Star Wars: T-65 X-Wing (Legends) – Spacedock

Star Wars: T-65 X-Wing (Legends) – Spacedock

The T-65 X-Wing is one of the finest Starfighters
ever developed, and an iconic symbol of the Rebel Alliance.
Designed by the Incom Corporation for the Galactic Empire, the T-65 was intended to
improve upon the design of Republic Starfighters used in the Clone Wars such as the ARC-170
and Z-95 Headhunter. The fighter was considered revolutionary for its extreme versatility
and near-perfect combat performance, as well as its on-board Class 1.0 Hyperdrive which
was previously unheard of in a ship of this size.
The classic T-65 Model is 12.5 Standard Meters in length and could reach a maximum acceleration
of 3,700 G using its 4 Fusial Thrust Engines mounted on the ship’s iconic S-Foils. The
fighter is equipped with four powerful laser cannons and two proton torpedo launchers.
When the S-Foils are locked into Attack Position, the Laser Cannons are held far apart, so as
to prevent overheating as they fire. The T-65 X Wing’s planned Imperial use was
made impossible when the entire Incom Corporation defected to the Rebel Alliance in response
to Imperial threats to nationalize the corporation. The Incom Staff took with them the original
four prototypes of the ship, destroying all other design documents and data before being
extracted by the Alliance in the Battle of Fresia.
Following these events the Alliance began to construct scores of T-65’s at clandestine
drydocks and factories in the Outer Rim, quickly phasing out the dated Z-95 Headhunters they
had used previously. The X-Wing was perfect for the Alliance, designed
to mimic civilian aircraft controls making it very easy to train new pilots but also
truly lethal in the hands of skilled veterans like those of Red Squadron and later Rogue
Squadron. Though slightly less Manoeuvrable than its
Imperial Counterpart the TIE/ln Starfighter, the X-Wing is far more durable, and its Hyperdrive
suits standard Alliance “Hit and Fade” tactics perfectly, allowing a squadron to
jump into an area from a carrier vessel kept out of range, complete an objective and quickly
bug out before the enemy has time to scramble. Perhaps the most well-known achievement of
the T-65 X-Wing, was the Rebel Alliance victory in the Battle of Yavin, where Red Squadron,
under the command of Garven Dreis and featuring such legendary pilots as Luke Skywalker and
Wedge Antilles, were able to destroy the Empire’s first Death Star by exploiting a weakness
in the stations thermal exhaust system. From a behind the scenes standpoint, the X-Wing
has become an Iconic Science Fiction Spacecraft and an instantly recognisable symbol of the
Star Wars franchise, standing as a household name alongside such ships as Star Trek’s
USS Enterprise even among those with little to no interest in Science Fiction.
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Eugene Islam

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  1. will you do a video on the clone era ARC- fighters?Take a long look at how the y-wing changed from the clones wars to the galactic civil war. thanks for your work.

  2. Just found your channel thanks to Star Wars Minute. VERY NICE WORK. LOVE IT. Spent all night watching videos.
    How about the E-wing and K-wing. Wing Commander would be a great series to farm. Keep up the nice work. :3

  3. Can we get a video about the V-wing? (Don't forget to mention that it couldn't house an R-series droid, but instead housed the commercial failure that was the Q7 unit. I believe that the Q7 deserves to be mentioned because it was specifically made for the V-wing.)

  4. In Star Wars (aka a new hope) in the attack briefing one of the pilots questions the use/effectiveness of using "Snub fighters" (aka the X-wing) in the attack on the (First) Death Star. From then on the X-wings become an [AaaaaaaAAaaaaAAA] god send. I always find that a bit funny.

  5. 3,000 G acceleration forget silly laser canon, proton missiles, and flashy moon sized battle wagons like the Death Star , the X wing is a near C relativistic missile

  6. I would like to request NX-01/NX-01 Refit as well as other Enterprises. Spacecraft from 2001:A Space Odessey would be cool too.

  7. I don't know if you did a video on it but Analyze the Y-Wing. Next to the X-Wing the Y-Wing and the series lack there of, was my favorite starfighter

  8. How about the combat starships from David Weber's Honorverse? They're kind of a cool thing, especially when they start slinging missiles at each other at half the speed of light.

  9. Seems to me the often overlooked Y-wing is less an aerospace superiority fighter craft and more a fighter-bomber attack craft, but it would be nice to get your analysis on that one.

  10. Love to see your videos. Love to see if you can do videos in the STARBLAZERS universe. The Yamato and its star fighters. The rest of the UN Space Navy it was attached to and the forces of the Gamelons and later the Comet Empire. Be interesting to see your take on those iconic ships.

  11. wait if the imperials planned to use them and lost the designs couldnt they just reverse engineer the components from captured/destroyed models…

  12. I'd love for you to do one on the Terran Defense Starfighter – Thunderbird from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: the one that was originally going to be the model for the Colonial Vipers in 70's BSG

  13. you know even if the incom team that develop the X-wing didn't defect the empire wouldn't even put the X-wing into service due to their "quantity over quality" star fighter thinking

  14. Theres a video game you should do lore on. It doesn't have that much "space", but its made up for with x2 sci-fi; Half-Life

  15. One of my favorite space going fighters surpassed only by the A2 version or the T 70.    how about the possibility of doing one about a ship from star wars the old republic (eternal empire expansion) called the gravestone? Would love to see you do a run down on it.

  16. I'm more of an imperial guy, but I totally agree…an image of an X-Wing is basically a synonym for the Star Wars Franchise anywhere you go on this planet. Every time I see one I hear a "Red Five standing by, lock S-Foils in attack position"

  17. Its a shame, but on the original DOS Xwing game, the X-wing fighter was probably the worst rebel ship you could choose (if you were allowed to choose your ship before a mission). IMO the best ships went int the following order: A wing, B wing, Y wing, and finally X wing. It was still immensely fun to fly, but the devs kinda messed up in that regard… one again, just my opinion. A-wings were so vastly superior to X-wings in that game because of their manuverability and almost identical offensive capabilities, but in the movies A-wings were the weakest ships. Kinda like comparing a 10/22 to an AR-15.

  18. How about doing a video on the Pegasus class assault carrier white base from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series.

  19. If I were to compare this to a real life aircraft, it would be the P-51D Mustang. It was an excellent fighter and everyone who flew it loved it.

  20. Yeah Buddy, I can't wait to get my X-Wing models build and set up for Rogue and Wraith Squadrons. I may even get an SSD and have Rogue Wing. 🙂

  21. Just found your channel. This is a fucking goldmine of my wildest, nerdiest, detailed imaginary engineering wet dreams.

  22. Boy was it a good thing company that was probably payed fuck tons of money decided to turn face because of "muh nationalism"

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