Robocraft Infinity: Getting Started

Robocraft Infinity: Getting Started

Hello everyone, My name’s Dan but you should call me
Noddydog, I’m here to introduce you to Robocraft Infinity. So, what is Robocraft Infinity? It’s a place where we give you the
tools to build an awesome killer robot block by block and then pit you
against other players killer robots Use thousands of blocks to build up
your mad creations from the insanely rapid fire Laser Wasps
to the massively powerful Rail Impaler. Build small and sneaky assassin
robots with our ghost module or a gigantic Titan mech
to hold the line If buildings not your style then choose from
thousands of player build robots on the factory then customise the colours
and weapons to suit you. Once you’ve chosen your style and built robot
you’ll need to prove yourself in battle You should test yourself against the
a.i first they’ll be sure to find any weak spots. Now it’s time for the real test. Other players! So, you didn’t do so well the first time? You can still collect your salvage,
iterate and improve your robot. Use wings, plasma weapons, chain guns,
tank track, mech legs and more to dominate your Rivals. Keep improving your building and become
the best pilot this solar system has ever seen. Want to know more?
We have more to tell you. Visit us at
or on Twitter @RobocraftINF or on facebook at Thanks for listening and I’ll see you in battle.

Eugene Islam

100 thoughts on “Robocraft Infinity: Getting Started

  1. Guys apparently this game is not going to be free and I know it’s free on pc and I have it. Idk why it’s not free even though it’s a mmo and it needs the players to get started.

  2. Thank you so much. I had to delete it on my laptop because it wouldn't work anymore so seeing that it's coming to xbox really makes my day!

  3. Look fun!!!
    Even better, it's a XPA title!! Hope it runs on Alienware or Surface Pro, even ARM devices (big, small, dual screen). Hope one day we can dock a ARM on a gamepad for portable gaming!

  4. This isn't a FTP game and yet there's a loot box progression system? Have you people learned nothing from the Battlefront 2 scandal?

  5. Is this game free-to-play? Is it an online multiplayer only game? Will it have single-player modes? I would like to have offline single-player and coop modes that does not requires to be connected to the Internet like Hawken and The Crew.

  6. Who clones a game just to make it have different controls and servers to make it cost money when the original is free

  7. Great for anyone keen on building crazy robots and then battling with them

  8. I own the games so ill give a breif rundown here. So the gameplay and crafting system itself is alright. However you have to unlock better parts to be able to craft and win games in it which is fine, in the pc version you would have a random loot crate system which allowed you to get new parts after each battle and leveling up, this version however does not have that so you can only get parts by leveling up. The progress for getting new parts is rediculously slow and overall is worse than the pc version.

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