Republic Juggernaut vs Imperial AT-AT Walker – Star Wars Versus

Republic Juggernaut vs Imperial AT-AT Walker – Star Wars Versus

This is going to be a versus between the Republic
Turbo Tank known as the Juggernaut and the Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport Walker,
also known as the AT AT walker. The HAVw A6 Juggernauts were heavily armored
turbo tank transports used by the Republic during the Clone Wars. Their main purpose in battle was to essentially
bust through heavily fortified enemy lines with sheer firepower and speed, and to then
unload hundreds of troopers at once at the designated positions. Although they were very effective in achieving
this goal in battle, they could only be used in limited environments. Due to their massive size and lowness to the
ground, the Juggernauts had a hard time traversing through closed terrain, like dense forests
and cities. As a result they were mainly used on places
that had wide open terrain like massive beaches or large deserts. After the Clone Wars, the newly formed Imperial
Military pushed the Juggernauts aside in favor of walkers that were capable of traversing
a greater variety of terrain. Many Juggernauts were refurbished and modified
to be used as prisoner transports. A few were still kept active in the military
and were used mainly in the Outer Rim on wide open planets like Hoth. Like with many Clone Wars era vehicles, some
Juggernauts fell into the hands of the Rebel Alliance who modified them to better serve
them in battle, making them one of the largest land vehicles in the Rebel Army. After the Galactic Civil War, a few Juggernauts
were still actively used by Imperial warlords within their dwindled armies, but past that
it didn’t seem many of them were used anywhere else. The All Terrain Armored Transport walkers,
simply referred to as AT-AT walkers, were one of the most iconic and powerful walkers
used by the Galactic Empire. The first generation of these walkers were
used in the later years of the Clone Wars as a means to test their effectiveness, but
they saw very limited use overall during the war. The final design of the AT ATs was brought
into the full service of the Imperial Military, with their main purpose being to transport
troops and to punch holes through fortified enemy lines, sort of like the Juggernaut but
in a much slower and scarier fashion. Initially they were almost invincible in combat,
wiping out everything in their path. Their reputation in battle brought immense
fear into the enemies of the Empire, with some entire armies surrendering mid battle
at just the sight of these walkers alone. And that’s no surprise, as the Walkers were
intentionally designed to spark fear among their enemies, with their almost beast like
appearance. Overtime however those that fought the Empire,
specifically the Rebels, found unique ways to bring down these war machines, as seen
in the Battle of Hoth. But even then, taking down these walkers was
a huge struggle and still cost devastating losses. After the battle of Endor, AT ATs were still
used effectively by the Imperial Remnant, with a few even falling into possession of
the New Republic. The HAVw A6 Juggernauts were created around
22 years before the battle of Yavin. They required a crew of 20 men with 8 of them
serving as gunners, and it could carry from 50 to 300 troopers depending if its carrying
any other equipment. For armament, they had 1 heavy laser cannon
turret, 1 rapid repeating heavy laser cannon, 2 Medium anti-personnel laser cannons, 2 Twin
blaster cannons, and 2 retractable Rocket launchers on the sides. It was said that a single Juggernaut was capable
of blasting enough firepower to output the heat of a nuclear bomb, which would make it’s
firepower be almost equal to a single heavy turbolaser seen on star destroyers. The Juggernauts were armored with thick, thermally
superconducting armor, which allowed for the turbo tank to disperse enemy fire throughout
its entire hull without having specific parts of it take too much damage from a single hit. Though due to how low they were the ground,
they were vulnerable to mines. They also had a max speed of 160 kilometers
per hour, or close to 100 miles per hour. The final design of the AT-AT walkers was
created a year before the Battle of Yavin, so 1 BBY. They required a crew of 3 men and 2 deck officers,
and could carry up to 40 troops and 5 speeder bikes. For armament, they had 2 linked heavy laser
cannons and 2 medium repeating blasters. For Armor, they contained heavy durasteel
armor that was impervious to all forms of weaponry but the heaviest of artillery. Though they did have some weak spots, like
the neck and underbelly, which could be penetrated by an expertly shot missile from a rocket
launcher. The long legs of the walker also showed a
weakness, being used to trip the entire AT AT in battle as seen in Hoth. They had a max speed of 60 kilometers per
hour, or around 37 miles per hour. Though to achieve this max speed, the walker
would have to essentially divert all of its power to its movement, resulting in it not
