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61 thoughts on “The BEST part of Camera Camp…. | Part 3

  1. At the 8:40 mark… who knew that we were looking at what would be the first and second place teams for the scavenger hunt! 😉

  2. If you’re a hockey fan you can probably guess why Jenna loves the one dog that’s literally close to a wolf whatever breed that particular dog is

    I feel sorry for the poor fella

  3. 6:56 Justine yawing is my mood 24/7, Its not only a long weekend, it is also a long everyday in a week, when you do collage and professional training at the same time

  4. Razr! Razr! Razr! I’m still waiting for Jenna’s review of the Motorola Razr “blade” lol’s! 😊👸🏻❤️

  5. I am so happy you all had so much fun 🥰👏 It’s an incredible place and with all of you, even more so!! Just upgraded from my Sony a6000 to a7III and am having a blast with it! Can’t wait for Camera Camp 2020 🎉🙌❤️

  6. Legitimately so weird to see the shots of all of us in the water from the other angle! Thank you guys so much for having the workshop day, it was a really cool thing to do for an event that normally would just be closed off as an invite-only sort of thing. 🏔 hope I get to see more of Montana someday, I definitely want to go back!

  7. Y'all rocking those cowboy hats! Montana looks fun I wish there was camera camp here:( time for a vacation and good speech lol.. don't forget about the Xbox haha

  8. First thing I thought of when I saw the firetrucks. oh oh, what did Justine do? lol 😀 I want to ride a firetruck! I want to pet dogs! I want to check out all the cameras! I want to go to camera caaaammmppp!!! Waaaaa!!

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