The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives! (Sailing ACTUAL La Vagabonde) Ep. 91

The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives! (Sailing ACTUAL La Vagabonde) Ep. 91

It is the day we are goin’. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. I’m too happy I’m gonna die We’re just about to board our first flight back to France. So satisfied with our time here in Australia I hope Mathieu and Xavier are happy with the Shiraz that we bought them from the Barossa Valley We promised them. [We better get on that plane actually] Yeah we should Hi guys, sorry. We just arrived to our hotel in Paris. We are quite jet-lagged, but we’re about to go meet Daniel Troyer for the first time, Daniel is going to be a new video man. So he’s either at this hotel, or the other Ibis. I don’t know, there’s a few going around here. Ibis We’re pretty excited to meet him Say hello Daniel. Bonjour, that’s the only word I know right now. We’re very squished in the car. Mathieu just picked us up. Mathieu say hello. Hello! We landed in the south of France once again It was a lot warmer since the last time we were here and you could feel the European summer was well on its way We moved back onto our catamaran to unpack our suitcases forever and finally embark on another adventure around the globe “Goodbye” said the fox. “Here is my secret” “It’s quite simple: one sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.” I just found that, wrapped, marked and in the chart table just there. Wow yeah! And we also found alcohol. Someone left us this alcohol. [Straight on to something a little bit less profound] We’d headed into town to provision. I was to leave the following day This is for when you might need a butt massage It’s been a really big day for all of us We I’ve been editing the last of the movies for Queensland Daniel has been flying the drone. He’s been flying that thing like twice or maybe or even three times today He’s been a very busy boy, putting together the new episodes, so that’s awesome Riley’s been working on the new dinghy. I know you’re working Riles but do you want to introduce our new dinghy to the world? Yeah, I don’t know what to call it, but this is our new tender. Looks pretty amazing. [It really is] I absolutely love it, and it’s got this rubber stuff …like a… It’s just beautiful underfoot as well. They really put in a bit of effort for us which is greatly appreciated. You did an excellent job. Thank you, it’s taken me all day but I got there Okay, have fun with the boat. [Yeah] You need to baptize it. Yeah, we do! How should we do that? I? I don’t know, shall we… [Champagne?] Pour a little champagne over it? Yeah alright, we’ve actually got a bottle of champagne [I think the big one will get jealous] Yeah, okay, you haven’t done that? Yea nah we did but we didn’t pour it everywhere and smash the bottle and we sprayed a little bit. We spent a bit too much time on this one. Oh no. [Duck down tall man] And we all get decapitated. Well, here’s the underside of the boat in case you wanted to know what it looked like This tender is insane Spacious Round two, guys. We are so excited about the new tender. We are going for a second burn in it. Nobody get clothes-lined Got a new tender! Look at it, it has Sailing La Vagabonde on it! Holy crap! [Isn’t it awesome?] And it’s all glued in. I got my first fish The tuna? [What, ever?] Mathieu, the tuna? 25 25 kilo tuna Ahh nice! Mathieu showed me the picture. There’s like blood everywhere. It was great, it was fantastic. It’s really cold I didn’t wear any pants [What are we doing Daniel?] Uh, I’m scrubbing your boat Labour, hard labour! Right, we’re off at the back here That is amazing isn’t it I know this sounds really cheesy but I’m actually going to remember this moment for the rest of my life I’m not stopped smiling since we left, my cheeks are actually hurting. The world is actually our oyster Oh my god! How do you feel mate? Well just about killed myself with the door Besides that doing pretty good It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood Without even the chance to find my own jacket I donned Elayna’s wet weather gear, raced outside to pull down the sails as the wind has picked up to 25 knots If we were racing, we’d keep it like this for sure We are flying my friends They said they wanted us to get in over 25 knots to the shakedown cruise But it’s time to take a reeve We’re on what’s called the shakedown cruise. Which is the and at least three day… …cruise around, sail from point A to point B, they don’t give you like an amount of miles you need to cover but it’s just to take it out in a bit of rough weather and find any problems that might arise which is pretty common in a new boat as you can imagine. We’re going to go find my mate Oakey who bought a boat in… Mallorca and he’s there now waiting for it We are going at 10 knots into a 24 knot breeze which… for our mate Oakey, when we were going down the east coast of New Zealand, after we arrived and it was like life or death I said to him definitely go buy a boat mate because he was so helpful and loved it The exact same situation here as in beating into 24 knots and you can barely tell It’s… It’s just amazing Do ya wanna tell me what’s happened babe? We’ve filled up the holding tank, and it exploded at the top. And it’s been dripping down into here so the bilge pump went off. I’m just giving it a bit of a clean off now. I’m making a curry… first proper meal, I have cooked on La Vagabonde. [I can see those knives over there, and I know that everyone is going to comment] There’s no way these’ll fly off Alright that did Type of wave that would knock them off, they would be the last of our concerns You look very pretty Elayna Do I? [Yeah] You like coriander? [Coriander’s good] I like coriander Just been having a little bit of a snooze and I opened the window, and you should see the sunset right now It is actually ridiculous Actually this whole trip has felt, so… surreal, just so different To the old La Vagabonde and just our situation. I can’t believe what’s happening three years! It’s about 1:00 in the morning, and I’ve been on watch for a few hours now Cos I got a massive sleep, got about seven knots of wind. It’s just completely died off we’ve got full sails our going about four knots and… it’s just starting to make a bit of noise and get a bit annoying, so… ideally I would put the Code D out, but I would like some help with that I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to go outside and do that myself right now on the first night So I’m going to see if I can put up with this for another half an hour, and then maybe wake Riley up It’s good, it’s fun. It’s really good sitting here because I can, like every 15 minutes I’ll check for ships and we’ve also got AIS so I can see them on the chart But I can just open this hatch here and poke my head out and I can see all the find the boat which is wicked Thank you for watching everyone. Now some of you have been writing in saying that you’re missing some of our episodes, so if that’s happening to you, next to the subscribe button there’s a little bell, if you click that you’ll be notified as soon as an episode drops and if you’re new here, please click the subscribe button Join us next week, we’re here in beautiful Mallorca and I have had the best week of my entire life So there’s a really cool sail, and then we come in and the sun’s rising I catch up with my mate Oakey, and it’s just unbelievable