being able to fire as powerful blasts from its cannons as it could otherwise. But that goes to pretty much all other vehicles
in star wars, including the Juggernaut, where to achieve the maximum power in one part of
the vehicle, it must subtract the power from another aspect of the vehicle. Anyway, for this battle the crews of both
vehicles will be of equal competence and training, as this is a versus between the two vehicles
and not the soldiers within them. Okay so for the first fight let’s say that
both the Juggernaut and AT AT walker are facing each other at a distance of about 100 feet. And all they have to do is just fire upon
each other with all of their weapons and the last one standing will be declared the winner. So who would win? Well the Juggernaut would surely be able to
tank a good amount of direct hits from the AT AT walker, before finally being disabled
and eventually destroyed. It’s heavily armored, but not so much to
where it’s invincible. Its heavy armor would just buy it some time. The real question is would the AT AT walker
be able to completely tank all of the Juggernaut’s firepower? In the sense that would it just brush off
all of the hits and just go on with its attack on the turbo tank, or would the walker’s
armor eventually start to wear down and finally lead to its destruction? It seems that really only the Juggernaut’s
heavy laser cannon turret, rapid repeating heavy laser cannon and rocket launchers would
be able to do any real damage to the AT AT, as the other weapons were more for ground
troops and smaller vehicles. But then again even those may not even cause
a scratch on the walker, as we’ve all seen that the AT-TE’s main mass driver cannon
couldn’t even penetrate the AT AT’s defenses on its forward armor. And although it’s true that in that scenario
that mass driver cannon was probably not at full power due to the walker’s deterioration
over its long use, the cannon still did pack a punch even when not at max power. So in that case, the Juggernaut’s heavy
cannons and rockets would probably either do no damage or very little damage to the
AT AT walker’s forward armored defenses. Meaning that the turbo tank would be disabled
and destroyed way before the Imperial walker in this scenario where they are essentially
parked right in front of each other. The next scenario will be having the two vehicles
be placed at a great distance from each other, to where their weapons are out of range, forcing
them to move towards one another. The terrain will be plain and open. Now in this scenario it would be possible
for the Juggernaut to flank the AT AT walker and to try to attack its weak points from
the side, particularly its neck with its heavy cannons or rockets. With the Juggernaut being almost 3 times faster
than the AT AT, it would easily be able to flank the walker. The question now is would the Juggernaut be
able to flank the walker in time before the AT AT could destroy it as it gets close enough
and in range of the AT AT’s cannons. Would it be able to take enough hits as it
moves toward the side of the walker. If it can, then the Juggernaut would have
a great chance of destroying the AT AT once it gets close enough from the side and has
a open view of the neck. But then again the walker is able to turn
around quite quickly, adjusting its body and head in a means to cover its weak point. So in this case it’s possible we would be
seeing the walker constantly turning itself around in an attempt to protect its neck,
while the Juggernaut circles around it making shots at the neck at every chance it gets. In this case it’s up in the air with who
would win, but in our opinion if the Juggernaut is able to completely flank the AT AT in time
and is able to get close enough to it, then it should have a greater chance of destroying
it if it is able to land a critical blow to the neck before the walker has a chance to
turn around. Otherwise the AT AT may be able to destroy
the Juggernaut before it even gets close enough to flank the walker, as the walker would just
keep turning around and aligning its forward defenses toward the juggernaut and making
shots at its main body until the turbo tank finally gets destroyed. And in our last scenario we would have the
two vehicles fight in a closed environment, like a dense forest. In this scenario the AT AT would have the
advantage, as it would be able to traverse the environment with relative ease, while
the Juggernaut would have trouble making all the necessary twists and turns as it attempts
to move its massive body through the narrow trees and over the obstacles on the ground. In this case the AT AT could eventually position
itself over the Juggernaut where none of its weak points are in sight and just open fire
onto the turbo tank as it desperately tries to escape from its closed off space, resulting
in the Juggernaut being overwhelmed and eventually being destroyed as it has no means of a quick
escape. Remember this is all our opinion based on
the information provided. Let us know if you agree or disagree with
our outcomes in the 3 scenarios, and let us know why!

