What’s in My Travel Camera Bag?

What’s in My Travel Camera Bag?

this is how I synchronize the audio for
afterwards hey what’s up ladies and gentlemen
I’m Ignace Aleya and today it’s kind of another video today I’m gonna be showing
you what’s inside my travel camera bag because occasionally I do like to travel
and I really want to be prepared for any kind of situation when I’m traveling to
make an awesome video so let’s start with the bag bag oh it contains a lot of
stuff but that’s only because it’s capable of carrying a lot of stuff so
this is actually a new camera bag I’m not sure if you can see it well here but
I’m going to open it up right over there okay so back smart this is one of the
most amazing backpacks that I have had until now the reason why is because it’s
completely modular let me show you if that’s different modules like maybe you
want this one here or this one here and the way you can just completely build
your own camera bag and even what’s inside the camera bag is completely
modular so you can really choose how you want your camera bag to be as optimal
for your kind of situation so that’s really cool by the way check them out
they’re also gonna be starting a Kickstarter soon so that’s really nice
and also the material is super high-end quality they really thought it through
it’s also rain sealed so yeah let’s get to what’s inside of the bag and along
the way we’ll see where we get so the first thing that you can see right here
is at the bottom part I have my tripod well actually a kind of gorilla pod so I
like to take this with me on travels the reason being is that I can really kind
of modify it the way I wanted I can attach it in different kind of
situations for example I made time lapses while this was attached to a tree
and then I have my camera here I also have this kind of head where I can
rotate everything the way I want it to be although this one is a little bit
older it’s kind of breaking apart very easily
so I don’t really rely on this anymore with my GH 5s because yeah it’s an
expensive camera and if this would break while my camera is on there it’s kind of
dangerous so I kind of avoided but I really loved it when I was working fine
so I’m definitely looking into getting a new one it’s so useful to have some kind
of flexible tripod with you so next the bag that was attached right here what do
I have in here in here I have actually everything that has to do with my GoPro
so I like to take my GoPro with me on travels this is my body attachment all
the cables my charger is in here and my GoPro on a kind of selfie stick right
here and the reason why I like to take this with me is yeah of course it’s
capable to film underwater and also because it’s actually rather small and
you can really take it very easily with you and the selfie stick I really hated
it at the beginning but the the more you kind of try with it you you see how
awesome the angles are that you can make what selfie sticks so I’m kind of
becoming a fan of the selfie stick as long as you don’t do it in full public
and yeah just just be be smart with this but with a selfie stick you can make so
many angles even if you’re not using it on your own you can really extend it
quite a lot and yeah I took it once under in the sea with the salty water
and I didn’t clean it well so it’s kind of getting getting jammed sometimes but
once it’s completely at its maximum capacity you can see it’s quite long so
I can’t even show it on my camera but it’s so useful to have like a top angle
shot a bottom angle shot maybe you want to kind of fake a drunk shot because I
don’t use a drone anymore the reason why I’m not using a drone anymore is because
of the log law is so strict and especially here in Belgium it’s a very
dangerous law so if you don’t have the license to fly you could get a big big
find and even jail time of course that’s not something that’s gonna happen very
soon but if if your drone would for example malfunction not even your fault
because we experienced that problem ones that our drone just took off without any
reason and yeah we never found it back actually so we contacted DJI and they
actually gave us a new one because they accept because they saw in the log that
it was actually a problem from their drones so a very dangerous situation
because if you think of it if that drone would land on a highway what kind of
damage could that do so I don’t have my drone license the reason being is that
here in Belgium you have to be a real pilot almost to in order to fly a drone
so in order to fly a toy you get like these amounts of books so so big and
it’s it’s insane what you have to learn it’s literally all the knowledge that a
normal pilot has to learn which you have to do which you have to know as a drone
operator so that’s why we chose not to use that anymore for now and let’s see
where it gets us in the future hopefully it gets easier especially in different
countries I imagine it’s a little bit easier but I don’t know how many
youtubers do it flying a drone everywhere because it’s so dangerous
yeah kind of LA wise so in here I would do some accessories like a pen you
always need a pen with you on a travel and of course some business cards you
never know who you’re gonna meet on a travel and then it’s just an easy way to
chair your name and your email address and your phone number so I just like to
do it that like that it’s not that I’m really looking for business so I’m not
calling it like a business card that more like a social card which is just
easy if you have yeah if you have that with you so I’m gonna attach that right
here back on here and actually I forgot to put that in so I’m just going to put
it back here so next up let’s have a look in the inside first thing that you
will find here in the inside is a small case and again you can also use the
modular build up so if you want to put it on the outside here you can also do
that pushes which is really cool so now it’s attached right here and what I have
in here is it’s kind of a book so everything is from back smart so that’s
really cool everything from this backpack they have plenty of different
smaller bags this is what I’ll take with me the only thing you have to be very
careful about is this right here so this is very useful as a cameraman to have
and all kind of tools with you but if you’re going to pass
like an airport this is not going to get through so really be careful with these
and don’t take them if you’re traveling by airport or leaving the country so
next up is right here I have a micro-level ear from Road which is
actually really nice it connects with your phone and then you can record the
audio and sync it up later and post but the quality is pretty good so that’s
also super nice then right here I will put all my cables so this is a cable for
my HDD I do bring external hard drives Witney just to back up my work and then
here charging cables for example for my phone then here a cleaning cloth which
is also important and that you always have a clean lens two extra batteries
and then right here if I open this up I have this little box which you can find
on Amazon I think I got this from Amazon and if you open it up you can store
plenty of SD cards currently it’s quite empty but that’s because I’m using all
my SD cards at the moment and recording this tutorial also requires some stuff
so yeah that would go all in here and that’s on the top just going to put it
aside here next up is right here I can take it out I’m actually going to open
it a little bit more so you can see what’s inside you can see how clean the
inside looks right here I have one bag also modular which will snap on these
right here but let’s focus on this one right here so if I open this up you’ll see right here that it’s
completely yeah kind of package to in order to keep a camera and it you can
