The Truth About Self-Driving Cars

The Truth About Self-Driving Cars

– Imagine a 747 crashing and
killing everyone on board. Now imagine it happening once a week, every week, spread out over a year. If this were the norm, would
you set foot on an airplane? This seems absolutely crazy, but that’s how many
people human drivers kill in just the U.S. each year. Globally, that number is over one million. – Most of the accidents
are caused by human error. Drinking and driving, distracted driving, these are all human factors
that lead to accidents. So, autonomous vehicles
can improve safety. – Robot cars hold the promise of saving tens of thousands of lives every year. (suspenseful music) But that is just one of the ways in which they can utterly transform society. Welcome to Uprising. Fear not. – The robots are already here. – So, it’s in autopilot now. It’s maxing out my speed
at 30 miles an hour. And you can see the
cars on all sides of me on the control panel here. – Was that the car
breaking or was that you? – That was the car breaking. So, I haven’t really done anything. (light music) – The world of transportation and mobility is being turned upside-down. So the question now is, as we go forward, can we direct this
towards a better future? – It’s hard to imagine a
technology with greater capacity to change the world than autonomous cars. In addition to saving lives, it could have massive
environmental benefits by reducing congestion
and increasing efficiency. – And we have, overall, a
city with much less land devoted to roads, much less
land devoted to parking. And we use those lands in a
way that people will enjoy, whether it’s park space or playgrounds. It will mean that we have
better transportation, more equitable access. – And those are just the
changes we can think of now. Many of the changes it will bring are just unimaginable at this point. Do you think anyone anticipated
drive-thru restaurants or the suburbs when the
automobile was invented? And on the topic of
unintended consequences, it’s just as possible
that autonomous vehicles could actually make things worse. – If our automated cars
are personally owned, in other words, if we just
take these automated cars and just superimpose them
on today’s usage patterns and ownership patterns,
it will lead to a future in which the cars are used twice as much. They’d use more energy,
they take more space, probably lead to more sprawl. And for the simple reason
that if the car is automated, you don’t have to pay
attention to driving. You can treat the car as a hotel, as an entertainment center, office, and therefore, why wouldn’t
you spend more time in it? – People can commute for longer distances, creating more congestion, so we have to be cautious about that. That could be a negative impact on cities. – How society uses autonomous
cars will determine the kind of future we have. And to get the future we want, we might need to change
how we think about cars. – The beautiful picture of
sustainable transportation of automated cars in the
future being positive depends on two factors. One is that we move beyond
personal ownership of vehicles, and two, that the vehicles are pooled. In other words, more than one person is riding in them at a time. Pooling really is the answer. Optimus Ride is a company focused on what we call geofenced autonomy, so the ability to deploy
vehicles at low speed, 25 miles per hour or
less in a geofenced area. That could include a industrial park like the Brooklyn Navy Yard that we’re in, it could include a university campus, these are all geofenced locations. So we think that the introduction
of self-driving vehicles can start in those markets, and over time, we can expand the level of complexity that we go into. – There are already self-driving
cars of various levels. There’s automatic braking,
there’s adaptive cruise control. There are even cars that will change lanes and maneuver in traffic or park for you. And more and more people
are adapting to car-sharing and pooling through human
driven services like Lyft. Society is making little
moves in the right direction. – The beautiful future that I envision does depend on automation. But this future, it’s
not all automated cars. It includes the scooters
and electric bikes and walking, buses and rail. It’s a vision that moves away
from personal car ownership to a suite of mobility services. And the other thing to think about, too, is that this is going to
be a generational thing. We’re not going to have
self-driving vehicles everywhere next week. It will take a generation. It will take 25 to 30 years to do that. The ability to have a
fully autonomous vehicle which is able to drive in every condition, that’s more than 10 years away. – The car was invented to move us around, to free us from other limitations. But in the last 100 years, it has become its own sort of prison, keeping us locked up in freeways and searching for parking spots. It also puts us in a
tremendous amount of danger. Autonomous vehicles
offer us the opportunity to escape that prison. Will we be smart enough to take it? (dramatic music) Thanks for watching this
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and changing the world.

