[ROS Q&A] 008 – How to Start Programming Drones using ROS

[ROS Q&A] 008 – How to Start Programming Drones using ROS

Hello! This video I’ll show you how you can start programming drones using ROS Development Studio which provided by The Construct Sim. If you go to RDS – ROS Development Studio to do You can just access rds.theconstructsim.com and just do the sign up you’ll be able to see this screen with a
lot of public simulations we can just run and start programming so for this video
which is the drone simulation I just need to keep the main launch file
selected and press run button it will we need a few seconds while the solutions is loaded as you can see here we have here on the left side.
A jupyter notebook with introduction about the simulation about the robot that we’re going to use. Some python code then you can use the template or even ejecute
the simulation just on the right side you have an IDE you
can explore the files change into the driver be on the top right side looking
a pile everything that there please should in the network remember okay so
first of all let’s let’s follow some steps left the notebook then we have
here compared to on simulation exactly it’s run in the middle field this screen
let’s take a look model simulation profiles first we just take it that your
selections demo and you can see we have a lot of stocks coming from there the
robot I will start from the beginning that’s the comment
for example you can send velocity or position they’re listing stocking and
the drone is cheap cameras they’ll kill that in front a lab you can use for
perception or rhythms on a disc for interview the flight we have values
about the exploration position and velocity which comes from the odometer
over here which is ready inside a job behind you we have a Authority just to
send a lid on to the job another watching the front of the god we
have a dot on position water which is used to assign to the drum a position
control mode 1 mode we have another talk to you to provide provide the dishonor
in table velocity more should say to the burst mode not flying off and the dark
step comes from the label under topics and networks from Ross it’s already
typing mode in the robot so here at the beginning of the notebook you can see
there is an instruction later Kim is a killed in air terminal so
let’s try this one for example which is basically publishing publishing and an
empty message to be stopped here don’t take off publishing just once
ok so let’s take a look you can just select the text here and copy until see
picture to the journal please just working again
okay we just published on an empty message to this stock can take off and
other German spy which you can do the same machine m80
message but not further John I’m talking just once and we will see the John Wayne
detachable just fix the comment this Center okay drums in the ground again
great so let your to do something mark are interesting as start coding and then
you can as the notebook as you wish you can create new new codes here input
cells like inside say hi and then I will create here some symbols
let’s go go okay spike so let’s let’s write when for loss drops okay so let’s
try to check out the same widget using the terminal but now using Python so let’s start importing the broadside by
Berlin because even cheaper you loss in Python for us so we can just create a
cell in partners pipe and the first thing we need to do is change a light a
note because we can include it on without remote so let’s calm down call
it magic not okay stop this is a given cell pressing ctrl
enter or just click here on this book so now we can check your eternal so we have
a limit called non terminals so let’s grading yourself and all I’ll create a
publisher to to this top key here John take off so let’s try creating an object
I will call it and show it take off it comes from crossfire take a shirt to
the point John take off I want to stand elect message so I get your keep or get
requests from other messages and it just set also equal size what is it control
which okay you can just click here and take yourself and it’s not all we have a
variable but take off where it should be so I don’t reach in part we get tight the
next cell so I can just create a variable called bar 80 which is equal to
15 and just use the kickoff publisher to publish this mask touch on is Swami yeah okay so very
simple let’s try to do something more different
okay so you can check here to have a party just set a position ultra final so
take a look at this position culture I am to see option use it so stop ever see
what kind of message so stop your position culture
okay the verbal message so as a the tradition culture one that’s great a
cell here and what the profile from Status Messages and let’s wait final
question and we want to publish to stop here general position control so I toss
control the current picture of the share that knishes to the decomposition also messages people type and again they clip
size across salon clip it’s easy kill yourself
moving on we have a publisher to this party in position control let’s say
handle the flag should throw because I want to use the position control and s
let’s publish is very cute hair publisher just to check that our message
arrives to the top let’s just go soft careful John
oz Cointreau very messages in office on because we didn’t go to yet so they did
it yourself great we have the six the message here
go to throw and the John has just made up because I’ve switched the flying solo
it’s not climbing growing its waited for the position bears wait so let’s wait
another cell arrow here and you go square or anything to do which is any
position messages let’s create another other code cell let’s take a look on
that message on the top that we want to use softly when we need to punish calm down
doctor so we’ll start simple please to message so we need to import
from geometry methodists get to this class let’s create a variable work is
origami colleague everyone and you also above the shared an apartment blood solution which is the publisher that is
going to publish to see yourself this is the twist pipe and kill size equal to
one okay so let’s Italy the cell and we have
this variable here five twist and on the body shape or position spread another
cell give it a twist message if you don’t remember allocated you can just
talk here was message show Jim two nitrogens
please okay so the twist message has linear in dollar price in this example
of Jesus convener property so we’re twisting here okay goodbye MZ I want just to the phone take
off I will change the X my face for instance entranced Rachel to go and
finally third position step publish at least pay some extra
ticket son it works wait so I didn’t see the drums line and
can label the ballasts here is acutely cell game in the Tron little bit and go
to the pond stage where set in here okay so that’s how you can start bottom drops
so as you can see it’s very simple to use the simulation here and of course
you can try to do some more challenging stuff like controlled by the obstacles
like this is well here are this is other rules obstacle here and maybe isn’t the
cameras rocks to avoid obstacles or using the bell camera to achieve some
points right if you wanna slide over the wall and just follow the wall line here
or stuff like that well I hope you had enjoyed this video if you have some
doubt and please leave a comment for punctures through the email see

Eugene Islam

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  1. Hello. Nice, video! Do you know if you can download the drone so you can modify it as you would want to?

  2. Great job! Can you tell how can I add wind in the gazebo world, so that the wind may drift the flying drone apart in different directions?

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  4. dude you are a waste of bits,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cant see shit you are doing,,,cant hear shit you are doing,,,,,,,,,fk uuuuuuuuuuuuu

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