also remodel I have like the perfect kind of space for your camera so I carry
what made eg h5s and the gh 5 also but I’m recording with that right now I like
to have two cameras with me on my vacation one for photo one for video
while I’m on the go and also just as a backup and when I’m kind of making a
tutorial like this one where I’m in need of filming my other camera so while I’m
working or something like that then I carry with me this amazing lens this is
the Sigma 18 to 35 1.8 Sigma lens which is really amazing I currently have two
made a bone speed booster but I’m really dissatisfied with it I really don’t like
it because the auto focusing issue is a very big deal for me as a youtuber I
have to record myself without a crew so I really kind of rely a lot on out of
focusing and this one keeps searching and searching so I’m thinking of going
to the vill trucks I’ve heard that that is a better adapter but for now I’m kind
of out of budget so okay so on that is attached a and D filter which which is
variable so you can spin it around to have like less or more light on your
lens but honestly I’m not a big fan of variable and D filters because these
quality they do like in quality and they do bring your image quality down quite a
bit and yet they have plenty of issues on of their own variable and D filters
I’ve said it in previous videos I really don’t recommend them if you have a
chance to buy an ND filter take a one stop and D filter and just choose one
stop and then just screw it off and screw it on if you have if you’re in
need and if you are in need of another and D filter and no it’s more work but
it really pays off in the long run because if you don’t have a variable but
if fixed and D filter your image quality is going to be a lot better so I’ll put
that back here next I also always take some duct tape some good quality duct
tape if you can’t fix it with duct tape you’re just not using enough
then right here I have a kind of they use it well they here in Belgium they
call it like a paint kind of tape which I use actually to tag everything so if I
have new items like cables or something I will just take a piece off of that put
it on there and then just write with a pen
whatever that item is so because I I tend to have a lot of gear and it’s kind
of growing every single day and I forget every single time
what is that cable for what is that cable for what did I use for this wish
so not every single cable actually puts the brand name on it which i think is
actually really disappointing but yeah so that way I just tag everything if I
get something new in here I didn’t tag everything yet so that’s
why I take it with me then right here I have two external hard drives the reason
why is if I record something super nice I’m going to back it up just and to be
sure that I’m not going to lose it if I have the chance I will also kind of
upload it to a cloud online so you never know what’s gonna happen with your bag
it might get stolen and then you lost all your beautiful images so next right
here I have this back here from Vivitar plenty of ND filters this is for a
different kind of lens it’s forty twelve to thirty five from Panasonic
but they have plenty of lenses and these are fixed and D filters actually so
these are completely fixed and therefore are gonna really benefit in the quality
but I don’t have this size for this lens so vivitar if you see this video so next
right here I have the zoom h1 which is one of my
favorite and audio recording devices out there so it’s super small it’s super
lightweight easy to take with you on vacation and what I can do is the mic
level here that I just showed you I will plug it in here and then on the go I can
talk to the camera or something like that and if I add this kind of wind I
don’t know how it’s called actually I forgot the name but it looks like a
mushroom right now so we’ll call it the mushroom if we’re gonna put that on here
I might also record some sound effects while I’m on my travel for example I
recorded the waves of the sea I will kind of just use that device to really
the quality of the waves on the beach and just do to add and the other thing
afterwards that of course my charger for my laptop and we can close this right
here then down here we have another back so this is some kind of a lens bag which
I like to use I don’t really have that many lenses right now I do use this
Tokina 16 to 11 11 to 16 for wide-angle shots
but I don’t tend to use it do often I’m really a big fan of the Sigma that I
just showed you then of course I will also take an adaptor depending on where
you go I’m from Belgium so Europe and there we don’t have this kind of
attachment but we have something like this so then I can just use that
wherever I’m traveling and then of course the charger which we should not
forget of my camera and then right here we have a power bank which is also super
handy if you’re on the go and you need some juice right here I have some bags
here and these are actually really kind of fun I have two of these and if you
open this up you can see what’s inside so this is a really amazing light from
sacani they send me these LED lights but they’re super amazing so without filter
they look like this and I can just turn it on right here and it’s super intense
so you can see how kind of intense it is it’s really great in small spaces even
on the daylight you will actually notice this light and it’s just super compact
so that’s why I like to use this and I can attach a diffuser as you can see
right here or a worm filter and I even have a pack-off color filter so if I
really want to get creative and I take two of these with me but you can take a
force more and really do an entire setup of light in here so here I have some
filters that I can attach to change the color light which is super super cool so
I’m gonna put that back here and then lastly what I have is
I have some side pockets where I can store for example a mouse this is a
Mazda that we’ll be using on my laptop from Razer the Razer Harris it’s a kind
of nice pocket Mouse not too big easy to carry with me and
completely wireless so that’s handy and then on the back we can see that we
have really nice traps so if you’re gonna carry a lot of weight with you
yeah it might get heavy on your shoulder so these are actually really good
quality for a long hours of carrying and then we have this kind of protector for
your back if you have all that stuff in here you don’t feel a thing
about it so that’s really cool and then we have some kind of secret pockets
right here and here you can take some documents for example your passport your
ID card and stuff like that’s something that you need quite often you can just
put that right here and then on the other side I have a bigger pocket and in
here I can actually fit my entire laptop so you can see right here that I have my
laptop with me at all times so currently I do use my macbook from 2012 of macbook
pro so I have it quite a long time it’s not the best laptop but it has never
ever let me down I even dropped it a few times from quite an angle I do
like Mac a lot I do like Apple a lot because they just tend to work whenever
I want them to work unfortunately for visual effects and video editing it’s
kind of easier if you work with Windows because you can really modify everything
in your system alright so that’s it for this video I hope you enjoyed it if you
did give this video a like also be sure to subscribe to the channel for more and
definitely hit the notification bell so you get notified when I upload new
videos apart from that check out our website we
have a bunch to offer for any kind of digital creative and if you buy
something from our website it really helps to support this channel to create
more awesome stuff and then I hope to see you guys in the next one goodbye
take care