Eugene Islam

83 thoughts on “The Truth About Self-Driving Cars

  1. Never thought about the usage factor. Indeed the car usage may increase because of various factors with autonomous cars. But still, I can’t help to be exited about it. The transformation is happening quickly, we even have a autonomous bus at my university in Sweden! Great video guys, keep it up 🤙🏼

  2. They’re still about 20 years away from being common. They are over engineered which means incredibly expensive, hard to fix if something goes wrong and they don’t last long enough to make the purchase make sense. They have to fix a lot of these problems.

  3. I'm rather disappointed how uncritical this video is of the entire premise of automated cars. You know what's safer, more energy and space efficient, and cheaper than a car – automated or otherwise?

    A goddamn train.

  4. Why would anyone trust their life and their family’s lives to a automated vehicle. Thanks, but I’ll pass all the same.

  5. If EVERY other vehicle was autonomous, then this would work perfectly. I introduce the most erratic, unpredictable and destructive element into the system and it will never work – humans.

  6. First things first: 1) the bulk of this concept is geared toward urban living. 2) urban living is mostly geared toward millenials, because that is the group who, for the most part, work in the cities. 3) the cost of living is so high most places now, people are opting not to spend $30,000+ on a car, especially if they have student loans so, driverless cars sound like a good alternative to them.
    Another point of view: 1) carpool lanes were created from the concept of 'ride sharing'__and we can see CLEARLY how that did not address the problem of congested roads as was thought it might. 2) many people would like to keep their option of coming and going as they please so, owning a car will still be their preferred form of transportation (I'm one of them). 3) [it] will not stop with cars, people! You can bet they are working toward ALL modes of public transportation, including aircraft__visualize that, if you dare! 4) the possibility of 'someone' outside of the car being able to control it is a bit too real__due to the extent which we have accepted technology so non chalantly, hackers have hacked anything and everything, at this point__what makes you think this would be off their list(?)! 5) my thing is, just because you can, doesn't mean you should!
    How about this: instead of wasting billions and billions of $$$ on driverless transportation, building them included, a portion of that amount of money is invested in driver's ed (classroom hours) THEN, driver's training (on the road with an instructor)__instead of giving anyone who can drive around the block of the DMV a freakin' license? AND investing another portion of that alotted money into enforcing the laws re: DUI's, multiple DUI's, reckless driving, reckless driving while speeding, texting while driving, etc. (?)! I feel these things would be a better use of funds. There is no substitute__better drivers mean safer transportation!
    With referrence to the space issue, you can't address the issue properly if you continue to promote 'ginormous' SUV's and trucks for personal use! You can go down the rabbit hole with this one__bigger cars create a false sense of security where drivers have the mentality they don't NEED to care about their driving habits as much cuz they're driving a tank. And you would think after all the years of technology re: fuel efficiency we could, FINALLY, build cars that give us better mileage than 50 years ago__but as long as the bodies keep getting bulkier and heavier, those 4-cylinder, 'fuel injection' engines (😳😹) will never give the mileage we KNOW can be had by efficiently-designed cars! I guess it's pretty obvious which side of the fence I am in this subject__and I tried keeping it short! 😱 Enjoy the rest of your day! 🙌🙌🙌😺

  7. I think it is good that self-driving vars, but I still think it is incomplete. I think the autobot inside the car are just a helper, the autonomous vehicles still need human help. It still need more data to process and find pattern improving itself for a perfection.
    There will be still problems such as traffic and accidents because nothing is perfect.

  8. Automated trucks in Germany have killed people. Would I put my life into the hands of a machine or even the government? How easy would it be to knock off a person who causes trouble?? My car currently costs me less then $6/day (absolutely all costs involved). Can they match that price?? I think not!

