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Imperial Officers of the Galactic Empire were
apart of the authority structure that oversaw both civilian and military commands, depending
on where they were stationed as well as their specific roles within their sector. So when they weren’t leading their troops
into battle or ensuring the civilian population was meeting the Empire’s quotas, what did
Imperial Officers do in their free time? Well this all depended on where they were
stationed and how flexible their highest ranking officer was. For example, during the early years of Imperial
control on Ryloth, the Officers enjoyed far more freedom than many of their counterparts
that were stationed on other planets. This flexibility attributed almost entirely
to Ryloth’s Moff named Delian Mors. She was incredibly lazy and barely cared about
what the officers she oversaw did. As long as there weren’t any large scale
uprisings on the planet, she couldn’t care less about what her subordinates did. She herself mainly remained in her massive
palace that was located on Ryloth’s moon, where she spent most of her time eating and
being pleasured by her many, specifically green skinned Twi’lek servants. The lower ranking officers that were stationed
on Ryloth also took advantage of the planet’s cultural practices, by spending much of their
off duty time in the many brothels that were located within the main cities. Nearly all the officers that visited these
brothels tended to get quite drunk or spiced up, and had their way with the young Twi’lek
girls that worked at the establishments. Actually, the Officers that were stationed
on the planet eventually delegated much of their peacekeeping responsibilities to the
locals, by creating task forces that were made up of Twi’leks that were loyal to the
Empire, so they wouldn’t have to do the tedious job of patrolling the streets themselves
alongside the Imperial troopers they commanded. This laid back attitude of course ended up
hurting them in the long run, as the rebel group known as the Free Ryloth Movement grew
in size over the years, to the point where they were able to bring down a Star Destroyer
that was transporting Emperor Palpatine during his visit to the world. Things quickly changed after that incident
however, with Moff Mors taking her job very seriously after being given one more chance
to rule the planet afterwards. Another place where Imperial Officers had
a very sweet time to be at was Scarif. Due to being an entire planet that was dedicated
to safeguarding the Empire’s secret projects rather than ruling over a populated planet,
the officers stationed there never saw any conflict up until the Rebel Alliance attack
during the events of Rogue One. This led many senior officers to go out of
their way to get stationed on Sacrif, treating it as an unofficial retirement and vacation
spot, where they were known to pretty much neglect their duties and bask in the comfort
of the tropical planet. When it came to places where the Imperial
leadership took its duties seriously, Officers were held up to a much higher standard and
had stricter guidelines as to how to behave when off duty. For example, those who served under Tarkin
had no room for any nonsense, even during their free time. Once during a surprise inspection, one junior
officer was discovered to have been snorting illegal spice when off duty by Tarkin, who
ridiculed the young man for his lack of professionalism before sending him to the brig, where he was
likely expelled out of the military afterwards. In general, Officers were given a couple days
a year to take off to meet with their families or friends if they wished, but this action
was usually discouraged by the higher ups, especially during the Galactic Civil War where
commitment to the war effort and the Empire was valued over everything else. Drinking at local cantinas or at the bar stationed
within the Death Star were also things Officers did in their free time. There was also once an Officer who gave a
few credit chips to a homeless woman when he walked by her on an impoverished world
he was stationed on, giving the possibility that some Officers may have helped out the
poverty stricken locals of their planets when off duty. And finally Officers that accomplished extraordinary
tasks or had an overall high performance within their respective field were usually invited
to the Imperial Ball that was held on Coruscant during Empire Day as a reward. At the party they were able to meet and socialize
with the Empire’s most renowned individuals, dance on the ballroom floor among the elite,
and consume some of the finest wines and food the galaxy had
the offer.

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