeah, the white tail don't hang around when the drones come. I catch them on camera here in TN. They high tail it for the woods every time. Nice footage. New sub.

  2. Liked and subscribed ! Great video . I also enjoyed the honest review of the Bugs 4. My Holy Stone HS100 bounced all over the place also. Drones with a gimble is the only way to go ! 🙂

  3. You did a really great job on this production! Awesome footage! New here 90, would def appreciate support in return. Keep up the great work!

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