SimplePlanes #13 | Combat

SimplePlanes #13 | Combat

dark libra @FOXLOVER XF-417E VTOL Raven @EchoWhiskey11 F-4 Phantom @Subnerdica Y-03NXT Chandellier ll @Aeromen And it was right before my eyes watching all this time now My whole life Looking for my time to shine. It’s like a diamond like this roughing lighting with that funny stuff I use it all this motivation, but it’s hard to have the patience Watchin time fly by I might be the hardest thing I have to do in life Frustrated that I knew where I want to be but I know that I’m gonna make it if I chase that check. Yes Was right before my watching all this time now My line is not you I wanna see through the heart that bears it all take it apart throw it away Not you

Eugene Islam

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