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99 thoughts on “Space Powered by Boeing

  1. First comment 😀 by the way first comment, also wow Juno is planning to land on Jupiter in 2016 already, that is awesome. I hope they capture footage or take some pictures. That is one of thing to look forward to besides the 2016 Olympics in the summer. Also who would dislike this video, I am personally more of an Airbus fan myself, however Boeing needs respect for what they do. Sometimes there are always a bunch of haters :/ lol

  2. It boggles the mind to think that most people would rather watch funny-stupid videos than that of inspiring innovations that Boeing produce. This really should get more views and likes than what it already has.

  3. Christopher Hall—hey has your tail fin fallen. To discuss negativity in a complete scientific objective dialogue would make it appear you may appear judono what you discuss ha ha ha, just kidding around, If I were you more likely than not I would likely think as you do, however you should do more research about differences in a vertically integrated company from a scientific perspective compared to a company building commercial airplanes where parts are engineered and manufactured in 3 significant countries and a host of other mini parts supplier countries. Evaluate the Airbus crashes compared to Boeing, reasons etc etc, it's as if lasting information stems from interest and interest alone, no matter how much money can be tossed at an academic venture for credentials, there are no academic ventures capable of training even junior engineering design for companies like Boeieng as evidenced by their world class leading edge R&D across the entire spectrum of materials, manufacturing processes, and integrated designs they supply to our national infrastructure. The only problem I persceive is when the news media reports that lawyers/judges/banksters/gangsters in our occupational government give contracts to political donor kickback specialists like " SpAcEx within aerospace requirrements as persceived by the pseudo elected people who appoint czars into positions of power that are literally unaware of virtually all variables within their spectrum of influence. Maybe you should go into the democrat party and try out for a ruler of some sort in our city, county, state, federal, international political arena destroying and/or deporting our engineering design manufacturing infrastructure whenever possible ——- This is not a real problem for Boeing as you cannot deport an engineering design manufacturing company as elevated scientifically as Boeing ——- However if you are an appointed czar that determines who will be awarded aerospace contracts then when you are unaware of whatever some lawyers perception of whatever your protocol might be then you might give out contracts based on personal reward or just out of plain stupidity and a host of other unethical, alogical reasons, ha ha ha eh Christopher Hall ?

  4. Has anyone heard about Cassina SP? That bs now left our Suns magnetosphere and is still sending back data which may appear to give credibility to what; Bell, the Curries, Tesla (not the crash and burn car) Edison, Marconi and most real scientists that called what we are just beginning to persceive as Aether from near massless particles in particle accelerator R&D. Which does not fall into the myth that space is a vacuum and light is a particle. It may be likely that light waves across a broader spectrum may be easier to collect, it appears the closer we see and the further we look more questions rather than answers appear. It's an exciting time we live as information seems to appear exponentially, plus we have information systems that permit us access to far more variables than the frailty of our human minds can access. However such use of information imperils current positions of power that permit some people's opinions to rule over us. This has resulted in an Internet status QUO trying to disable data that may interfere with their positions of power. The current WORDCLUSTERING programs used to identify sources and information that expose criminality in government and divisions of classes of American citizens are being used to disable a lot of real information that we need if we are to elevate our magnitudes of literacy and quality of life, or so it may seem to some among us who have acquired perspectives that are not tolerated by the MOB in power, or not ?

  5. You lost me at mar, jupiter landings and fake NASA cgi. Get real – you know the earth is flat.

  6. Question:If you guys are scientists then why the hell do you not know that most planets have more or less gravity than earth,AND why in the world did we discover the red spot if you do not acknowledge the fact that it's a very fast repelling storm that will eat up Juno in a minute by pulling it in with its VERY STRONG gravity and tearing it up piece by piece each second it's in the storm


  8. I would just love to see no there's other life-forms out there similar to us or at least as evolved as us and maybe evolve into something different other than a human being not your stereotypical alien life-form but I still find it interesting and I still believe that there is absolutely life out there maybe not in our solar system putting in different Galaxy

  9. only 24 people, EVER, in recorded history, claim to have been beyond the earths atmosphere. That's less than 0.00000001% of the people that have been born.

