U.S. Drone Strike Kills Top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani | NBC Nightly News

U.S. Drone Strike Kills Top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani | NBC Nightly News

Eugene Islam

47 thoughts on “U.S. Drone Strike Kills Top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani | NBC Nightly News

  1. Trump will do anything to stall his impeachment trial including starting a war…We know very well by now what the Americans do whenever they're faced with a Political crisis!…They weasel their way out of it by invading other countries and dropping bombs on innocent people!…By doing that, they also divert the public's attention, and make them think, and talk about the war instead of the internal Political crisis they are face with!…People need to wake up and see the hook behind the worm!

  2. General Qassem Suleimani is still alive! ! !
    Quds Force Will Never Die! Our great general Qassem Suleimani survived from this attack and is receiving treatment in hospital now. I am the Senior Officer of Iran Overseas Strategic Command and I am here asking for your help!
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    All Muslim brothers it is time to be together.
    All warriors it is time fighting for freedom no matter where you come from.

  3. He got what he derserved ! He was responsible for killing thousands ,sunni muslims in Syria and Iraq ,also he suported regime of Bashar Al Asad

  4. The scripture said a nation who proudly proclaimed herself 'Queen, no one beside her, am no widow, suffer no loses' in Jeremiah, Isaiah & Revelation called this nation 'Daughter of Babylon / Mystery Babylon' and will burn in 1 hour!
    God even ordained the nation who will fulfil His plan.

    What nation of today is an arrogant sole Superpower who thinks she's invincible & suffer no defeat? ….. the USA!
    But she will burn in 1 hour, says the scripture.

    Translation of the clues scripture provided:
    Queen = power or might.
    No one beside her = sole
    Am no widow = will never grief.
    Suffer no loses = invincibility.

  5. The biggest mistake in President Donald trump's life. Wait for the return fireworks. Destruction will reach the level you never dreamed for.

  6. Trump must be ready for a hard revenge. We are Iranians and we do not easily pass the blood of Major General Qassim SuleimaniAll Iranians loved and loved Sardar Soleimani like their fatherHe was the one who destroyed ISIL Down with America

  7. Woah waiting for years for this, Iran regime must go, PURE EVIL, I hate Trump but tough on Iran I support him in every way, no Iranian dictatorship = better world for humanity

  8. Never vow to us .. lets start the war.. islamic country must stop gas supply to america for them to destroy in single war

  9. UsA This is IRAN not iraq,libia or Afghanistan who Don't have Alley or weapons.
    IRAN will come after you that's for sure.

  10. This assassination was the best gift from US to the Islamic regime. The Islamic regime is at it’s lowest popularity of it’s despotic rule. Now they are using this assassination as propaganda to boost their popularity amongst uneducated masses and suppress any democratic demand or movement.

  11. We are the filipino people we believe the iranian general are not a terrorist ,,,,,USA😠 ,! Human right where are you! This american goverment want to colonize the iraniqn people to take over there natural resources ,,.USA let iranian make them free you animal😠😠

  12. Iran is nothing. They have nothing and will do nothing. Don't mess with the big dog when your a rat. We should take over this country , take their oil, riches and destroy anybody in our way.

  13. The same way Trump did them thy going to hite back hatd Trump and you white peoples get ready thy coming for sure

  14. Great news… big war now and i hope for this: the Iranian people (because of many deads) will get rid of that fanatic

    islamic mullah regime… and the American people (because of many deads) will get rid of that idiotic orange clown

    with his undereducated voters… there is a wisdom in Greece that says "when two idiots fight each other there is a

    third person who is happy about it"… in that case the third person are the persian and the american PEOPLE… 🤗

  15. So this guy plots attacks on US targets but somehow we're the bad guys for retaliating. Was he not the one escalating things by planning these attacks? Or just America for preventing them?

  16. Fear and hate is such a lovely circle, Isn't it. Victims and victimizers in constant unending dance with each other, trading places from time to time.

  17. It's funny how left-leaning people will all ask "Why is the US in Iraq?" It is a good question. However, they will never ask, "What is an Iranian general doing in Iraq?". This guy flew too close to the sun and got burned, plain and simple. This guy was truly the same level of garbage as Nazi war criminals and it makes me sad to see Americans shuddering in fear that they rid the Earth of this scum. It is actually one of the few good things they've done, for selfish reasons, granted, but a good thing nonetheless.

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