The Expanse: Amun-Ra Class Stealth Frigate – Official Breakdown

The Expanse: Amun-Ra Class Stealth Frigate – Official Breakdown

Appropriately named for the ‘Hidden One’
of Egyptian Mythology the Amun-Ra Class Stealth Frigate was commissioned by the Protogen Corporation
and assembled at Luna’s Bush Orbital Shipyards as part of an insidious joint conspiracy that
ultimately led to the Eros Incident and the breakout of Interplanetary War.
At a length of 61.5 Meters, the Amun-Ra Class presents an unusual frame, highly different
from that of most spacefaring vessels. This is a biproduct of the ship’s stealth functionality,
using angular sheets of composite materials to absorb or reflect radar signals. These
materials are supported by active cooling systems to conceal the ship’s detectable
heat signature and are able to reduce the frigate’s ambient temperature to match that
of an asteroid or even of background radiation. This functionality is of course only available
while the frigate’s main drive is powered down, as an engine burn of any kind would
alert all nearby vessels to the ship’s location. The Amun-Ra Class is frightfully well armed
for its size, and at the time of its commissioning the class was the smallest in history to be
equipped with a railgun. The ship’s prototype S-24 ‘Khopesh’ light railgun is internally
mounted along the vessel’s spine and is supported by 4 retractable PDCs as well as
a pair of concealable torpedo bays equipped with rapid-reload systems.
The standard crew complement of the Amun-Ra class includes 50 personnel, but this is frequently
expanded to 100 for missions involving troop deployment or boarding actions. During such
encounters, assault teams are deployed using the frigate’s 9 Breaching Pods, laid into
the ship’s broadsides. These pods function by launching a small breaching charge to weaken
the hull of a target ship, before clamping themselves into surface using three mechanical
claws and establishing an access passage for troops.
The Amun-Ra Class carries a single Khonsu-Class shuttlecraft equipped with similar stealth
features to the larger frigate. This shuttle is able to serve as a forward scout for the
Frigate and is capable of travelling impressively long distances from its mothership to transfer
personnel or light supplies. The craft is kept in a concealed compartment nearly indistinguishable
from the rest of the frigate’s hull and can be quickly deployed as an evacuation craft
in the event of an emergency. A total of nine Amun-Ra Class vessels were
commissioned by Protogen, each named after a deity from Egyptian Mythology. The first
was the Amun-Ra herself, who served as a partially-functional Testbed for the stealth systems and was later
cannibalised to aid in the construction of further vessels. Six of the stealth frigates
were used to attack and board the MCRN Donnager prior to the Eros Incident but were lost when
the vessel engaged its self-destruct sequence, and an eighth vessel, the Anubis was used
in attacks against the Freighter’s Canterbury and Scopuli. The last vessel of the class
was the Osiris, which had served as a standing escort around Thoth Station, and was finally
destroyed by the Rocinante after the OPA attacked the station.
Though the short career of the Amun-Ra Class Stealth Frigate has come to an end and the
Protogen Corporation lies in ruin, those who encountered the vessels during their service
received a harrowing glimpse into the future of space combat, witnessing first-hand the
most advanced stealth systems ever deployed and weapons technologies that will remain
experimental for years to come. As newer and more deadly stealth vessels begin to enter
service across the coming decades, few will ever learn the true origins of these new technologies.

Eugene Islam

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  1. Hope you all enjoy the video! Alasdair did some killer editing on this one and I had a great time coming up with Egyptian-themed ship and class names to submit to James SA Corey.

  2. 2:07 Those pods have a phage look to them. Kinda creepy looking. Here's a picture of a phage:

  3. This was awesome, great job again and I'm so jealous you get to do this for the Expanse franchise! I've been pestering Bioware about new info on the SWTOR ships for ages.

  4. In the fight with the Donnager we see both the strength and weakness of these ships. They can show up nearly anywhere with little to no warning and pack enough of a punch to take out even much larger opponents, but they're vulnerable and unable to take much punishment once found.

  5. oh hey it has a name now

    last time I checked it was simply called "Stealth ship class"

    good job with naming it (I assume it was you)
    ships in The Expanse have such a style

  6. Hi, so I noticed on the assault of the Donenger, the stealth ships were performing a de-accel burn with one drive unit, were they all docked or connected together? Upon entering tactical range they broke into 6 railgun armed assault ships.. Ingenious way to hide their numbers, but I'm curious if the ships are designed to piece together? What are your thoughts?

  7. Well, at least they got the no stealth in space if the drive is powered up part right, as we have the optical technology now in 2018 to detect the main engine of the Space X Falcon rocket, from Pluto!