    We believe in such a small percentage of the inhabitants of earth, don't we? The same organization backing them up have made TRILLIONS of dollars thanks to the support of 99.99% of the earth that believe in less than 0.0001% of the population.

    Oh, wait, i don't believe in things, especially radical claims (like people that say they've seen Big Foot), it would be childish. i'm simply forced to pay them, thanks to the control of my government, lol. Thank you America!

    Hey, guys, this group of people using computer graphics and animation say they know what the bright lights in the sky are! Lets give them TRILLIONS of dollars and TRUST IN them! lol, people are crazy. And greedy, that too. The greedy feed off the ignorant (to ignore).

    Wakey wakey, rise and shine, we never had the answers, we created answers to "fill in" the unknown. Is it anyone's fault that people believe and support others? After all, it is a free country, right? And, since computers can produce planets by using CGI, we can theoretically show what we want as long as we do tell you that our images are CGI. We've said so, you've ignored and believed, so who's to blame? The IGNORANT.

    Now, try stopping it. Try hard, lol, you can't. xD

    Go America!

  10. Where can I get some of those to use on my house so I can get off the grid? I'm tired of paying ridiculously high prices for electricity plus one home on solar equals less reliance fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are controlled by multinationals who strive to enslave he populous. I could see those installed on my house.

  11. With these panels being far cheaper and safer than nuclear and turbine , why are we using ones that are 20% efficient on houses why not use the better ones so we are not so dependent big electric companies I declined getting them installed cause savings just wasn't there but if they were twice as efficient I would've switched because it would've saved money

  12. it has come to a new era humans are advancing but we must leave earth we know what's going to happen anyways

  13. It takes millions of dollars to invest in this, and a lot of passion…

    And than 230 people disliked because they accidentally clicked on it…

  14. if never man made to the moon, how they going to make it to Mars and Jupiter. It sounds a little too far fetch.

  15. this is an advertisement for solar cell it has nothing to do with a mission .babbling bull shit to take attention away from Jupiter. or in other words a waist of time .go fuck yourself .


  17. Look at all the comments saying "the earth is flat" "this is all a Hollywood cover-up" and "oh man hasn't made the technology to go to space it's all fake" well guess what guys. People have been to space. Now please stop thinking you're the only smart on on this flat planet and go there yourself if you are in so much doubt.

  18. What is the purpose of taking pictures and recording data about gas giants? We can't fucking land on them. We can't live on them. So wtf is the purpose about learning these planets that are useless to us???!!! Instead of recording data about and taking pictures of useless planets why not fucking find a way to live on Mars and new renewable energy. So much money and resources are being wasted on this.

  19. informative video, well done.
    was she actually in the lab though? the hair net signals dust free room or some other highly controlled environment. but holding a speech infront of a camera would produce a lot of spit-spray, wouldn't it? is that not a concern or was it just for show? I'm not judging, I'm authentically curious.

  20. How does a large fire ball the (sun) exist in a vacuum with out oxygen and still burn? Does the sun have it's own oxygen supply?

  21. The researchers say the sun is made of hydrogen, helium, and it has 25 percent oxygen. Fire has to have oxygen to burn. The sun is a big fire ball. How does a big fireball burn in a vacuum with no oxygen?

  22. Yep, just what I thought. All these different views. Seems nobody is really sure about what's is happening. Flat earth seems more logical.

  23. I appreciate all comments, even the ones I don't agree with. How ever some people always resort to name calling and expressing their intelligence only.

  24. pretty far fetched but think of our whole plane as a deep space impact crater where the Antarctic is the edge… it wraps around our whole plane like a belt. where everything in the middle of the crater is somewhat flat.

  25. But if it's the only thing that got onto Mars, the. How are they able to take pictures of the Mars rover like…

  26. Just make a Space craft for humans that is Big enough, And takes working out to keep the space craft going and had backup power to last 2 years.

  27. Quiero contar algo tuve una vicion i un sueño venía como una sombra i atrás como un gra terre moto todo se derrumbaba No quiero asustar este es el primero que cuento ay mucho mas


  29. How do people still believe that the earth is flat and that humanity never made it to space? Are people really that illiterate when it comes to science?

  30. You do know Jupiter has no surface right? Doesn't seem like it since you said Jupiter mission and showed a rover on a planet with no surface

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