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31 thoughts on “Tribute video for Andreas Berndt Bavaria Germany

  1. Moral bi prodati nekaj teh odličnih letal na eBay za dobrodelne namene. Kupil bi vse, kar ste leteli, ker ste velik pilot. No, morda ne letalo. Prehitro zame.

  2. What a cool gift!! I to learned how to drive in a VW Beetle with a stick shift. The good old days….. salute!

  3. Oh Boy, cant wait to hear the secret news.  I hope it is what I think it is.  You guys deserve it.  Oh Yeah!!!  Nice gift from Germany.  Hey, have you ever flown that Breitling?  There seems to be quit a few other videos from Slovenia from other RC fields.  Do you guys have a club name or is it private?

  4. Congratulations on having a nice group of viewers. You guys are bringing the world together through the love for RC. I can't wait to find out what the secret is. Cheers from the USA!

  5. Surprise sounds good. It sounds like a sponsor to me. I hope so because then I can say I told you so. I love yalls videos guys

  6. 8:26 My favorite part was that Evil Laugh and then snatching the remote. That 'Heyyy' from Captain Blaz was priceless. Good fun!

  7. You build a museum, I will visit Slovenia! A special section for gifts from viewers like Andy and special motors from all over the world.

  8. Hey my friends Robert and Blaz, I hope the car is driving now as it should be? I tried it at home before sending to you, so I don´t understand why it didn´t move on your table! May be you have to set the neutral point again at the transmitter? Please let me know… And I am also curious about the secret, I am waiting unpatiently for your announcement !!

  9. Hello Pilot Robert and Captain Blaz! Very cool that Andy sent you the RC car. This is so cool! Nice job Andy! Keep up the good work guys! "HEY FILM ME"!!! I cant wait to hear the secret! Maybe you guys will be testing planes for a large manufacturing company of RC products. I hope so because you guys are the BEST on YouTube!

  10. Hola
    Tienes un poco de aviones ja ja ja 👍.
    Les mando un saludo muy grande para todos desde Buenos Aires 😃👍👍.

  11. We have plenty of beee planes to fly and even more planes to crash!!! I enjoy watching your videos. Thanks for making me laugh

  12. Model flying is a wonderful way to make friends around the world,we share our passion and hobby and it brings us such colourful characters like yourselves who are always smiling and enjoying new flying machines on your airfield and that amazing quarry site where every landing is an adventure in landing ! keep up the good work in informing us of these new aeroplanes that are coming out monthly and how they fly,happy landings and take offs to you Captain Blaz & pilot Robert!

  13. Hello from Australia. You guys are priceless. I found your video's recently and I'm laughing so much I have tears in my eyes.

  14. You both bring us so much pleasure and laughter and I guess the gifts form your loyal subscribers are a small repayment for the effort you go to with your channel oh yea!

  15. very generous Andy, i salute you for Pilot Robert and Captain Blaz myself! Salute! … and Pilot Robert, you are absolutely right, "we don't live by this, we live for this"!

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