Tarantula X6 (JJRC H16) Action Cam Drone

Tarantula X6 (JJRC H16) Action Cam Drone

We have a new package from gearbest we just arrived from our trip we have been waiting for this how much tape do they put so… tarantula x6 Let’s see what we got here Very beautiful Here are the specs the manual in chinese It also has in English Okay we read them Nice Small I haven’t seen another drone controller so I don’t know how it should be Legs maybe Propeller guards and our basic package That was our drone Small and beautiful Our screwdriver so that we can’t unscrew things the time you buy something and you have to screw it or unscrew things its a little dangerous cuz if you do something wrong you fucked up I have been unscrewing wrong screws The thing is that I cannot find his own screw I don’t know if I skipped anything Or maybe they tell you to buy your own screws We found them they were at the bottom The Charger Half kilo screws number 1 and number 3 number 3 are not all the same maybe it’s the only time that I would have to read the manual Seriously now We won’t be able to test out a drone at the moment cause the batteries are not included The fact that batteries don’t ship to Greece makes me mad first and we have to unscrew the battery with what did they Screw on this one With pneumatic wrent?? Dont worry the battery dont leave Nice You should care not to lose this screw We put our Battery to charge Red so it is charging We keep those here together so that we dont lose them Oh oh Steady It’s not bad it’s not bad You have to put them all together What if I don’t want the guard but I want the light Then you have to buy another drone It needs so much time to assembly the Good thing with this drone is that it is the cheapest drone that can pull an action camera Okay after 24 hours of assembly two screws are spare although we keep them until we find out that we made something wrong or when we try to test it, half drone will fly and the rest fall down. Number 3 is for the camera underneath (not included) we wait for the battery to charge we have to buy AA batteries and see what we did they give us a free screwdriver Magnetic Thank you

Eugene Islam

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