Eugene Islam

100 thoughts on “War Thunder – Siamese Tank SMK

  1. ░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄▄▄▄

  2. Hej robbaz, bara så att du vet så har jag sålt min själ till dig ända sen jag såg fallout videorna. När jag såg dom så bestämde jag mig att se varenda video du har gjort……….FÖR ALLTID

  3. man this game used to be gold. cant wait till the day they decide to fix MM instead of creating OP cashgrab premium tanks

  4. I like seeing you play, and I strongly recommend to play planetside 2, ill get a new PC just to play that one, give it a try ;D

  5. oh lol i was playing AB and i snuck up on 2 tanks and got one of them and my ally got the other they didn't see me at all 😀

  6. I love how you actually seem to enjoy War Thunder and know about the game and the vehicles in it. Sometimes I see people who seem to know nothing and just play arcade. Another reason why Robbaz deserves to be the King (of Sweden or the world)

  7. How did he get the different ammo types when i try to use it it dos not work and switches to the normal ammo type

  8. I'm offended because Thailand used to be called Siam and I'm Thai so I'm Siamese but please don't say that we have two penises

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