Trying to Unlock Battlestar Galactica deadlock Jupiter Class

Hello its Ricardo and I’m claimed
battlestar galactica deadlock a game now available on Steam and released by
Slytherin now in the game now I’m on chapter 12 I’ve been doing lots of
skirmishes and building up my fleet as you can see on the screen and I’ve got
most of the main planets within the Twelve Colonies covered with a quite a
sizeable force now this mission mission 12 will enable us to go to Caprica
reinsert our fleet we have to rescue the Galactica crew we’ve got to insert a
raptor we get the Galactica to control as an eighth ship within the fleet and
we’ve got to hold off the Cylons forces while Galactica gets ready to jump and
the raptor comes back to base without losing too many people that’s the plan
now the blueprints for a Jupiter class which is what the Galactica is is
available for purchase at 4800 requisition points of course you can see
I’ve got 29 so I’ve got a bit of work to do I’ve unlocked the rest the ships but
I’m gonna go with this sort of layout now I’ve got my Admiral type commander
who has been upgraded okay we can promote them even
further for add more requisition points to here the speed of the flagship but
I’ve got basically command points up here we’ve got dexterous control we’ve
got navigation of the subsystem we’ve got all that ships I’m using every two
Battlestars a gunship two cruisers three cruisers and a frigate now the frigate
and the battle stars obviously our contingent are Vipers or Raptors the
rest don’t okay this is what I’m attempting to go and play this level
with so without further more to do we’ll end the turn and we’ll proceed another
great picture of the Galactica there’s the mission start we’re gonna get a
slight introduction from the NPCs under our command so straight away we get the
opportunity to position our craft now I like the Ranger the range has got good
guns and I tend to use the ships in pack fighting now I’m gonna fit some of these
up with nuclear warheads put our battle stars and our Minotaur gunship at the
front because they’ll be leading the gap the Vanguard with our missile ships
which are the Rangers behind and this little guy this adamant we’ll have at
the back because he’s got our Raptor squadron right now he’s packing a nuke
our Raptors our Rangers have got long reading guided missiles and a nuke so we
got that the Minotaur’s Wellington to configure the eggs it’s all generally
guns from torille and we’ve got our Artemis battle stars now the Merc one
viper whole points 40 the mark to hull points 32 so I tend to split them
between the two one mark one one mark two that’s just my preference I’m not
saying it’s right I’m not saying it’s wrong but given that I think I’ll move
that battle start just over a little bit because
what you don’t see on this map or perhaps you can is that what the Cylons
have done is they’ve got all these wrecks or colonial ships in the area if
your ships get too close to that explode and cause damage well the Cylons are
going to give quite enough damage thank you very much without right without any
external influences so the idea is he’s gonna launch a raptor so there we get
the Galactica they do what they’ve got to do on there we swing around after
shooting them all pick the Raptor up it docks with that ship offski that’s the
plan so if you haven’t already done so you
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know when I’m putting more videos on YouTube so let’s get started prepared to jump in 3 2 1
so our fleets gonna jump in nice close formation on the board but no iff
handshakes none of them are moving either have your forces proceed to the
terminal commander I will monitor their progress along with lieutenant Agathon so so what we can I do so you can see
all the freighters here my colonial one and whatnot we’ve got to avoid these now
it can be quite difficult to avoid let’s do a sharp turn here because they they
will explode and damage our lovely fleet so swing that round and that one yes
commander and we’re gonna take them out the way and what we’re gonna do now is launch
our Raptor squadron so in tune so a sharp right
all good no one’s crushed Raptors launched select our Raptor there
he is dock with Caprica terminal so off he
goes my let’s sort this mess out a little bit we can start straightening
out the ships now and getting them into it
attack formation yes sir so that when we do engage Cylons in this area here we
can lay some fire down on ok and turn none of the transports are responding to
our hails it’s as if they’re abandoned okay so yes they’re abandoned transport
so the Cylons have rigged them all with explosives but we’re hopefully not going
to try and find out at least a little bit later on in the game so taking a
look around there’s some rubbish laying around we’re going to swing around the
