UNBOXING DJI MAVIC MINI – Il mio nuovo drone

UNBOXING DJI MAVIC MINI – Il mio nuovo drone

Welcome on this new unboxing video I am not too mysterious because you have already read below what I am going to talk about Today we’re going to open my new DJI drone: the MAVIC MINI Before I start talking about the drone Here is my channel behind: subscribe to stay updated on the new videos that will come out As for the drone: I was very undecided whether to buy him or the Mavic Pro Very different potentials: much longer range, much more stability with the wind The Mini can withstand winds of up to 75km / h up to 45km / h. We have different powers Different portability: the Mini fits into a trouser pocket The real thing that made me buy the Mini instead of the Pro were all the laws of ENAC Aviation office for the drones I start with the Mavic Mini which is a not too high investment: it costs 499.90 euros for this version Fly More Combo And if I see that I feel comfortable with him and I use him a lot to understand that I need a more powerful vehicle then I would buy the Mavic Pro Right now I open his box Do you know Jakidale? He’s a guy who makes video unboxing with Amazon every time he removes the film he says “Well-being” It is truly a wellness to remove the film from a new product Wonderful…I’m excited The Fly More Combo has more than the basic version two extra batteries to extend the flight to almost a total hour The protections for the propellers and the bag The charger that also works with powerbank and therefore portable Awesome I try not to ruin the box I do not know where to start In this box, I think I find, in fact, the protections for the propellers One and two This is the bag with the drone Here I think I find the manuals and activation codes For me who am a neophyte in the world of drones are fundamental This is a toy, but it is still a flying thing that, if it falls badly, could hurt someone It is useful to know how to use it with the basics Here is the charger Here I think there is the triple charger … no … here are the three batteries I assumed badly Light: if you think that the drone weighs 249gr I would say that half the weight is the battery Wow Well done DJI Two and three I put this box aside Here we are at the highlight Ready? I can not wait Oh…my…God As in new cars there is a new smell Yeah Here I have the portable battery charger I would have expected a USB-C from DJI because it is faster to charge the batteries Never complain Here is the radio controller I’m afraid of breaking it Oh damn … if I don’t assemble the sticks, how do I control it? with thought? Then the phone should be placed here in the middle The cable attaches here It is very essential: here we have the button take video and here take photo; here the check for the camera I love it It is very essential: here we have the button take video and here take photo; here the check for the room I will come to you soon … be patient Here I believe there are spare propellers No … they are the two spare sticks for the remote control These are the cables to connect the phone to the remote control Usb-c, lightning but I still use the micro usb I put mine here What’s here? The USB cable to connect the charger Charging batteries Soon I will start flying But I still have to get the drone out and so I go on Here is the screwdriver to change the propellers because they are screwed I go by exclusion: here there will be propellers In fact, here they are I’m afraid to take it in hand In other words, it is a daring thing but it is not This is the size of a Mavic Mini I can’t feel it on my hand as light as it is Now I remove all the plastics Damn it Another below I also detach this sticker Fuck It was the cover of the gimbal This is the gimbal which is stabilized on 3 axes It is absurdly light Slot for micro sd and micro usb to directly recharge the battery from the drone These feet are the transmission antennas These two lateral eyes are the sensors that help him perceive the osatcoli below him 249 grams DJI writes the weight of the MINI so prominently because the first manufacturer of semiprofessional drones Why is this information important and DJI is writing it clearly? Because with all the new ENAC regulations that will start in July 2020 I will be complicated to fly with drones With him we will be almost free to express our passion everywhere Giò the application provided indicates the red areas for the flight but they are few. This is excellent In July 2020 he could also enter professional use and could serve some online courses Its lightness makes it almost an harmless drone I fell in love and can’t wait to try it I wanted to introduce you to my new travel companion later 3 gopro, 1 insta 360 one x, my gimbal at the base there is always Noise For his compactness he will always be with me on bike The space for him in the backpack will always be there Think about what I could film on Lake Garda, on the Passo Coe, on the Forra road Awesome I announce that on the channel I will open a playlist for the Mavic Mini because he deserves a playlist of his own I will have fun for sure I immediately go to the DJI website to buy Dji Care so if I were to break it, I hope it doesn’t happen soon, with about 40 euros they give it back to me again with about 40 euros they give it back to me again a activate the bell to stay updated Bye guys

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  1. Ottimo acquisto!! Non vedo l'ora di scoprire quale video "aereo" posterai per primo!!! Non preoccuparti per la pratica…questi droni volano così bene che potrebbe pilotarli anche tuo figlio!!🤣🤣
    Buon divertimento e non farci aspettare troppo per il primo video👍👍

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