This DRONE will get you ARRESTED in GERMANY!

This DRONE will get you ARRESTED in GERMANY!

All I need to do is put my hand like this. Again. 45-degree angle. Sasha: Welcome to another video. So today I’m going to be testing a drone Not any drone but… You know, a kind of an underdog. Competitor to the DJI drones and I’m here with my wife Sasha. There she actually has a… ha. Yea, she has the drone with her and I’m going to be doing a sort of a head-to-head comparison between the new DJI Spark, which I have bought for myself personally, and this which is… you know… basically, a comparatively priced drone in the market here. Same sort of features. Same sort of price. Um… And I’m going to give you a little bit of backstory on that in a minute but let’s go actually find out what the difference between these two drones are and see if this thing can hold a candle to the Spark. All right guys, so we’re going to start by setting up this drone. It’s the “fei ma” (飞馬). Which means flying horse, J.ME, okay? As it comes out the box there are no propellers on it and it’s it’s a little annoying. It’s like the old Phantom 1’s and 2’s and 3’s. Where you have to actually screw the propellers on Let me just get that out of the way. Okay. Alright, so we’ve got the propellers all on here. Take off the “Gimbal Guard” obviously. And now we’re going to go and set it up. I’m going to turn it on and get ready to fly. So… Okay, lights are coming on. Go put it down. Once you’ve got some spectators watching you then it’s time to take off the drone. So I’m just going to hit the takeoff button over here. Let’s try take her off and see how high she’ll go. Okay, I’ve lost signal so I’m bringing it back down now. I lost signal somewhere around about 80 meters up in the air. so… We’ll see if she decides to come back by herself or not. Trying to bring it down again. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem very stable, see I’m not touching it right now, but it’s moving around a lot and that’s kind of a… No.. no-no for any drone because you want those stable shots. It’s a little bit windy but you can see it’s floating all over the place and I’m not touching it. So this is ah…. very unfortunate. This is our biggest problem so far with this drone, is that, it doesn’t seem very stable. And it doesn’t matter about the picture quality. It doesn’t matter about anything. The controls are very easy to use. It’s very intuitive, but this is the problem. I’m not touching it yet it’s floating all over the place. And ah… Yeah, that’s not great. So guys. um… What can I say? It flies like a drone, it looks like a drone. It’s fairly easy to set up and run by yourself, but The biggest issue I can see is with the stabilization Anyway, we’re not here just to test this little bugger out. We’re here to actually try the Spark as well. So let’s get that down let me um… Just hit landing. It should land, right? Landing. Yes. Landing. Let’s see. Down it goes. And there we go. Okay. Okay, now watch this guys. All I need to do is put my hand like this. Again. 45-degree angle. Okay. Now it’s recording. Come on. Come on. See? It follows me around and then Okay. So I can control everything just with my hands. It’s a bit finicky. It’s not… exactly perfect but that’s something that makes this drone very special. If you wanna look at these things side by side, you can see there’s a big difference when it comes to the sizes. But also the features are completely different let’s head on back over there. So as you can see. The difference between the two drones is quite a lot but this also can be controlled with a remote controller. so I’m going to pop the remote control for this thing on and we’re gonna try and do some of the same things we did with the J.ME. except with the Spark. See here’s the big difference. It’s absolutely rock solid and that’s what you want in a drone. It’s not moving around. Everything’s nice and stable. So I can take it down and closer and have very good control over what’s going on there. See I could just leave it there and no problem whatsoever. So you see that’s what makes this a better, more capable drone. Although, I must say that the J.ME can shoot at 4K. Although, it’s only 20 frames a second. It could shoot a 4K. This can only shoot at 1080. Let’s also try to take her up. Further up and then we can see what’s going on. Okay, I’m going to leave it there for a minute. Now you see it’s fair because I shot.. when I shot with the J.ME I shot it at 1080p. 30 frames a second, which is exactly what I’m doing with the Spark right now so you’ll be able to see a head-to-head comparison of the footage and you’ll be able to see exactly what they look like side by side. As you can see it’s not moving around Let’s bring her back. So guys whether or not you want to go for the slightly more expensive but definitely more feature-packed Spark or if you want to give this company a try. Totally up to you. In fact, I’m going to be giving this away. So if you go onto my Patreon page you’ll be able to see all the details will be a giveaway. I’ll be drawing a random Patreon’s name and will be giving it away in about two weeks time. So stick around for that all the details will be up on my Patreon page. I want to say a big thank you to Feimarobotics that actually gave me this drone to test. I didn’t pay for it. Just putting that out there but you know like I said to them and I say to everybody. I’m all about being unbiased and If there’s a product that I think it’s kind of worthwhile or that my subscribers might get a kick out of totally happy to review it and just give my absolute honest opinion, and my honest opinion is… it’s not quite there yet. So yeah. I’ll be putting up a nice montage at the end of this video of all the footage and photos I took with these drones so that you could see and I’ll compare it with the spark. Anyway, Sasha has something to say to all of you before we finish. Sasha: Today’s very hot yeah. (laughs) Winston: Yeah. Yeah. You can see we’re seriously sweaty. So… Sasha: Okay. Stay cold. Stay awesome! Winston: Yeah, I would stay cold if it was possible. Look at this. It’s like 40 degrees out here, and I’m wearing a suit. That’s sweat by the way. Anyway guys. Yeah. Thank you. See you in the next video. So what do you think about all the people here? Sasha: I don’t know: you’re a monkey? (laughs) Winston: Yeah. Yeah. It’s interesting. Hi guys! Can you help me say: stay awesome! 帮我,帮我说 (Help me, Help me say) Stay awesome! Man in crowd: Stay awesome! Stay awesome! Cool! 谢谢,谢谢 (Thanks, thanks.) [Music Starts] [Music Continues] [Music Fades]

