Question Tuesday: Wookiee Gunships, Sneezing Cessation, and Pizza

Question Tuesday: Wookiee Gunships, Sneezing Cessation, and Pizza

Good morning Hank, it’s Tuesday. It’s question
Tuesday, the day that I answer real questions from real nerdfighters. I asked for brief questions and of course
I got them, beginning: briefs or boxers? I wear boxer briefs, lets move on! “If everybody stopped sneezing, how long do
you think it would take somebody to realize it?” Wow, I don’t know. I guess I’m gonna
say like a month, but I’d like to see some rigorous research applied to the question
it’s a very interesting one. I think it would take a little while for people to be like
“hey, have you sneezed recently? Because I haven’t.” “How do you think having children has impacted
your writing?” I guess there are a lot of times where 2009 me would have been writing
and 2015 me is making a Lego wookie gun ship. But I gotta say I don’t really feel like it’s
a bad change, I mean this thing holds 2 different Wookiees, it has double wookie pilots. “A girl at my school told me she’d rather
be popular than smart, what’s the correct response to this?” mmmm… sympathy? “Hey John, what’s your middle name?” Danger!
It’s not. It’s Michael. “Last TV show you marathoned?” The Americans,
which is excellent. “Hey, are you writing another book?” You know
another awesome thing about this wookie gun ship it opens up, it’s got like a cargo bay
inside of it. “Who’s a relatively unknown poet you love?”
There’s a lot but the first who comes to mind is the Persian poet Hafiz who I feel like
is not as well-known here as he should be. “Apart from pizza, what do you think is the
best–” No, no, no, there is no “apart from pizza.” Not a lot of things in this world
that make me angry, but you should not be apart from pizza. Alright, I apologize for
the seriousness but that’s something I feel strongly about. Let’s return to lighter questions! “Hey, I heard they’re making Looking For Alaska
into a movie, who’re you going to cast–” I don’t cast movie adaptations of my books
or actually any movies. “Hey, will you cast Katie Ho–” Yeah, I just don’t cast movies.
I’m a novelist and a video blogger and a pizza enthusiast, and not a caster of films. “Hey, when are you gonna do your inkless tattoo
punishment?” Soon. Ish. Maybe I should get “I don’t cast movies” Tattoo’d on my face.
No, that’s a bad idea even for an inkless tattoo but I do need a tattoo idea, let me
know if you have any in comments. “If you could use one dinosaur to ride onto
it’s back into battle, what dinosaur would it be?” Hey Henry? I have a dino-question
for you. Apparently we’re gonna go with Apatosaurus. “Hey now that you’re back home, what project
are you most excited to work on?” Well, we still haven’t put the wings on. I think they
like flap, it’s gonna be awesome when it’s finished. Also, I’m signing my name over and
over again so that independent bookstores around the US will have signed copies of Paper
Towns for the holidays. “Hey, I didn’t see your cameo in the Paper
Towns movie.” Yeah it’s not so much something you see so much as it’s someone you hear. And finally, “Do you think you or Hank would
get further in American Ninja Warrior.” Henry and I have been watching a lot of American
Ninja Warrior, so I have a built-in advantage because I at least know what it is, whereas
I suspect Hank doesn’t. I actually like my odds to get past the quintuple steps. So yeah,
I’m gonna say me. Hank, maybe we can add American Ninja Warrior to next year’s quadragicon.
In the meantime, I will see you on Friday. Wait, I forgot to answer the most-asked question
of the week! “Can we see Willie?” Willie! Treat! Hi. (gurgling/babbling noises)

Eugene Islam

100 thoughts on “Question Tuesday: Wookiee Gunships, Sneezing Cessation, and Pizza

  1. Ah children. Ruining everything since the dawn of sexual reproduction… Please write another book soon, they are always awesome! You inspired me to be an author too, don't go the way of the floppy disk.

  2. Not going to lie, I snorted a little at your answer to 'how to deal with a popular vs. smart girl' question. Best answer there ever was!


  4. When are you going to make the Death Star Lego ? 
    I'm just starting watching your videos… I just can say ¡Qué crack eres! What means a kind of… you are amazing! (but I needed to say it in Spanish 🙂 ). Thanks for your videos.

  5. I think they meant, after pizza. I'm not apart from pizza; I had it just last night, and I'll probably have it for lunch today. Although, the next 4 months I'm spending in Japan, I'll probably be apart from it.

  6. It should be the nerd fighter sign. The two arms crossed over each other? You have done so much since you started vlogbrothers with hank and I think it would be a cool little reminder.

  7. 1) Willie is adorable 2) Henry is adorable 3) I’m pretty sure your inkiness tattoo should say “is adorable”

  8. Um is it not obvious that he should get the nerdfightera gang sign inklessly tattooed in full color on his back?

  9. Although I absolutely love every one of your books, I am curious to know how you feel about the amount of trees have been killed to print them.

  10. By the way, I watched Paper Towns today and I loved it so much (I'm not late, it just came out in the UK this week). Although it didn't completely follow the book (which I adored but wasn't salty about the subtle changes) it was completely awesome and just like I wanted it to be 🙂

  11. You should get a bird breaking out of a circle to symbolize freedom from your anxiety and the prison of our own minds in order to successfully reach out to others and beyond ourselves…or a slice of pizza.

  12. I've always wanted to get a tattoo of "What singest thou?" From Walt Whitman's "As I Pondered in Silence".
    The poem is about Whitman trying to reconcile his style of writing- character based epics rather than epics about war- with the past, an preconceived notions about what poetry should be. He says in the poem, "I too sing of war, and a longer and greater one than any…" Referring to the war that is life. He says he promotes the making of great soldiers, and that's something that really resonates with me.
    I realize this is only slightly relevant, but I'm very passionate about this and felt like sharing!

  13. Would you please address rape culture, and the idea of virginity and how they can be harmful? Ignorance is killing me right now

  14. You should make a Black Santa figurine and sell it on, I think that's a very good sales opportunity and then get a Black Santa tattoo.

  15. Omigod, you said your cameo was something heard and now I am feverishly going over the movie to try and find someone heard but not seen. I can't do it. I'm like, did the radio play? Did someone make an announcement at the school? was there a store clerk we never saw? was it someone over the phone? who is it?… I'm gonna have to get it when it comes out on dvd and listen really hard…. or go see it in theaters again.

  16. Hi john please do not do the inkless tattoo punishment because it is very excessive, cruel, and detrimental to your well being and not worth the amount of pain and suffering involved with having a needle shoved in your body repeatedly and not even having a good tattoo at the end of it to be proud of. please do not do this!!

  17. On the day this video came out I decided to go back and watch all the brotherhood 2.0 and vlogbrother's videos in chronological order and as of today…. I have finished.

  18. Hey John, did you know that American Ninja Warrior is going to have qualifiers in Indianapolis this year? They're filming on April 27th & 28th.

  19. John's reaction to whether or not he has a new book is me after procrastinating for an extended period of time, and the only solution now is denial.

  20. if you still need tattoo ideas, I think you should get that wookie gun ship tattooed. You seem to thoroughly enjoy it 👍😂

  21. if the world stopped sneezing itd be obvious because people with allergic rhinitis like me would notice immediately

  22. So here’s my little comment that’s about to get lost in the sea of comments in here:
    As an Iranian 15 year old who enjoys this channel sO mUcH, it’s quite impressive and delighting to see just how educated and immersed John is in Iran and its culture; often times Iran gets a bad rep because people don’t seem to really know its roots and the innumerable valuable aspects of it. So in short, it makes me so happy that he knows and enjoys Hafez 🙂

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