    Do wonder where they put all the heat they are generating, but maybe they have some sort of scifi material that can store heat until they have to vent the melted heat sink material. Something like ice, but even more so, that absorbs huge amounts of heat durring phase transition maybe.

  8. Perhaps my favorite design of the Expanse ships. I love the naming convention you gave them, so appropriate! Perhaps the one of most unusual 'human' ships ever designed for film. It's such a nightmare of asymmetrical angles and proportions that you never quite knew what you were looking at. Especially the black hull against space. I think it's brilliantly sinister, sleek & aggressive. They were built for stealthy fast attacks, but they were definitely not heavily armored… the attack on Donnager was practically suicidal & the Roci used the tight maneuvering space at Thoth station to gain an advantage over the Osiris. . . . I want a model kit of this thing!! 🙂

  9. Private Earth-affiliated corporations can make these deadly beauties while the UNN makes fucking buckets like the Leonidas

  10. I'm sorry, but looking at the shape of the ship, considering there's a railgun, PDC's, torpedo tubes, a reactor core, maneuvring thrusters, oxygen tanks, water tank, waste tank, possibly recycling machine and an epstein drive in there, I find it very hard to believe that the Amun-Ra is only 61.5m, Are you sure this isn't supposed to be 615m? Especially considering there's a shuttle bay and needs room for an extended crew of 100 for boarding action. Considering the Donnager was almost 500m long, the 615m seems to be overshooting, but it's still more credible than it being 61.5m. From the show's battle against the Donnager and later Rocinante, I'd estimate the ship to be around 200m long.

  11. Has nobody realized that at 2:36 the class is designated as "Anubis-class stealth frigate" and not "Amun-Ra class"?

  12. You sound so professional I've never seen anything like it I've been watching for I think maybe two years and my jaw just drops . The History Channel needs to drop a million on you it would be money and ratings well spent.

  13. I’m no expert on this topic and I haven’t seen the expanse yet. I’m excited to watch it when I get the chance cuz I’ve only heard good things about it. Buuuut one thing I will say is I think this ship might be another victim of “what works on Earth should work in space” design philosophy. Specifically I mean the idea of using refrigeration as a means of stealth in space. It’s a cool idea but unfortunately it just doesn’t work. The idea behind it is that if you can cool off the hull of a ship then it will emit less infrared light and therefore be less visible to sensors. That much is true. But the problem comes from the fact that refrigerators can’t eliminate heat. That would break the laws of thermodynamics. They can only move it somewhere else. And the problem with that on board a spacecraft is that if you’re not moving that heat into space by emitting infrared light then that heat has nowhere to go. You might think that’s fine if you just build your ship SSV Normandy style and use a big heat sync. You can just radiate the heat later when you don’t need stealth mode right? Well not so much. Another limitation of refrigerators is that they can’t just move heat anywhere they want. Heat works like water in the sense that it ‘follows the path of least resistance.’ Heat can only move from a hot place to a colder place. It is physically impossible to move heat from a cold place to a hot place. That’s just thermodynamics. We don’t have to think about it much on Earth because we have the giant heat sync of the atmosphere that is always radiating heat into space for us. But on board a spacecraft in order to keep the hull the same temperature as background radiation then you need a heat sync that is colder than background radiation. The moment it gets hotter than that the sync becomes useless because it will start to dump its heat back into the hull. AND if that wasn’t a big enough problem then you also have the fact that refrigerators use power to operate. And that ultimately means they’re generating more heat that the hull will inevitably radiate. So long story short trying to refrigerate your hull only makes you more visible.

  14. I hope the expanse will make it to the sixth series. I am really interested in what the Magnetar-class battleships will look like!

  15. Hey, not sure if you remember, but it was great to say hi to you at the Expanse panel at DragonCon!!
    Was the first panel I've seen with the cast of the series, and hearing you ask a question made it even that much a better experience, thank you so much for your channel.
    Also, convinced my GF to finally start watching the series, and love re-watching with her, its great when i can add details about the ships and tech of the show from having watched your vids.
    P.S. she loves the show!

  16. Sadly, there is not such thing as 'stealth or/and invisibility' in space… I recommend SpaceTime epsiode about it. But still, the idea is cool for Sci Fi.

  17. I've wondered, since this is a product of an Earth based corporation, what would stop the UN Navy from adopting this ship or at least the technology. We all know how technologically inferior they are to the MCRN so even a small number of stealth ships could give them the edge. I assume it's a funding issue that is the reason that prevents them from updating their fleet.

  18. "On my ship, the 'Rocinante'
    Wheeling through the galaxies,
    Headed for the heart of Cygnus
    Headlong into mystery "
    -Cygnus X-1

  19. Very cool and menacing ships. They were more even formidable in the book. The Donnager was disabled without taking any of them down in combat (none that are mentioned anyway), but 6 were lost when she blew herself up.

