make this amazing syringe generator in just
15 minutes. you will require a sterilised brand new syringe, two very strong neodymium
magnets, an LED and lots of copper wire. first remove the needle part of the syringe….remove
the plunger, remove the rubber piston. then take very strong magnets which are loose fit
in the barrel of the syringe and then put the rubber piston in place as the end cap.
the magnets can move freely inside the barrel. now on top of the plastic band of the syringe
wind 500 times of insulated copper wire, very thin copper wire, this is the part which will
take maximum time. now take the two ends of the insulated copper wire and remove the insulation
from both these ends and attach these copper wire ends to an LED. this is because that
LED draws very little current. now your project is almost over. you can see the perspective.
now if hold the syringe in one hand and move it side ways you will find that the LED lights
up. both the magnets move and they create a varying magnetic field, lines of forces
occur and a small current is generated which is just enough to light an LED.

Eugene Islam

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  1. aruvnd gupta website should be given aid and also introduce in school level teaching. where basics of science must tuaght with such clear demostration. How these vdos are made so simple and so amazing. Even Science teacher should watch this carefully and try all these projects

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