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100 thoughts on “This DRONE will get you ARRESTED in GERMANY!

  1. Sasha you look Awesome. Love the videos keep them up. I have been working in China for 8 years now (haven't picked up the language as well as you though) I work with engineers and it seems that they find the concept of a hobby completely alien. How have you found this with the people you meet? are hobbies unusual? is it because they expect pay for any work done. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  2. its not true though 😀 u can do the posture in germany. people might dislike you for doing that but u wont get arrested..

  3. im currently living in germany and i just bought a drone. no you will not get arrested for doing that if its purpose is for the drone…the fact you even put that as your title is stupid. Pure clickbait mate.

  4. I was interested in getting a Spark, however the 15min battery was a deal breaker. Thank you for the review.

  5. That would be §86a StGB (StGB being the abbreviation of "Strafgesetzbuch", Germany's penal code) that might bite you in Germany. Any symbols that are meant to represent or glorify the Third Reich are forbidden in Germany, among them of course the swastika and black sun.
    …and posing with your arm hand stretched out to impersonate the Nazi greeting. yep. As a general rule, don't use Nazi insignia in Germany. We post-war born Germans are utterly unhappy with having to bear the burden the Nazis put upon us, and the great majority of us live up to the responsibility to prevent the Nazis from gaining ground ever again, thus we in fiercely bad tempered ways kick the stern of anyone who tries to come here to let his Arianism hang out . (Being a native Kraut is a bit of a piece of shit, really. I'm so f***ing sick of those Nazis that come crawling from under the wood-works lately. They are so tiresome in their offensively displayed stupidity… Had I been given a choice, I'd have preferred mostly anywhere else to get spawned. Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK or Australia would have been best!)
    Well, without the gesture controlled drone, you might get some awkward to answer questions about what you're doing there. It's the intention that matters. Otherwise, every window cleaner or plasterer would get arrested while doing his work.

  6. I thought the video was quite informative. That vertical rise at about 6:45 looked like the opening of a movie! I LOVE the crisp, tack sharp image from the JME. I agree with many comments, Sasah is a goddess! May you both stay happy. Good review, yes the title is a bit overboard but a worth while video. I will return and subscribe if I start seeing more of her with you. Cheers, Have a GREAT day! M Austin, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

  7. Well, to be honest flying a drone like you do in China could at least get you fined if not arrested in Germany 😉

  8. All these people around, watching you like sociopaths, how can you take that all day. and wtf is wrong with them, they look like they have IQ of a duck 😀

  9. Did anyone else get hypnotised by the women in the red dancing at 6:20? Haha she was really going for it

  10. yeah, don't do that in germany. not letting you do that might be the one thing that we take the most national pride in. denazification (along with the cold war division and reunification of germany) is a huge part of our national identity. at least among germans of decent character and education, nazi salutes and symbols and bad jokes about nazis and jews are seen as extremely disrespectful towards germany and humanity and of course the nazis' victims. it is considered inexcusable ignorance of a chapter of history that (at least in germany) every human is duty-bound to remember in order to honour the nazis' victims and the people who fought against them, by not allowing such tyranny to happen again. our national pride is that we do not have national pride. except for football of course. 😉