Eugene Islam

100 thoughts on “Republic Juggernaut vs Imperial AT-AT Walker – Star Wars Versus

  1. Hey guys, so I'm thinking that during the scenario phases of these versus videos, I can have someone animate what I'm trying to depict rather than just use still images like I did in this video. If I were to do this for the next versus video, which versus would you want me to do it for (can also be a previous versus too that I can redo with the new animations).

  2. so i dont want to sound like an ass but what about the joints of the at at their super valunrable in rouge one a heavy repeating blaster cut through them so the turbo tanks heavy blaster cannon would make short work of it

  3. (Didn't watch this) because I know that the juggernaut would win,it's heavily armored so it could take a few rounds from the at-at,the it just needs to close the distance with its fast speed and run right into one of the legs of the at-at

  4. couple problems i see here
    1. The juggernaut's armor is actually around the same as the AT-AT's, and disperses it throughout the hull
    2. The juggernaut has the weight and speed to simply ram the AT-AT in the legs and wreck it
    3. one of the simplest ways to take out an AT-AT is to deploy troops under it and capture it. The juggernaut can carry up to 300 troops, maybe 200 with the cutting equipment considered.
    All in all, the Juggernaut would definitely win

  5. I’d say, a fight between those two. Just jump in the Juggernaut and just Floor it. Then the Juggernaut would just trip the walker.

  6. Juggernaut will win because of its better fire power and more weapons like the homing rocket and the at-te was not built for the same as The juggernaut as the at-te was built to move in numbers and to hit from a far and not to take a lot of hits it can take some what's the juggernaut on the other hand I build to run head first in heavy fire and not stop it can work by it self I can add more but I'm going to bed I will add more later

  7. Why wouldn't the Juggernaut just flank the AT-AT and take out the legs? That would make much more sense since the Jug has the speed and the mass to whap it good.

  8. So one really important piece of information:

    1.) Juggernaut is over 30 meters tall
    2.) AT-AT is about 22-23 meters tall

    Juggernaut is bigger and longer, meaning it has way more momentum.
    Juggernaut is faster and most likely heavier.

    Juggernaut would smear an AT-AT if it flanked it.

  9. For anyone who says something about ramming the legs, thats no necesary, to say impossible, because the Juggernaut is 8 meters taller than the AT-AT, so it will ram directly the walker's body, but this will still destroy the walker

  10. 1 strong Ram from the juggernaut would knock the AT-AT over but the juggernaut would receive a lot of damage from ramming the AT-AT and the AT-AT could fall on top of the juggernaut.

  11. Imperial: We shall crush the little scum. Carefully maneuver over it and-
    Clone: "We call it the Turbo Tank for a reason… RAMMING SPEED! Go for the legs! HAHAHA!"

    I think the ATAT would win most encounters, but knowing the gung-ho manner of the Clones they'd STILL just charge full-speed for the ATAT's feet and try to knock it over, all the way blasting away with rockets. This would initially surprise the Imperials as they tend to be a bit inflexible and get surprised by unconventional tactics. Again, probably not always a win for the Juggernaut but the Clones have balls of steel.

  12. Interesting thank you, I know its make believe but I can't see how R. Juggernaut could carry that many troops. If I Compare the two and there sizes. I can see lots more room for troops in the AT-AT, but I've been wrong before. Like to hear yours or someone else's take on that

  13. Wow, I guess it's over but a lot of people were talking so much shit it would have been fun to be involved. They went cray cray for a bit.

  14. I both agree and disagree, because the rocket launcher of the juggernaut fires ion rockets and according to star wars battlefront 2 and the clone wars series ion can disable everything.

  15. Would the Juggernaut just be able to ram into the AT-AT's legs
    Edit: I just checked the comment right below me they basically said the same thing wow I thought I was unique.

  16. You're fucking stupid. The Juggernauts weapons WOULD FUCKING EASILY penetrate AND OR bring the fucker down. I don't think you're smart enough to be making jugements on such cases in battles.

  17. Its not a question of who would destroy who, its a matter of can the storm troopers piloting the at at even hit the jug in the first place.