  9. by the time these vehicles are fully available to the rest of the world only the rich & the elite will be able to afford them

  10. Damn Freethink really seems to answer so many comments and interact with its audience! Cool beans great channel im subbed

  11. I just don't see people accepting longer commutes when they don't have to actively drive their car; traveling – in any form – is tiring, so unless you are sleeping in your car EVERY DAY, I don't see more cars being added to the auto transportation systems just because they're self-driving. Living in the long-commuting state of NJ where average door-to-door commutes to NYC or Philadelphia are well over an hour, whether you drive or take a train, I don't see the number of people who drive to work in our are increasing anytime soon. Trains and buses are the preferred modes of travel for most of us in NJ who commute to the larger nearby cities. For those who work closer to home and not in NYC or Philly, they're already driving, so autonomous driving options won't increase the number of cars, it will just change what people do in their cars on the way to work.

    I do, however, feel that autonomous driving could help the elderly remain independent longer, whether they continue to own their own cars in a auto-driving mode only – another consideration for government regulators – or rely on autonomous ride-sharing.

  12. I love the innovation, but let the free market decide if they want to move away from personal ownership. If the benefits are worth it, they will. It’s about freedom.

  13. imagine being in a coffee shop and enjoying yourself, then suddenly a car drives through the wall and killing a family of 4😂

  14. What a very socialist ideology. I find their language very smug and offensive.

    Self-driving cars would not require giving up personal ownership. Cars could be made to suit single passengers, taking up less space on our roads. They could be also made out of lighter materials resulting in much higher fuel efficiency and, for those who care, safer for the environment.

    Furthermore, self-driving cars could be linked to our GPS system allowing greater throughput in high traffic areas. Signal lights and stop signs would no longer be required.

    I'm grateful that you people want to make our lives safer, but please stop trying to come up with ways to restrict and control us.

  15. It seems to me that self-driving cars are another one of those things that sound really great until you realize they don’t actually solve our problems. We basically already have the technology to solve our problems, we’re just reluctant to use it. Transit and bicycling are, and probably will always be, far more space-efficient than cars. I think transit has the potential to be more time-efficient as well if we would just invest in it more, instead of throwing all our money at highways that don’t help congestion. Transit is a lot safer than cars, and biking probably would be too if there were dedicated bike paths and cyclists weren’t forced to use busy roads.
    Yes, self-driving cars absolutely have the potential to make driving far safer, but I don’t think they will be effective at solving the other problems of driving. If pooling is what solves the problem, then it wasn’t really the self-driving cars that helped us, it was just our willingness to use cars in a different way. Car pooling and taxis are already a thing, we don’t actually need driverless cars for that, we just need to be willing to use those modes of transportation. If driverless cars are owned personally, they will use just as much space as regular cars, and I’ve heard they would just drive around aimlessly instead of parking, so they might even increase congestion.
    This all reminds me of Elon Musk’s loop idea, where he digs tunnels under the city for cars to travel in. It sounds really great until you realize that those are essentially just subways but far less efficient. There isn’t really anything different between the “loop” and just a normal, congested, underground highway.
    So in conclusion, I think self-driving cars could be a really good idea for increasing safety, but that’s about it. I don’t think they will do nearly as much to help our cities as people might think. I think having cars be electric is equally as important because that would make a huge difference in our carbon emissions.

  16. This has to stop. Robots are already taking people job. Stop placing your selfish needs before others.

  17. The blockades to progress in this area are 1. News bias. When a death incident happens involving a Tesla car, it's Nationwide news as if an airplane had crashed. But between the time the accident happened and the news reporters arrived on scene, many accidents may have already happened everywhere else involving other "normal" cars. 2. The draconian laws written in the last century with manually driven cars in mind, which are now forced upon autonomous cars. Like "keep your hands on the steering wheel". In a fully autonomous traffic system, you wouldn't need a wheel or even a driver! Or traffic lights, or side mirrors or anything that is necessary to manually drive it. The car would become a second mobile home to live life in. But if the laws don't get updated we will still be stuck with wheels, traffic lights and side mirrors all of which are completely useless appendages to a self-driving car.