  11. Considering i grew up in an area of Germany that had a ton of Neo-Nazis in the 90's . No it really won't . To get you arrested you have to really go over the top for any consequenses . I guess a hyperbolic title works better to attract viewers though. 🙂

  12. if you do it to the sides, loke you did in your video, no problem. If yo do it in front of your body, and the polizist can not see the drone, yeah you might get at least a very stern talk… arrested only if you do it in a right wing or national socialistic context. (i.e: do it facing some immegrants or at a right wing partys rally or something like this). But if you get a very strict policemen who ignores the context, you may get fined…

  13. LOL, that lady in the red dress, doing the North Korean style boogie woogie. So funny. She's probably dancing like that because there is a foreigner nearby and she wishes to win his heart (and wallet)

  14. ok about the foreigner (spy) XD I think.. well I know that the father of a Taiwanese friend loved to watch 007 movies and I saw some imbiss named after 007 and I think thats the image Chinese people got about foreigner spies.. XD and now look at you.. you James Bond of Africa haha

  15. That 45°angle gesture isn't really the illegal Hitler greeting. The laws on drones are tricky though. How much does it weigh?

  16. Are there a lot of drone laws like there are in the US? Height restrictions, line of site restrictions, registration requirements etc?

  17. To be fair the wind was stronger during the test of the first one. But those gesture functions are REALLY awesome!!! I guess i have to swap one of my helicopters for a drone like that finally… 😉👍
    You stay awesome too, my friend!!! And cool down – literally!! 😓😉

  18. Man i always miss all your giveaways : ( Maybe ill get to see ya next time ya come back to USA an drive your vette

  19. do not do this USA to Park police will come and Confiscate your drone , claiming you putting public in danger , even before Police come People might intervine try to forcefully ground your drone . There is so cool no one getting Panic About ,everyone calm , you Live Really FREE Country DUDE .

  20. I gotta share this too with the world, and say that throughout my observations and careful analysis lol of the Chinese people, many of them behave just like that drone who couldn't stand still! For example, what was up with that lady in the red dress who was idk, "dancing perhaps" in that park while you were testing your drones, have you noticed? Lol she was behaving like a 5 year old who has heard a song which she has fallen in love with and now she's in the early stages of adapting a rhythm to the song! 🤣🤣🤣
    C'mon guys! I can't be the only one noticing this!! I know I'm not! I've noticed it here in NYC where I'm from and it's very common. I people watch sometimes and i pick and choose my targets but they sort of pick themselves cuz they stand out when they behave like that, and it's usually only Asians Lol! It's just a fact. Some of their free spirited moves are indicative of an innocent child like behavior and it's very peculiar to me!

  21. Haha. Today you can't fly drones in Germany at all. Police will stop you with any drone, even without these gestures. You know. Overregulated country

  22. recording in germany in public is a crime, they have very strict privacy laws, Ice Poseidon got arrested for live streaming.

  23. Hi mate. I owned one jme for testing. Lost battery when I gave it to a friend for testflying. Now grounded. Jerry of feima has no good support to let me have a spare batt altough i was promised one in the first place. I cant obtain a battery because if the mei ban fa attitude.. Can you help me to obtain 2x spare batts pls maybe that you know someone in feima? My email [email protected] I am from istanbul Turkey..great fan of your transparent videos.. Cheers

  24. In Stuttgart if you raise you hand straight in anyway, not only the police will come up to you but the locals too so watch out man.

  25. You don't need licence to fly drones in most of EU … and the drone prices range from £40 to £4000,- The only restrictions are for flying drones close to Government buildings and close to airports. Recently, the UK Gatwick airport was closed for 3 days, because some idiot flew drone in close proximity of runways. The drones, that I preffer are the ones where you have gimballed Hero camera cradle … and they are not the cheap Chinese rubbish type with 100 m max reach. The EU brass is now talking about laws that would protect the individual privacy, hence it is likely, that intrusions by drones flown by the media companies, will have further restrictions slapped on.

  26. Hi Wilson, great movie again. And thanks for informing everybody that this 45 degree open palm hand gesture isn't recommended to been executed in Germany. Shit WII ! Anyway, you can get a seriously high fine for that Adolf Hitler Nazi greetings. (Ashamed that this idiot started that terrible war) So, have a great time.

  27. Did you marry your wife 'cause you couldn't afford her modeling fee? You guyz are great. Always learn something on this channel.

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