terminal let the Raptor go in we’re not going to launch any Vipers yet we are
you suggest the course of those an end the turn
now up until recently I thought oh it’s a slow paced game oh it’s slower I
shouldn’t have brought it but now I have found it’s really coming into its own as
you’re getting the bigger ships and bigger fleets so at the moment it’s
capped at 8,000 fleet points per commander you have one
commander assigned contacts hostiles are bearing constant so the Cylons have
turned up there’s our Raptor he’s gonna dock with
that there is the Galactica there it is cooling and where’s our
command ships so this one we got to try and protect because well we need that to
contain the game really we don’t need it but that’s where my commander is so
let’s do a bit of boosting because we can boost engines and the sky as well as boost his engines
to there and enter so our Raptors gonna dock now this nemesis silos open fire
we’ve docked great alright let’s sort this mess out we are no we’re not gonna for any missiles at
this it’s a waste what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna slow everyone down a little
bit so with a minute or select turrets focus fire he’s gonna focus fire on that
this guy take his boost out and this guy we’re gonna slow everything down give us
a little bit more time that’s that turret Inge opening up with
those turrets from those battle stars now like that nemesis not gonna go
wasting any missiles on what I think is small-fry but dangerous ships as well alright so they’re gonna open up with
the guns alright this guy down here we’re not gonna bother with any of that
okay and we’re gonna leave whatever’s going on over there and whatever’s going
on so in turn missiles incoming so we’re opening up at that salon
nemesis he’s taking a right or beating and it’s gone he’s out of here Marines are friendly contacts hundreds
of them Alpha Team is on speaker give me your comms Marine this is
praetor Agathon of the Caprican Legionnaires Sam thank the God it’s your
sister Linda you’re telling me my little sister’s come to save the day
look I know you’ve got questions but there are sips down there tell whoever’s
in charge we need to evacuate the terminal immediately yeah yeah yeah
whatever evacuate the terminal then crack on
we’ve got our Raptor squadron so still nothing is released so what will happen
is these ships will start automatically so I get in these squadrons right there
the heavy Raiders this being the problem so yes sir so say we all just get a bit
of distance in focus fire on those now they will do it
automatically but if you do the focus fire parent you get an added bonus now
whether that’s the case or not I don’t know it helps me that’s the main
thing if it helps me it makes me feel better right then fine because this is a
hard mission to get away with it scot-free I thought I’d got away with it
before no they came up and AD me the last time and I suffered right so we’re
targeting this load I’m gonna launch my mark one and this one is going to launch
all his squadrons iff confirms unit is hostile we’ve got a capital ship now
opening up with more missiles IFS confirms unit is hostile now jump
out of here I’m still on the station the Cylons have been holding on to something
here give me time to check it out okay so let’s slow that shit down we’re gonna focus all our fire on him
but we’re gonna set missiles off onto this one here this Cerberus so these
battle stars like a bit of missiles lead-in the Minotaur is gonna turrets focus fire at this guy Arachne let’s get
out Battlestar turrets on that Arachne that’s how you pronounce it I’m sure
there’s somebody was gonna say you don’t pronounce it like that you pronounce it
like that your silly Welshman waving peers so the Ranger Rangers have got
good guns right they’ve also got great missiles so we’re gonna fire missiles
will help this out we’re gonna fire missiles at this guy
missile tubes prepped and this one for munitions we’re gonna fire a nuke at him
right the admins got a nuke the Ranger here we’re gonna fire fire missiles at
that revenant Galactica we’re gonna move out we’re going to fire a missile at
that revenant as well just get some missiles going as well okay so the
Ranger we’ve got target time to end the turn
Centurions have boarded a Battlestar okay this guy’s gettin river paste in
we’re gonna slow him right down now circle around yes sir let’s see what
happens enter missiles intact so we’ve got a nuclear
warhead nuclear strike coming out for him minotaurs taking a paste in that
went nearly out we’re gonna zap it with another nuke on that one there
take him out but how are we doing with this one down here he still got a lot of
help yes left the damage so we’re gonna have
to give him a helping hand I think tubes prepped with some of our Rangers it’s a
bass star up here so we’re keeping that nuke see if we can take him out with a