Eugene Islam

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  1. Interesting video Ignace! The laws of drone flying are not that strict in Norway compared to Belgium. I thought they were strict here…


  3. Bonjour Ignace.
    Je viens de remarquer une chose étonnante. Alors est-ce un bug?
    Je film en 4k ou en 2,7k avec la gopro 7. Arrivé sur Première Pro CC, je fais des proxys, normal. Et voilà que quand je coche l'icône doublure pour utiliser les proxys, les métrages filmés avec la gopro à l'envers sont à l'envers à l'écran !!!!? Les autres filmés à l'endroit non. Et dès que je reclic sur doublure pour ne plus utiliser les proxys, les métrages se remettent à l'endroit à l'écran. As-tu déjà remarqué ça ? Merci par avance pour ta réponse.

  4. Time for you to buy a wide lens or a Full Frame camera – hardly we see anything in your videos – Either your studio space is tight – or your camera is limiting! Think through brother!

  5. Love watching vids like this, thanks for sharing your bag! Warning for using those SD card holders; be careful taking your cards out, as they can be in there pretty tight. I've got one almost identical to yours and I've pulled 3 cards apart trying to get them out. :/

  6. How would i go about making this effect? (The Butterfly thing in the background of this video) https://youtu.be/I2O7blSSzpI?t=30

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