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  1. Hey guys, could you please show us the front of the books your reading for the camera. I always need more reading inspiration. PS this is my fav You Tube channel! Much love.

  2. So happy for you both on future adventures on your new beautiful vessel. You continue to bring us into your lives and allow us to experience the adventures with you.

  3. You shouldn't put the name of your boat on the tinder. Some thieves know to rob your boat if they see the tinder tied ashore.

  4. WoW! How did you ever get that beautiful 45' Cat?! Is it yours now to keep sailing in? What a great promotion for the maker of that comfortable multihull! You guys are so awesome to watch. I live vicariously through you both. Thanx for all your filming skills, timelapse, drone footage, etc. I don't know how you have the time to film and edit all you do. Great work. Smooth Sailing.

  5. there are a lot of very speculative and derogatory comments worming their way into these discussion threads. just let these two live their lives. if you don't like it, tune out! I think they're great and they're doing the best they can. we all wish we were in their position. stop all the negativity

  6. booooo on having a 3rd on board to follow y'all around. Try having a 3rd person follow a husband and wife around in their apartment to film them and see how it changes with another person always around. video of you and Riley embracing now feels forced and staged since we know there's a third awkwardly filming you guys have a "moment".

  7. What a rush watching you guys set sail on your new boat, nice episode this one felt more like the classic Vagabonde eps, love

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  9. You Awesome Aussie Kids, are a total pleasure to watch. Thankyou for being yourselves. Being  66 doesn't damper my ardour of adventure and sail. No! not a sailor, but love the passion, emotion, fun and pain that you two show. I'll talk to you more. Handshake and Love, Poppa Glenn.

  10. Wow! I am amazed. I've been following you guys for a while now and I can say that you've come a long way. The shots, the music, the edit the ''new guys'' brings to La Vaga…Love it! Keep doing what you're doing, I love watching your adventures.

    xxx Big love from Canada, Québec!

  11. Your joy is utterly contagious. So happy for you two. Make sure the videographer doesn't maintain the "butt" theme–you all are classier than that.

  12. So so so happy and excited for you guys. Can't wait to see what comes. Looking very forward to owning my own boat soon. Wouldn't be able to do a global loop anytime soon so I am so jealous. Hoping to be on the blue by this fall. Would be amazing to run into you guys one day. Until then, enjoy the new yacht and stay safe. Any basic ideas on where your heading first? The Med, or right out into the blue?

  13. Wow glad you are on-board and sailing the cat. It is great you have a videographer now. Welcome Daniel. looking forward to the next video of you sailing and cooking too Takecare and smooth sailing.

