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100 thoughts on “The F-35 and HMS Queen Elizabeth Were Made for Each Other

  1. It was time for the United Kingdom to have an efficient naval projection. Remember the juggling Vulcan attacks in the Falklands War.

  2. RUBBISH. Worst Aircraft ever for RAF or Navy. Can't carry as much as F15, 18 can't loiter, one engine (over sea) can't dogfight, has never reached operational standards or lasted estimated engine/airframe/cockpit life. Oh yes , at $.82 Billion well you wouldn't have hungray kids, failed NHS in UK. GO POODLE BRITIAN!

  3. Such a wast of people's taxes. That could be much better employed for science, education, infrastructure and the NHS, to benefit the ciuntry and it's comunity!!

  4. I must say the test mule makes the Aussie flag pop. Turkeys too, where the USA and uk flag are hard to see 😜. It’s like someone involved with ANZAC cove did the decals lol

  5. This is why "cancelling the F-35" was never a simple option. The U.K. is relying on its development even more than the U.S. military services.

  6. It’s a good plane for what it’s intended for and will fit in with the new Air dominance fighters for the U.S. Air Force and navy and other Allied 6th Gen fighters,keep in mind it’s a strike fighter not an Air superiority fighter….

  7. I really love this plane, I don't really care about the hate around it. Look into details, it's not over priced and it's also a multirole fighter so I see many people comparing it in 'apple vs oranges' situations.

  8. The f35 is garbage. Its a waste of money. I bet the typhoon could beat it. The f22 should have been the future for america.

  9. This title and the narration are worthless…the aircraft will be taken out well beyond it's operational radius by more advanced weapons systems of the foe.

  10. Honestly the US should’ve invested in catapults for the Queen Elizabeth and the other carrier because more than likely if a war broke out American and other allied fighters would’ve been landing on those carriers.

  11. Teamed with US marine corp. Not US Navy as not catapulted equipped. Or with French navy carrier. More assault carrier based support. Ground attack, than air defence.

  12. They’re a match made in heaven. We almost seem to make match them up better than with the ones in the US. Just raises it up to the next level.

  13. A very expensive weapon made for killing. Just think for a moment, how much good for people and the world could be done instead!

  14. Where does the UK navy scrub together the support vessels? The UK military budget is to small to sustain such luxuries.

  15. what's the big buzz in landing and taking off the F35 on the queen Elizabeth!? they sounded like the plane is not designed for it.. F35s have been tested to land and take off on USS Wasp ( without the ski jump ramp ) beforehand… too much drama.. and definitely bummed by the "top secret" location.. a big face palm

  16. Pure unadulterated propaganda, this aircraft is plagued by many problems & it's certainly not almost invisible, & new generation of hypersonic missiles( Russian arsenal) makes the Queen Elizabeth obsolete.

  17. No dogfighting capabilities.
    Which doesn't matter in combat when you can just launch missiles 100km away.

    However, you can't use them for rejection/escorting probing aggressors out since there is a very real risk that the aggressor can out manoeuver the F-35 when in close quarters.

    It's a fighter bomber not a fighter.

    Fighter bombers are not defensive.

  18. Just curious. Are their newly designed oxygen masks that allow pilots to keep their facial hair without causing any sealing issues? I know there are certain altitudes that require oxygen masks on at all times, but I've seen other videos with pilots with beards flying as well.

  19. How many Spitfires can take down F35 ? Spitfires will be flown by hypothetical WW2 Ace pilots and F35 by average skill pilot .

  20. I'm sorry that we have all allowed this process to grow to such proportions… We need a Low Cost Fighter much like the LWF procurement IE F16. A superior, cost efficient fighter. Why don't we invest in something that we can buy many of…. Sometimes the battlefield is too vast to man with such a costly platform. So I guess we just sacrifice….

  21. Why can't Britain build a real carrier task force. This thing will require American support to go up against a modern opponent.

  22. F35 is such flop stealth plane even after contribution of US and Euro scientists, it expensive and one flight can really put hole in a pocket of a developed economy. what a shame.

  23. While I think of it watch 60 minutes TV program on CH 9 Australia last evening, (it would be a good idea to have a replay), about what China is doing in the Pacific

  24. 2:10 "And where well be in another 100 years timr"?
    You'll be right out, of. The entire fleet. Wil be Flying solo on computers.
    Although it'll only be in about 5 to 10 years,

  25. Must have been nice for the writers for this piece. All they had to do was to pick up a brochure from Lockheed Martin and state everything in it as fact like the F-35 being "completely invisible on the battlefield" as the Lockheed Martin has figured out how to break laws of physics.

  26. Australia really should have gotten a dozen or so F-35/Bs and had its 2 Canberra class LHCs designed to carry a wing of them. The US's Wasp and America class LHDs have the joint amphibious and F-35/B carrying capacity capabilities.

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