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100 thoughts on “Spore – Walrus Science #2 – Galactic Adventure

  1. robbazz/ robert… ive been watching your youtube channel for over 2 and a half years and man you are awesome. whatever video it is your hilarious no matter what. keep it up and hey mayyybe in the future you will see and enjoy some of my vidoes on youtube and enjoy   them. haha. no homo love you. 

  2. robbaz can you sleep at night after playing that…. since i cant sleep im going to watch moar of your videos

  3. robbaz can you sleep at night after playing that…. since i cant sleep im going to watch moar of your videos

  4. YO ROBBAZ! Me and my buddies have been playing Outlast and its been scaring our nipples off. Seeing you play through it would be awesome.
    Viking out

  5. I made a chamber out of blankets and pillows and put my 3DS in the chamber and stuck my head in and watched it.
    It was 1:00 and I didn't want to wake my family up with the video, since my room is right next to my brother's room, who has work much earlier than I do (insanely earlier, since I don't have a job.)
    Yeah. Shit you didn't want to know but I wanted to tell somebody.

  6. "You have been given a Medal of Honour for your bravery and willingness to kill others without a second thought congratulations!" I laughed my arse off.

  7. "After a while the ass started talking on its own. He would 
    go in without anything prepared and his ass would ad-lib and 
    toss the gags back at him every time. 

    "Then it developed sort of teeth-like little raspy incurving 
    hooks and started eating. He thought this was cute at first and 
    built an act around it, but the asshole would eat its way 
    through his pants and start talking on the street, shouting out 
    it wanted equal rights. It would get drunk, too, and have 
    crying jags nobody loved it and it wanted to be kissed same as 
    any other mouth. Finally it talked all the time day and night, 
    you could hear him for blocks screaming at it to shut up, and 
    beating it with his fist, and sticking candles up it, but nothing 
    did any good and the asshole said to him: 'It's you who will shut 
    up in the end. Not me. Because we don't need you around here 
    any more. I can talk and eat and shit.' "

    – William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch

  8. I'm afraid I'll have to point out that you have some serious mental issues Robert… Just kidding THIS SHIT WAS AWESOME!!!

  9. I was looking for kerbal mods, i decided to try and find the list over mods you have and i found this…


  11. Robert did you unlock all the captain equipment or did you do something else… I really want to know!

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