– Alright, 12 February 2018,
last day in the Philippines. About to jump on a scooter,
head into the city of El Nido, fly the drone for a little
bit, just to get a bit of an aerial perspective
of the city of El Nido. And then after that, head to
the waterfall, check that out, then after that, might head
to the Sunset Bar to see the sunset, but we may not even see it because it is overcast
today, at least right now. So let’s do this, who’s
going to be riding? – Me, hey, I’m the driver! – Ok, so this might be the last
ever video that I ever film. (upbeat folk music) (engine revving) Hi guys, I’m on the beach here in El Nido, in the city centre. This is where I am right now, and this is where all
the boats depart from, and all the tours, like
Tour A, B, C, and D. So this is what the beach
looks like right here, and I’m about to launch
this guy up into the sky to give an aerial perspective
of the city of El Nido. And it’s just started to rain, like sprinkle. And I’m gonna wait a couple
minutes before I launch it. And then, yeah, pack it away
and head off to the waterfall. (inspiring piano music) Hope you enjoyed that; took the drone up, it stopped raining, the sun
came out and it was really good, so that’s the city of El Nido, that’s pretty much where we’re staying. And, yeah, and there’s one
or two or three main streets in the city where they
have all the restaurants, and you can book all your
tours and things like that. So anyway we’re gonna
jump back on the scooter, and we’re gonna head to the waterfall which is a little bit of a
ride out of the city, and hopefully I can try and fly
the drone around the waterfall, we’ll see what happens, so, yeah. Come with me for the adventure. Iz is getting scared
because we’re driving past the police car right now and we have no number plates, so. Check this, no number plate. Alright, so we’ve just
ridden past the gym, and Izza really wants to do a workout,
and she’s talked me into it, so, I was like, “We’ll go
straight to the waterfall,” and she’s like “No, no, I wanna train.” She’s telling me she
wants to train. (laughs) We’ll probably spend
like 10 minutes in there. – (laughs) Yeah, how much does it cost… – Let’s see. – Let’s say that you want to take a video. – Okay, we have an Italian
Muay Thai kickboxing champion. – I’m gonna teach you how to do it. – Okay, so she’s gonna teach
us how to do a side kick. – Yeah. The front one. – The front, oh, the front kick. – (laughs) Yes! – Go, show me. – It’s like… (slight thud) No! (laughs) I try again. – (laughs) Okay. (upbeat folk music) – Hey, how are you? – We’re just messing
around, we’re not really training seriously. (laughs) (upbeat folk music) (muffled talking) (upbeat folk music) Alright, so we’ve done our 10
minutes of training. (laughs) It wasn’t a serious session,
but it was a bit of fun, so I hope you enjoyed that,
but yeah, this is the gym. It’s small, it cost 100 pesos per person, and it pretty much has everything you need if you’re gonna do a
quick training session. But, admittedly, 10 minutes;
we’re going to the waterfall, so we’re not even taking
this seriously, you know, but check this out real quick. Check this out, check this out. And by the way, that’s
the main street, right, so it’s right on the
corner of the main street. Check it, check it. We’re leaving the gym, bye! And we’re off to the waterfall! Yeah, every time we hire
a scooter or a motorbike, it’s always empty and we have to fill it, but, they’re doing it for us. (upbeat folk music) Amazing! Everybody’s waiting for you. – I know. – How do you feel guys? Yeah? We are here, the waterfall!
(exclaims excitedly) We’re here! Are you pumped? – [Izza] No. (upbeat folk music) – Okay, so we’re finished
at the first waterfall, now we’re going up to
the second waterfall. We gotta climb to get there. – [Tour Guide] Ma’am, I
carry your bag, ma’am. – [Isabella] Alright. – Your bag, ma’am. – The second waterfall! (upbeat folk music) So this is the second waterfall, and it’s much better than the first one. – [Isabella] It’s a waterfall. (water splashing) Hello. – She got me a gift. I love it.
– Let’s see. – What do you think? – [Isabelle] Island tours, so
we did a lot of island tours. – Yeah. That’s really nice, I like it. I think because I wear the
same T-shirt every day. – (laughs) Yeah.
– And she’s, this is actually great, because I’m gonna wear this one
every day for the next week. – (laughs) Yeah, that’s probably true. – Super nice, thank you, appreciate it. – [Isabelle] Ciao. – Smells brand new. (upbeat folk music)

Eugene Islam


  1. Philippines has a gasoline boy as they call it to do the pump for you. Not like in AUS or in other parts of the world that you have to do it by yourself

  2. Hey I went there too Brad, on the hwy to NacPan Beach but as it was the rainy season we couldn’t get to the higher waterfall. Good video mate👍🇦🇺

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