Unboxing the Yuneec Breeze Compact Smart Camera Drone with 4K Video

Unboxing the Yuneec Breeze Compact Smart Camera Drone with 4K Video

How’s it going? James Reimer here. I was
sitting here waiting on my son to get out of school, so I figured I’d do
another video to pass the time, but it’s really not working for me. I mean it is
hot as #[email protected]&%*! You get the picture. I figured it was time we bump it up a notch. What’s up people? Got a bit of a special
treat for you today. Seeing that this is the first video that I’m doing with my
new setup, I thought I’d make it extra special, and I’m gonna do an unboxing. Of
what you say? Well, it just so happens that I have this. It’s the Breeze 4K drone by Yuneec. So let’s open it up and see what we got. I’m so excited. Three weeks later. There we go. Alright. Fly your drone safely. Let’s see we got here. Do fly your unmanned
aircraft below 400 feet. Do fly with local clubs. Do inspect your aircraft
before you fly. Do take a lesson before you fly. Don’t fly your unmanned aircraft
beyond line of sight. Don’t fly near airports or any manned aircraft.
Seriously people, don’t do it. Don’t fly near people and stadiums. Don’t fly for
payment or commercial purposes unless specifically authorized by the FAA. Don’t
fly anything that weighs more than 55 pounds. That would be an incredible drone. Don’t be careless or reckless. You could be fined if you endanger people or other
aircraft. No, seriously, be safe. Inside the box we have some very nice
packaging, reminiscent of Apple’s packaging. Here we have what looks to be a QuickStart guide, an instruction manual for the controller, and a beginner’s guide
all very nicely done. In this little box here we have we have
extra propeller blades. Those could come in handy. Hopefully we won’t be running
in in any trees or anything. And in this box we have what looks to be
a battery charger. Hopefully there’s a battery that goes with that. In this box we have our controller. The brains of the
operation right here. I don’t know if you can see that, but that’s very nice. It lit
up as soon as I took it out. This of course would be the holder for your
phone, which also acts as a monitor from what I understand. And then here in the
bottom, I think we have the payload. Alright, the moment of truth. And there
she is. Some propeller guards, the battery, and
the beauty! Get a nice shot of everything here. By the way, the case that this came in… the drone itself… Nice solid case. It is plastic, but you
know it feels pretty solid. Because you definitely want to protect your
investment. There’s obviously a lot to do here before this is ready to fly. I
believe that we’ll save that for a review video. That’ll give me a chance to,
you know, try it out and give you some feedback on it. For now, we’ll call it
good. Thank you for watching. Please like and subscribe. Check the description
below for links to the product and any related information, and we’ll see you

Eugene Islam

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  1. Did you end up keeping the Yuneec? How did it fly? I've been looking at a mavic pro platinum for a long while now 🙂

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