Star Wars Republic Gunship | LEGO Stop Motion & Review in 4K

Uh Command I did it again This is the LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship.
It has 1 hundred and 5 pieces and it took me about 12 minutes to build. This is the
angry Clone Pilot’s face. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a 2nd face on the backside,
so you just get the angry one. The Gunship is equipped with 2 flick missiles.
Which sort of shoot out when you push them. Sometimes the Clone Pilot gets sick. The gunship measures 1 inch high, 3 inches
long, and 3 inches wide. Overall it’s a great little set. I took
one point off for the mini figure since he only has the one facial expression. That’s
it for this one, Thanks for watching guys.

Eugene Islam

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