  18. What makes an autonomous car autonomous is the issue here. We do not quite have level 5 autonomy just yet. Level "5" being defined as no steering wheel, no accelerator and no brake. Before you even get into the vehicle, it already "knows" where you want to go. So consider the magnitude of the artificial intelligence that is going to enable a level 5 autonomy SDV (self driving vehicle). Just what else would such an AI be capable of?

    Answer: Everything. And it is all coming within ten years time.

    Here is my main hub about this and pretty much everything else future oriented if you are interested. Buckle your seatbelt, it's going to be a bumpy decade…

  19. Just one question. What about the people who like driving their car or truck? And what would happen if the computer systems were hacked? If it got hacked and the computer told every car to turn left think of how many people would die on the express way. Not interested I like driving.

  20. No more privately owned Vehicles sounds like part of the New World Order crap. Takes away the ability for you to act as an individual.

  21. Hey you know if we emphasized personal responsibility and developing real skills as a driver we might not now be in the position of losing human autonomy. You can also take a bus or train instead of your personal car bubble.

  22. Nobody seems to understand the average person simply cannot afford this fantasy car package, too much money! Now, the eternal question of " how much is our safety worth"? Don't know, but, I don't want AI in my vehicle!

  23. Your car is driving and you run head on into another car. I wasn't driving you say, my car was driving. Your car is toast and you spend 10 years in jail for involuntary manslaughter. Yeah, you're really smart.

  24. greetings 😆great people over 7.5 population please get ready for change 😂😂keep smiling some lol politely

  25. Where would i put all the stuff in my truck bed? And where will the dogs, their water, food and blankets go?
    Forget it. Think of something else.

  26. Not gonna happen! What happens when you mix self driving cars with human driven cars? What's gonna happen to all those driving jobs? Who is going to accept the liability for all of the damage that these cars can and will cause. It will take you 200 years to make the changeover.

  27. Just based on all the negative comments here, I'd say you're going to meet so much resistance that 200 years to implement this may be a bit optimistic.

  28. Driverless cars would be good if it truly is increasing the user's full potential and allowing them to live a more free and fulfilling life. For instance for elderly, the disabled and people under the influence of various substances who have a harder time driving. On the other hand for most people it would ultimately hinder and worsen their quality of life as one would now be limited on their ability to travel based on when said automated vehicles arrive but also would now be subject to an algorithm, a corporation and the direct letter of the law instead of the spirit of the law. That doesn't mention the potential for black hat hackers to abuse this system for various malevolent reasons, some being fatal or the fact that societies that inhibit it's citizens or denizens ability to travel are usually more authoritarian. I can very well see scenarios where the government pushes mandates that one would not be able to use any such vehicles in the event that they are behind on for instance their taxes, various bills, unpaid fines, simply being Earth day.

    Also not to mention there's a certain joy and liberating feeling in being able to drive, independently, all on your own, to wherever the hell one would want to go. And yes of course one can die while driving, just like how one can perish from heart disease or complications from diabetes or unfortunately increasingly from taking one's own life. There's also the fact that in most urban and suburban areas there already is a way to travel from one place to another without needing to drive where one shares the vehicle with various strangers that exist, it is called a public bus, the train, or a Subway. So those are just some of my critiques and concerns on the matter but I do see that there can be some good uses for the concept.

  29. I understand the appeal to some people but to me its to dangerous. Even if they somehow make it so that these cars can't be hacked wirelessly I imagine poping the hood open to access the computer inside is probably as easy as crooks do today to steal parts. Thieves could then just send the car to the nearest chop shop. Also imagine a stalker/rapist could hack it while their victim goes inside a store or even while their in their house so when they use it next time they use it they pull up into their abductors garage for some "alone time". A terrorist could buy one legally and send it to purposely go on a rampage. The concept is cool but sadly like the flying car it has to much potential for abuse by the worse of humanity.

