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100 thoughts on “Trump’s New Warning To Iran As Administration Under Pressure Over Airstrike Decision | Nightly News

  1. Trump engineered military draft only to those states that vote for Democrat and minority, in the hope it will eliminate his opponents.

  2. Commander in Chief does not need Congress approval. Most of Congress will be replaced next election….Democrats have proven they hate America.

  3. The world just got dangerous.
    It creates a vacuum using violence.
    Using violence is not the answer.
    Our kids are growing up in this mess.
    It was a mistake to bomb.
    Please Iran don't retaliate.
    Violence is not the answer.
    Revenge is not the answer unless it is success.
    I know Iran people just want to make life, keep family, make business.
    We all agree we all just want PEACE.

  4. Same as all the recent American presidents, warmongering terrorists, not really a Trump issue, just an American one.

  5. Good Choice.. Exactly what I would choose..
    I had much rather have 666, than anything I could gain, by being a 'Son of Abraham'…

    I had much rather value Abraham and Terah as 666 and there be 'nothng reserved for me in paradise'…….

    Great Choice… I to had rather have 666 than Sarah, Abraham or any Stock of Islam or Israel..

    Great Choice.. All Hail Satan!

  6. Again I say, 666 to Allah and Jehovah God.. 666 to Jesus Christ and all of Heaven.. Not just in this life, but for all eternity, 666 to Holy Bible and the Kuran!

  7. For those individuals that support this wrong move from potus should be the first in line into this unnecessary war. this situation should have been handled differently. Again to show the american ppl, that trump is not competent to be a true leader. No need for this chest pounding crap. We are talking about ppl life's here, something that can never be replaced.

  8. Trump needed nothing from Congress the thug was behind them attacking our embassy in Baghdad sovereign US soil Trump by the constitution was required to take him out to protect American lives.I remember when Carter could do nothing during the hostage crisis in the late 70s.Obama gives the 150 million in a swap Trump used drone mail good job Mr President red wave 20/20 Shame on socialist Democrats dumb butts people over their dont like one another much less you and I and you wont appease them so grow a set and dont fear evil fight it. they want us dead liberals I believe in Jesus Christ that's my choise and right you liberals believe CNN .MSNBC they are very bias grow a brain somebody is more right and it's not the Democrat party that's why I now for 20years since playboy Clinton will vote Republican.1st and 2nd amendment go trump 20/20

  9. We all know what he wants!! And We the people also know WHY? Therefore!! I’m calling to you and all the people,People to come together on prays to the congress and the White House and demand that he should be immediately out of the White House as a president of the United States 🇺🇸!! Please let do this together now!!! Tomorrow it’s will be too late!!!

  10. dear trump,

    On ur post u said global warming is a hoax, THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN
    icebergs are melting , and corals are dying. the world is gonna be bad if we don’t take it seriously, Don’t prevent wars trump.its something u can make the world better

  11. An American President orders a drone strike on a Iran general on Iraq soil.What is the Iraq Presidents statement if he is actually the Iraq President ?

  12. Priority targets, power plants, water plants, major transformer and waste water plants. No power no water end of civilisation.

  13. 根本不是trump的错,是美国人,真虚伪出事就推到特朗普身上,换奥巴马布什希拉里一样打,都是美国人选出来的

  14. In my personal opinion what had happened before President Trump in office and was executed by the previous Obama administration in Yemen, Libya, and Syria as an escalation is far much grieving and gruesome than the post 2017 legacy.

  15. Trump and his followers should be first to go into war! He is foolish to think they are going to act now…its when we least expect it and in our own home grounds…what has happened to our great Republican party….???

  16. In the 2007 Interview w/ General Wesley Clark he states …Bush/Cheney had a 5 year plan to take out 7 countries starting w/ Iraq (including Iran) …. see

    When has trump told the truth.

  17. The stable genius has just handed Iraq over to Iran – if Iran plays its limited cards well. History suggests it will.

  18. Netanyahu will trick his gopher Trump "just like he did first Iraq" war with Bush jr, into false flag wars, and he will let American soldiers fight until last US body bag is stufed on cost of the American families and taxpayer.

  19. America has always conquered the world, claiming to be allies by its false media. Everyone, but we know that the US government has destroyed the twins themselves to have the pretext of war. I hope that Donald Trump will be dead as soon as possible, because even if he is a mere figure, it is necessary to get rid of him. The whole world wants the death of America and we will make it all turn out so. I write from Europe, which also bombed America, bombed Asia, and also dropped nuclear bombs. It is necessary to return to America karmically what it has been asking for for decades by creating wars !!!!

  20. This mobster administration calculated this as a distraction because they are all guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. At least you showed Bernie Sanders, but sorry…he is the front runner no matter what stupid bs neoliberal moron the establishment DNC puts up (Pete B. PRIME example). Why can’t the media let the people decide instead of always using manipulation to build up a “business as usual” candidate? Be objective and not subjective. Just once! FFS.

  21. Us president and Iranian president 1 on 1 arm wrestling match the loser claims defeat and buys the others country McDoubles and fries and a pop problem solved 🤝

  22. Soooooo……..Pres. Trump killed a man who is a so called terrorist…but there's unjustified intelligence that he actually was a terrorist?

  23. Lies…and Lies…Trump Wants To Win Elections. It's Politics. Trump Has Blood In His Hands. He Is A Fool! Impeach Him Quickly!!! 😠😡 UNGODLY…..

  24. More FAKE NEWS from NBC. Pence mentioned 'assistance' with clandestine travel and NBC equates that to 'help with planning'.
    More misleading of the public with intentional spin which runs contrary to their FCC license.
    How many 9/11 'attackers' there were depends on how 'attacker' is defined. Some reports counted only those ON the planes, which was NOT 19 persons.

  25. Anyone you doubts what Soleimani was capable of should have seen what would have happened to them if they went to Iraq and questioned him the way you jackasses are free to second guess President Trump.

  26. Americans defending a terrorist that has killed hundreds, I cannot believe what cowards live in my country! In my book you're a f**** traitor and stand clear for me!

  27. TRUMP is good man president only one forever 2020_ not corrupción never demócratas socialistas crazys debols bads…

  28. So many things need our attention and care , a country with the resources should be trying to help humanity not just bring destruction and hate everywhere.

  29. Anti-American left wing media spinning the news again.

    If Trump had done nothing about the embassy attack, the left would be calling him weak. He cannot win with these people.

  30. The irony, a former draft dodger is on the verge of starting a war and sending troops overseas to fight. It's easy to start a fight when you don't have to worry about being hit

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