  18. It doesn't take skill to hit an AT-AT with a space truck. The Juggernaut is DESIGNED and armored specifically to bust through things. The thickness of the legs on an AT-AT do not look like they are that tough, and would even suffer structural deformations if rammed by something with the size and weight of the juggernaut. It's why wrecks can be devastating for a car, because the frame of the car gets warped rendering it useless.

    Juggernaut is just better because of its speed and frontal durability, they have the potential to squash an AT-AT in single combat, solely from the fact that the Juggernaut was designed to do just that, bust through enemy fortifications. Not only that, but the juggernaut could even unload on the now stalled AT-AT after the collision assuming the targeting systems are still active, and being at close range, could prove disastrous for an AT-AT with the guns firing on the area of exposed neck.

  19. Ones fast with heavy armour and weaponary. One is slow and has heavy armour and weaponary. Juggernaut tank would just ram the at-at's legs and h

  20. i very highly dissagree with this. the turbo tank can easily make loops around the AT AT much faster then the AT AT can turn! the homing rockets will easily hit weak points, a good ram from behind onto the back legs will send it crashing, it moves at over 200 miles per hour and is as long as the statue of liberty! without a doubt in the plains land scape. the AT AT is so heavily screwed

    edit: the turbo tank also has 18 rockets ON EACH SIDE, that with the lock on that the rockets can do. underbelly will be done for

  21. what are you smoking?
    how could an at-at ever win against a juggernaut? the juggernaut would just have tom ram the at-at and it woukd be over

  22. In the open field senario, the juggernaut could ram into on of the atats legs, because it can be driven form both sides

  23. The juggernaut could take out the walker’s hydraulic pistons on the ankles. You can’t tell me those are protected enough to withstand the rockets or heavy turrets. With those gone the walker would fall over and the juggernaut could blast away at the bottom

  24. that juggernaut is probably the worst piece of engineering in the universe
    only retarded concept artists could come with such a ludicrous mess

  25. I don't believe the ATAT would actually win. We all know the ATAT can be destroyed just by a ion repeater. The Juggernaut was designed to destroy. The anti armor missile will definitely hot the ATAT with some serious damage. I honestly don't see a weapon of fear beating a weapon of "fuck you too" 😂

  26. Fuck that shit, just every time you see those big bitches coming just fly away or something far enough they got to load up and follow. After a couple days of that shit they’ll just say fuck ot

  27. I can’t help but feel that you’ve neglected to mention one aspect of each scenario; namely the infantry inside each vehicle. If the infantry inside either vehicle was able to invade and overwhelm the infantry and crew of the other, then that could prove decisive.

  28. I never understood why AT-AT's tripped from Snow Speeder tow cables. The pilot could've just stopped the walker from moving forward. No forward momentum equals no tripping. I guess the pilots were just brain dead and that's why they kept going forward while being tow cabled 😂.

  29. If both made by the empire ps both can still attack and kill and the Juggernaut sounds more better and can not be stop by the rebels will the at-at look like a monster but legs are open so the neak too.

  30. Only the last secnario could the at-at win, the others, the juggernaught could easly flank it and fire at the joints in the limbs, and it's weapons could penetrate the underside, as luke did with his saber at hoth

  31. comment section summary
    Juggernaut could just ram into AT-AT and break it's legs. Instead of trying to circle around it and trying to take a shot at its neck and doing other crazy stuff…

  32. Common guys. Lets stop pretending that the mechanical designs of the 70's were better than the 2000's. The Juggernaut wins because the ATAT design is as stupid as Obi Wan's final fight with Darth Vader. Movie designs didn't follow the form over function rule back then. ATAT's look cool, but they are functionally stupid.

  33. Everybody: The juggernaut could ram the legs and trip the AT-AT
    Me: The AT-AT is heavy, so even at full speed it can’t knock the AT-AT down quickly.

  34. Where's my boy the AT-TE? The one that – I guess – inspired the AT-ATs?
    Oh wait there it is
    Poor fella is almost destroyed

  35. The juggernaut could just run over the AT-AT it’s a good amount taller because the juggernaut is 30 meters tall while the AT-AT is 22 meters tall

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