  20. the most impressive stealth systems deployed by HUMANS. The cast and audience have no idea of the capabilities of other races, other than humans don't understand them. Fun video and i am glad that it is cannon!

  21. Stealth in space? Lol just use visual targetting. You can have an AI scan with a telescope for any foreign object and identify it. It could ignore stars and planets. It could give a warning if it spots known or unknown vessels. Have it control the weapons so that it automatically tracks an object and use laser weapons so you can guarantee a hit on targets within the distance of a light second. Oh and the limited tracking range is ridiculous because we can track space probes from across the solar system. If the probe isn't exactly where it should be, it's simple enough to scan with telescopes to find it again. Missiles seem pretty obsolete with such effective PD and railguns don't shoot as fast as lasers. There are already weaponized PD lasers on American warships. Couldn't the G stress on pilots be solved by filling the cockpit with water and floating the pilots in it?

  22. the best of all without doubts !! An excellent script and a story that may be very possible in a while … The "Grays" should appear in the future, and the story would be epic

  23. Rewatched the video for like the fifth time and I was taking a closer look at the 3d model shown alongside the stats and I couldn't help but notice that there are actually twelve breaching pods on that whilst all the other images display nine.

  24. What I don't understand is, if Protogen can just afford to field 9 of these do aid their research efforts, how come the U.N.N can't comission ships on a similar technological level (or at least at a level which rivals that of the MCRN)

  25. So they where assembled on Luna?
    The UNN might solve all its problems if they just hire those guys to build their ships

  26. It says Anubis Class, Amun Ra is not the hidden one. Anubis was the Hidden one. Amun Ra the chief of the egyptian pantheon.

  27. This type of frigate needs an incredible pilot to operate it at its best performance. It wouldn’t have lost to the Rosanante

  28. Woah!
    I now have so much respect for the Amun-Ra.
    I thought it was awesome before… But now!!!
    Except 4 PDCs? That's a bit optimistic.

  29. I just want to say a late "thank you" for making this video, as it's what got me into the Expanse. I just finished 3rd season and it was a blast!

  30. wait so what happened to the shuttle in session 1 after it was left at the space dock? Last I remember it was picking up dock fees.

  31. I look at these things and I can't really figure out how it's layed out. It's got a really aggressively angular hull, and it's hard to figure out where the top and the bottom is.

  32. To think it only took six of these tiny things to destroy the Donager… the Expanse correctly depicted the fact that in a hard sci fi setting, numerous small vessels can easily outclass and overwhelm a single massive battleship, while only costing a fraction the resources. Granted, they had technological superiority as well, but their armor is absolute garbage, as the tiny point defense guns of the Corvette class "light frigate" (hilarious name) are able to rip them apart. The spinal mounted railgun is how all sci fi warships should be designed, as it makes the most efficient use of internal space to maximize firepower.

    I think calling these vessels frigates is a misnomer, however. They're quite clearly more like Destroyers in size and function, especially when you compare the size difference between the Osiris and the Tachi (which is really more of a corvette/fast attack craft than a light frigate. Silly nomenclature there).

  33. What I hate about african lore in a fuction like thisis that it wont be represented as black african.

  34. So small stealth frigate, overgunned for the class, and fast as hell when she goes full burn?

    SSV Normandy!

  35. un navy should adapt these ships … use jp maos money to build that fleet to be back in the game again since theyre no longer outnumbering mcrn

  36. The might of Earth truly knows no bounds. I wouldn't be shocked in the least if it turned out the UN had been building a bunch of these ships ever since they found the Osiris at Thoth station

  37. " …. of the sub sections of my company, only a less then 10% of the revenue of that singular sub company went into this program …. "
    And the UN cant even build a fleet of these xD

  38. All credit to the design teams for the show. They look really mean, and exhibit the stealth characteristics you would expect. In reality realistic spaceships used for war would look ugly and uninspiring, simple cones with heat radiators, but the show successfully blends desirable aesthetics with hard science fiction like no other show I have ever seen before.

  39. i fucking love the expanse! How sci-fi were stupid enough to cancel their best show is beyond me! but thank fuck for amazon! just hope they keep the story flowing as it was and should.

  40. The MCRN Donnager was responsible for the destruction of two thirds of the Protogen Fleet. Those dusters didn’t do half bad.

  41. Poor PDC coverage seems to be the main weakness of this ship, based on the battle with the Donnager and the later battle with the Roci.

  42. I always used to think that Donnager fought one stealth cruiser that carried 6 stealth fighters, turns out these things were frigates that travelled in a group

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