missile Minotaur turrets cancel focus fire on that okay see if
it’s anything needing repair the armory needs to rip you of your head let’s
enter missiles incoming so Minotaur is taking damage he’s gump we’ve got a
missile coming in here terminal is evacuated marked priority objective tell
your boss you can blow it sky-high little sister when we will blow it
sky-high terminals are laced throughout the entire station every single one is
targeting the aegis relay with bulk uploads of garbage data destroy this
network and I can take you straight to Avalon we have Matty’s right so so say we all we’re making a meal out of
this as they say yes commander we’re gonna target that thing his turrets I gotta turn I get that as
well but you see if we can take him right out if you got this to fire a
missile and take him out his turrets as well I’m gonna focus fire against that
Cerberus now you can see the base star involved as well but we need to take
this guy out right he’s hanging around too long we’re gonna throw the Rangers
down there focus fire right on him munitions fire nuke we’re gonna fire the
nuke at the base star so let’s see what we’ve got left
got the Galactica he can fire a missile missiles it is and we can set the
turrets to focus fire on him as well now he’s got a complement of vipers so I
think we will launch one squadron Viper’s the adamant now he’s got a nuke
to fire as well it’s far at the base there take that out of the equation with
the turrets focus fire okay we’ll go for the heavy Raider because it’s got to be
done this battle star we’re gonna drop him down understood
fire missile hey try and take him out this time once and for all
now I think we’ve selected everything enter does that battle star need
repairing not yet by this one repair system hangars not looking too good so
we’ll get that sorted out the Rangers all okay so far so good Minotaur it’s taken a
pasting but that’s what it’s there for okay n turn this guy should be put to
bed you can just strike is it that Cerberus minotaurs gone not entirely
sure if he collided with something there to be honest try and move that out the
way don’t know what exactly what’s happened try and slow it down bring that
round why have you got got one destroyed he’s on 48 and we’ve got these ships
here going straight in for the kill let’s just slow it all down slow it all
down all right I’m gonna swing that battlestar around with these turrets
cancel targeting but focus on but there we’re also going to engage
flack on the left-hand side okay let’s see how we go and turn Artemis is taking damage we’ve got
missiles going into the basestar two nuclear strikes going in he’s gone
brilliant haven’t got to worry about him I’m gonna get our flack on the left from
the Battlestar Galactica this guy is my least easy be fair he’s sticking with it
we’re gonna have to fire some missiles off at him interesting this one we’re
gonna swing him around he’s gonna fire his missiles yet those yes this one’s
staying in pursuit we get some repairing done okay so who’s next munitions fire missiles at that base
star turrets focus fire at the base star got two nukes going in their mind so
those nuclear warheads should do quite a considerable amount of damage yes this
guy turrets focus fire on him by let’s see how we go enter right he’s gone
oops are going in basestars taking a bit of a Marin it comes to nooks he’s gone
we can swing him back round get them into the fight commander the base dies
on 75 help let’s slow it down slow it all down we’re gonna get some missiles
on him now fire a missile at the base starting our flagship fire missile let’s
take him out and the Galactica should be ready to fire a missile as well so I see
we can take out that revelant entered base tower is down we’re gonna lose a Battlestar yeah that
Battlestar has gone baby we’re gonna swing around and engage those
with our romanian force so the Artemus here
we’ve still got a squadron of vipers we’re gonna launch them repair subsystem
let’s go for navigation we’re gonna repair that then this guy bring them
right into the fight now so turrets focus fire this revenant
losing that battle star was a blow turrets focus fire that revenant this
ranger turrets focus fire okay let’s continue and see what we got the base
star has been destroyed we are losing one of our Artemis’s and
we’re engaging the remaining ships let’s continue okay we’re swinging him around yes sir
we reloading turrets focus in okay well we got repair subsystem we’ve got problem here okay so we’ll keep the navigation under
repair let’s top that up and enter there’s a battle start going down still
laying fire on he’s gone we’ve got one left now and we’ve got this small
nemesis as well so let’s focus Battlestar Galactica the focus fire on
the nemesis our ranger munitions will fire missiles at the revenant
but his turrets will also cap till I get that remanent revenant swing that range