  14. Finally free and sailing along….great stuff you guys….great to see you free to do what ya'll do best. Safe sailing.

  15. To put things in perspective you should do an extended interview with your parents. What did they think when you told them you'd bought a boat? What did Elayna's parents think when she told them she'd met a boy, he owned a boat and she was moving on board with him? Hey mom dad, we're going to sail across the Atlantic. How proud are they after each step in your adventure? Riley and Elayna if you're not comfortable bragging about all that you've achieved, let your parents speak. I'm sure they must be very proud.

  16. Ok kids…(I can say that I'm near 60… ) Can I give you both a piece of advice please. You are the victim of your own success. What people loved was just the two of you against the odds. Living the dream. I have noticed comments like you've changed. Nonsense. You haven't changed the dynamics have. When it was just the two of you, you could be yourselves, relaxed. Say the odd swear word, do the odd thing you shouldn't and laugh about it. Now you have a camera man permanently around, you cant just be yourselves. Having other people around changes the dynamics that folks loved. That's what's changed and nothing else. I hope for your sakes the changes don't mean people stop following you, because you're great kids and I've come to love you both. Try getting back to being just the two of you if you can. That would be my advice. It was you both that people loved. Not the boat, the two of you. Hope you can take this on board and the deal doesn't include you have to have a cameraman around, because I think that third person has spoiled the dynamics. Elayna will instantly feel different with two guys being on board and therefore she will react differently. She wouldn't be normal if she didn't. Riley will be also different simply because you have another male around ….So take this old woman's advice and get back to being just the two of you, because that's what people loved …You and your lovely girl. Take care and all the best… You're still the same kids I fell in love with you just need to realise it was you both that folks took to and fell in love with and  followed. The adventures were an added bonus but it was the two of you that made it special. Okay…I hope you take this in the manner it is given….with LOVE.. <3 (Sorry if I spelled Elayna wrong but for some reason I can never remember how to spell her name and so it might be…and remember its not always about quality. Reality and naturel can be better. ) xxx

  17. Your future is assured as watching Riley bent over that dingy, we found out he's a part time plumber. Way to go kids, love your shows!

  18. been following for about 8 months.. I retired to part time in January and Karolann will retire in October. We then begin our life as Snow birds

  19. I've been watching "Sailing La Vagabonde" for the last year, off and on, and I have to say I'm absolutely envious of your adventures. I used to sail on the Great Lakes in the US with my Pops, so I am sailing vicariously through you. I really have enjoyed the videography and anecdotes. What an excellent series of videos! Safe travels! Happy sails!

  20. Was the book you were reading from at the start "the little prince" by any chance? If so, read the whole thing. Its a kids book that adults can also learn a lot from.

  21. Super boat but the speakers really impair the view. They're also a bit ugly. Speakers should be heard but not seen. Good sailing.

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  23. Ernest, honest, genuine, authentic. I sailed 420s as a kid, and have always dreamed of what you guys do. I deal with risk a lot in my work, and what I appreciate is how you make it real for people, so that you can't ever approach sailing with a false sense of security. It's a new experience every time you set out, and instead of imagining a fantasy, I can look and see that it is something I could do, with the right experience and planning, no blinders. Keep it up for all of us. Thank you!

  24. 12:23
    Look at that Cat…

    Riley said it once in a prior vid and I can't help but agree. Large motor yachts are nice and all, no doubt, but there's something iconic about the sails, both in image and in using nothing but the wind (ideally) to travel across the ocean.

  25. Lovely boat doing a really good job. What size and make is your boat, do you have a video walk through about your catamaran. Thanks

  26. I am already with this episode so perhaps stupid question: Does it mean this video guy is now a constant part of SLV and always with you on board??

  27. Haha wtf that was Port Soller! I live in Fornalutx and opening up a restaurant in Soller. Would love to have you for dinner next time you land in the area. I found you not to long ago so I’ve been having a bit of a SLV marathon 90ep. in a week or so. Lots of love from Mallorca.

  28. 6:03 – That is very sweet
    7:11 – Nice reaction time, Riley! Followed immediately by… Best reaction too!
    9:48 – Speaks truth. Somewhat reminds me of actress Ana de Armas sometimes
    10:29 – Beautiful view

    Your new ship is amazing, new aventures on a new boat await!

  29. Oh my God, WOW! You must be pinching yourselves (or were…this is 2019 and Lenny is with you now!). But still, this is my first time seeing you on your new boat ready to push off and I'm so excited I could pinch myself! She's a gorgeous boat and a lovely tinder (that's what it sounds like you're calling it, but I don't know such things). Happy for you and wish you all the best.

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  32. Riley she is the Classiest Women in 20 years of USA TV I have seen. Ever the Traditional classy women and still strong enough to match her MAN.

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