Unboxing of DJI Mavic Mini FMC (World’s Smallest Filming Drone)

This is unboxing video of DJI MAVIC MINI Hi Guys, today is not a regular “Bike Vlog” But I am really excited to do this vlog… and this is an unboxing video of what? I just got it yesterday And this is an unboxing video of.. “DJI MAVIC MINI” So.. let us see what’s inside! 🙂 Let’s unbox now the DJI Mavic Mini I won’t hang you longer let us see so first is we Open this up Carefully.. Let us remove the plastic So what’s inside the box? let us look what is written here.. It says that… It has let’s see.. So.. How should I open this? Okay 🙂 I am really excited WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! 😀 So This is it guys 🙂 This is the drone case Travel case of DJI Mavic Mini It looks… Durable Let us also see what’s left Let us take them all out So… I think… this is the Propeller Guards We still have boxes left inside.. Guys So I think this is the Charger And the other one is Manual, I think. Manual And then. the This is kinda heavy I think this is the battery Yes, it has logo of battery Let us unbox all this up This is the travel case Included on the package of DJI Mavic Mini FMC It looks durable It’s a hardbound case and only small Only this tiny guys Almost same as my hand and if you open the case this is what you’ll see Yeah WOW! So Here’s the Controller So I just dont know where are the.. Buttons… because they are not attached let us just check it later.. the controller and then.. the Charging Hub then ofcourse We still have stuffs here So What’s this? So it is an extra propellers Then the Let us what’s this one.. aha.. let’s unbox.. So This is the I don’t know what’s the use of this one Let us unbox it all.. Guys.. There you go So we got Cables We got three cables I think this is the For the iphone Then this one.. is.. for the Regular Android Cable And last is For type C and then I dont know what’s the use of this one yet And the Ofcourse Screw driver For the propellers And Last but not the least Ofcourse Our drone The DJI Mavic Mini Let’s pull it out Wow guys! It’s really SMALL! Seriously?! If you are A drone user before.. If you see this It’s really small! WOW! I cant say anything But It’s really great Really… Light Really easy to bring But I’m just Worried With the.. Quality Hope it won’t break easily Because It’s really lightweight If you hold this drone It’s like you are just holding a Toy.. Aside from the drone We have here… this box Is a The Manuals It comes with Many Many Manuals in which you won’t read :’D let’s place them over there Then the The last 2 boxes We shall unbox Is the charger It’s a regular charger i think Yes it is So you’ll need an adaptor Here in the Philippines Since we are not fond of using this type Of charger plug So it’s output is 5 Volts=3 Amperes Then 9 Volts=2 Amperes 12 Volts=1.5 Amperes So So it will depend on Where you use it and where you plug it Last one Let’s open up This big box huge box Yes… it’s the propeller guards As you see It’s bigger than our drone I was wrong earlier So there is two cables for regular android and other one for controller and android controller to iphone controller to type C android Phones Aside from the joysticks given for the controller I just knew that there are joysticks too attached on the Controller attached here below I placed them already So it means.. Actually This one is the spare Controller button So if ever you lost your joysticks you still have spare I already removed the stickers attached to the propellers that’s why propeller’s are able to move now So it comes with a gimbal it’s really lightweight again I hope it would be durable so it has two sensors below then this is the slot for the SD Card then the other one is where you charge directly and then If you open this cover at the back It’s where you place the battery Kinda not visible on my camera lets try again So this is how you Unfold the DJI Mavic Mini So this is the camera it comes with a gimbal So I dont know what’s the purpose of these two It think it’s just a design and then ofcourse it comes with a sensors below sensors for the altitude It doesnt have obstacle sensors guys but it’s really light and i hope this is also durable It’s made using light material as well It’s like a toy drone when you hold it but.. the quality of the video as I saw it on youtube It’s really amazing! Now let us see It this drone is really great so How are we gonna unfold the DJI Mavic Mini So you hold it like this looking at the propellers On top and bottom Like this On top… you just unfold it like this Okay and then on the bottom propellers for you guys to see just twist the arm going down(away from you ) So that’s all! So this is how small it is just to see the ratio of the size this is how small my hand is So guys Look at the difference of DJI Mavic Mini Compared the size of my hand It’s size is incredibly small It’s really light Hoping again that it would be durable and what I’ve seen on youtube It does great on the video I hope guys You enjoyed my unboxing video So i haven’t done the review yet The full review of this one hope i can create soon Hope you guys ENJOYED! 🙂

Eugene Islam

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