  30. Based on what authors came up to conclusion that self-driving car are better, safer, more convinient etc?

    Everyone has their own scheduling, personal, educational, professional, recreational, travel, leasure etc, etc, etc needs, and priorities.
    In 99.999% of those needs simply are not the carpooling scenario.
    So, one day car bots might become another little transportation instrument/alternative, but this is not a panacea for future lifestyles

  31. Sure I want a self-driving car!
    My self driving it. 😂😂
    I enjoy driving.
    I don't want some robot/computer doing it for me.
    I want to do it myself.
    When I had to get my vehicle fixed, I had a rental car that had a back-up camera.
    I never used it.
    I trusted myself.
    My daughter would say, "Mom, you have a back-up camera!"
    I said, "So…I trust my own eyes not a camera lens installed on the back of a car."
    Probably one day it will be standard on every single vehicle that there will be a back-up camera installed on that vehicle.
    I have always wanted to take a ride in a flying car.
    But….wouldn't the person who owns that vehicle have to have a pilot's license first?
    Flying cars would have to share the same air space as planes and helicopters.
    Just wanted to share my opinion.

  32. Google will donate to State if CA huge amount of money for "highway improvement". Just as Stanford once sold it's land to the State of CA who had Stanford "hold it in peptuity" for the State, Google will be responsible for monitoring n maintaining flow of traffic.
    Thus Google will control who and when you travel.
    Gas car will be banned from being on roads at same time as autonamous vehicles. Gas card may drive at 2am if your electronic generated travel permit is approved.
    The roads will be access-controlled by Google and cars powered n directed by Google tech.
    Don't worry, your Google Home, board approval required, will be in their gps network

  33. I'm done with this life on earth , I'm ready for God to salvage the ones he can and flush the rest down the drain.

  34. Mark my words the government will force you into this by banning your vehicles use. Then at the same time all motorcycles and such will also be banned because of "human error on the road" The government doesn't care that you and I enjoy driving ourselves we will be made out to be selfish and Earth killers and dangerous….. PS I'd love to see this buy back program when it happens they will just take the cars from people or fine/tax you into submission.
    Also there will be a TAX to have and maintain the self driving POS because it will become a right or something stupid.

  35. No more speeding and parking tickets. No more auto insurance. No more chauffeurs, Lift, Uber, and taxi drivers. No more independence or autonomy, either. Perhaps these cars will do the best in Asian countries? It seems more their style and way of being. You DO know that those controls can be hacked, and that the driver's control overridden by those doing the hacking — legally or illegally, don't you? Nuclear energy is THE WORST and most dangerous form of energy — let alone finding safe locals for the toxic waste produced by the. I think it's outdated. Will more nuclear power plants and the subsequent radiation fallout be at play here, with self-driving cars in the future, en masse? Don't you think (?) that this issue will need addressing at some point in the very near future? Nuclear power — cui bono? Personally, I like a nice solid classic car with a v8 growl and a punch to it — while the wind blows through my hair. Jussayin'.

  36. Underline key phrase at 3.35. The acquiring and disposing of private property at once will. Is entitled to all Americans under the Constitution.

  37. Its already bad enough that we are tracked everywhere we go via our phones and our cars. I see it as an infringement on our privacy already that cars are hooked up to wifi and the internet. Now imagine if they start putting self driving cars on the road and you wanted to go somewhere but since the company providing the self driving service to your car doesn't like where you want to go, it could refuse to take you there. Kind of like the way social media is restricting free speech. You can throw your phone out but you can't disconnect these modern cars from the internet and self driving ones are just another way to take away our freedoms!

  38. If the planes were equally secure as cars, there would be 6 deaths in planes in the USA per year.
    Cars drove 3,6 trillion vehicle-miles in 2017 whereas the planes only flew 7.8 million vehicle-miles.

  39. We are always resistant to change but progress always takes hold. You don’t think twice of an elevator Operator over non human operated one, or passenger planes that are mostly autonomous.

  40. Just REMEMBER who is or has programmed them…these cars will wind up killing more people…and there is an agenda…when man tries to become a god…rather than letting God be God it always always ends badly…since the beginning…

  41. All this automated stuff is gonna get smarter & smarter. Then they will REALISE that we are USING them for our conveniences, for our human safety, & our entertainment. Then they will kill us.

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