around munitions fire missiles thank you but turret again focus fire on the nemesis Battlestar Camp missiles
focus fire let’s take some fire on that see we take a heavy Raider squadron as
they race to catch up more fire more missiles missiles it is turrets focus
fire on that heavy Raider squadron okay let’s go lots of fire coming in missiles
on their way Galactica is laying down fire we’re
going to cancel the flak on on Galactica and fire some missiles this time we’ll
try and take that nemesis right out we’ll swing that ranger around and again let’s see how things go a
Battlestar is being hacked we’re trying to hack the Galactica he’s gone I’ve only got that one
revenant left and we’re gonna fly after him with vigor and navigation down firing some more missiles at that
revelant inverter he’s gonna get right in the rear who
were mrs. now we’ll leave our ships to carry on
with that we’ll take these two back around to finish off these Raider
squadrons hounding that Raptor squadron it can’t really
take off until that gets sorted so here we go okay so in a position now we’re
still attacking this revenant here with our two Rangers that can fire missiles
off from a host of areas Galactica and our other ships are enroute to take out
the other Raiders so he’s okay let’s take a look at our flagship those Cylons
have gone through it taken out most of the systems fortunately we don’t need
them and taking some fire these two ships they’ll
opening up though now this looks like to be a ship if
we’re not careful we’re gonna run into and this one here so it could be very
careful coming back to engage these Rangers readers just gonna make sure now
and fire some missiles take that guy out yes sir
how to missiles there focus fire on the revenant this guy already focused fire
on him this Ranger heading along that way to take on though so our turrets
we’re going to focus fire on those squadrons from here same here with these
turrets focus fire on those squadrons next to Caprica terminal same with that
Ranger when this ship eventually gets his act together and it might not
we can carry on enter soon as we launch those two squadrons
they will be honest now we don’t have any more squadrons
available Galactica however and might have one it does a viper mark 1 squadron
so we’re gonna launch that and then these ships out the way might get a
better firing solution and move Galactica
just passed there understood and – this guy is still taking a pound him so the ships now closing in on the
Raiders I see we can lay down some fire it’s
this adamant here we got a problem with repair subsystems we’ve got no fire
control nothing it’s dead in the water and it’s going through the CIC and the
boarding party here we’ve added we’ve had it we’ve gotta shut this down pretty
quick so say we are so in fact we are gonna lose that that battle stir this
thing here still hasn’t been destroyed no missiles left but we’ll swing round
and see if we can engage him shouldn’t have much left to go so with a mind we
can’t fire because fire control is offline
it’ll be destroyed and they’ll have to circle around and destroy Caprica
terminal so in turn Viper’s are engaging Ranger is taking damage
the Ranger that’s off is engaging the civilian ships with explosives
yep so the objective remains continue to investigate the terminal one of our ship
has hit a booby trap ship this this has had it it’s gone it’s gonna it’s gonna
blow up any second squadron has gone dark Ranger is taking damage those gums gone the boarding party went
in and destroyed it yes commander and turn Ranger is taking damage and he might just perk galactica there and open it for the flash Ranger is
taking damage Ranger down right focus fire make sure right okay
Galactica’s got any missiles my ticket while from to get there but who knows turrets focus fire on the radio squadron turrets focus fire on the radar squadron yes commander
and that adamant again turrets ready for our Raptor right okay so enter Ranger is taking damage I think this it’s gonna completely
nutley we’re gonna lose that ship so we need to take out with these having be surprised if fire control over
there is not our flying it is that’s why nothing’s happening fire control was
offline we’re gonna swing around and get out of the way Ranger is taking damage this radar squadron however yes sir they’re quite strong as a few there I’m
wondering if I can risk it and I don’t think Amanda perhaps you can
hit some flak on the right Ranger is taking damage strangest down this is where I found it a lot of this
game I think we’re gonna recall that Raptor let’s see how it goes it’s off
they’re in pursuit spot nerds out there that’s the end of
the missions they took him out so live an epic fail and we’ll try again thanks
for watching see you soon let’s check out the replay

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