REVEALED! the Air Force Turns an F-16 Fighter jet Into a Unmanned Aircraft (QF-16)

REVEALED! the Air Force Turns an F-16 Fighter jet Into a Unmanned Aircraft (QF-16)

The F-16 Fighting Falcon has had a distinguished history and the U.S. Air Force is capping it off with a bang Every year the service modifies F-16 fighters into F-16 drones transforming them from hunters to the hunted The resulting drones known as QF-16s are then shot down for target practice The F-16 entered service with the U.S. Air Force in 1980 and over the past forty years has served in various conflicts around the globe The Air Force purchased the F-16 over the course of at least two decades and some planes are older than others The oldest of the planes end up at “The Boneyard” at Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona There, the heat and dry air keep old planes in good condition while the services figure out what to do with them In 2010 the Air Force began converting F-16s to QF-16s According to Wired, this year 32 of the drones were pulled from Davis Monthan and modified using a Boeing-designed Drone Peculiar Equipment kit The F-16 is relatively easy to transform into a drone because instead of older aircraft such as the F-4 Phantom the F-16 was a fly-by-wire aircraft in which onboard computers translate the pilot’s commands into action The F-16 was one of the first jets in which computers in which computers not pilots issued direct controls to the aircraft Tapping into that system is much easier than installing physical actuators that push manual flight controls

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4 thoughts on “REVEALED! the Air Force Turns an F-16 Fighter jet Into a Unmanned Aircraft (QF-16)

  1. Superv ! ! ! US Armed forces always work in the most secretive and cunning way ! Good for you guys !!!. . .wait for the outcome after each battle and encounters unless proven otherwise . .but this type of design is the one I want it to be, a low profile fighter aircraft, compared to 6th generation aircraft. . .for me, I like most awkward designed fighter aircraft but it can beat 6th generation aircraft in dogfights . . ."Remember war is all about deception" right !

  2. LOL. This is old news Dude ! 😛 6 years since the 1st QF went airborne…. I'll give you points for a nice video edit though 🙂

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