Prostate Examinator – SUPERHOT VR – Htc Vive

Prostate Examinator – SUPERHOT VR – Htc Vive

Tell me the code! Tell me the fucking code! *URRRRHHH* *DRRUHHH* Oh this is super cool, look SUPER… HOT Robbaz here, playing… SUPERHOT VR-
Oh, woah What the fuck..
Where did you come from? Oh, look at you Hello there, sir *lewd licking noises*
*continues lewd licking noises* It is super hot, isn’t it? Oh yeah
gonna check the prostate, sir… I’m sorry but you’ve got *stutters* techichikikular cancer *DURGGG* Woah *DRA* *YAAAAHHH* Can we..
can we do.. like this *AHHAHAHA*
my back, no don’t shoot me anymore *ARRR AHH* SUPER
HOT I fucking jumped straight into the fucking wall almost
What is this… *Ahh* *BAHHH YAAAAAH* Holy shit, that’s cool as fuck *HEH HAH* Fighting like a pussy, are we? *AAAAAH* *AHHHHHH* Hang on sir, I’m having tea Woah, fuck *SLURPPPP* Oh yeah Oh, you like that, don’t you? Oh yeah he liked that… didn’t he? That was some nice
*heh heh*
prostate Holy shit What the fuck is that…
an ironing- ir-iron? A stap-uh uh oh
Sir? Ok, look at this…
look at this.. look at this Anyone else?…
Come on *click* Come on Bring it…
Oh *AHHH* Oh my god, it scared the…
that scared the shit out of me He saved me… Ohhh… he was my friend It was an inside job The bullets struck each other… really? Ok, you’re dead now You’re already dead One… Two… Three *DRAP* Oh shit…
Woah, shit
OHHHH Who’s the big boy now, huh? YEAAAAH Is that it? I got the reaction time of a SHIRAO *SHWOP*
Oh fuck, oh no… oh no Oh Oh fuck..
– wuh –
Oh, thank you look at this…
look at this BOOOM Yessss… Oh yesss… feels so fucking gooooood Oh, whoops Look down *AHHH AHH AHHH* *AHHH* No… ah You don’t do that in VR, that hurts in VR Oh no… Y’know, when you drive a car… and you go super quickly over a hill and you get the tingly feeling in your stomach? It’s just like that… it’s just like that and it comes out of nowhere because your body’s like “AHHH GAWWD” and… you don’t… y’know…
it-it’s the brain it’s the brain that fucks with you, alright? wait a second… that’s not right… that’s not right I can see chat in a square window here but you can’t see it,
you c-you can only see my hands alright? Robert doesn’t know how to stand hands *hahahaha* Let’s go – oh fuck, it’s this part again because we didn’t finish it yesterday, did we? the dog bowl…
oh, hello… how’s it going Uh… WOAH Wup, oh god RATATATATATATATATATATA Hang on, I’m going to hammer his dick in place… boop boop boop… boop boop you gonna hit me? Who has the gun now? look at this YEAHHHH HUH UH URRH Yes, taste it *lewd slurping noises* BOOM YESSSSSS Was that it? that’s been more WAHHH, fuck! What happened to him? AHHHH AHHHHHHH…
UHHH Ahhh Oh, I can’t bend like that I can’t bend it like fucking Beckham, dude… Ah, my back Robbaz is an old man, dude
An old man with… I’m an old man – oh An old obese man with diabetes, and I have no limbs left… Oh, shit URRRR
Come on, go with me Ahhh… uhhh Woah Bitch!… Ahhh YESSS! Destroy the pyramid? you will be rewarded – dude, I am working for the Illuminati I love the Illuminati… that’s how I got to POWERRR!!! You think I got on to YouTube because, I… am smart… and funny… and hardworking? No! It was all connections Alright?
That’s all it was *lewd noises*
Mmmm… this is very good stuff, you want t-to taste some? WOAHHHHH Okay, don’t shoot me – don’t shoot me… Grab the hammer… Oh, no… That’s a really bad throw AHHH
WAAAH Casual aiming? EU athletics… haha, god Oh, whoops… Ahhh, fu-hahaha-ck Nooo-hahaha-o Destoy – destroy the pyramid? I don’t destroy the Illuminati… I am the Illuminati Ahhhh YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA You are now free… Oh, no… Oh wait, we’re supposed to kill ourselves?… no? Can I – can I – can I leave?
It’s a mouse cursor out here, what the fuck?
look That’s super weird… URRRRRR UHHHHH… *AHHHH AHHH* AHH *bang* SUPER…

Eugene Islam

100 thoughts on “Prostate Examinator – SUPERHOT VR – Htc Vive

  1. I love how at the end he has to put the controller in his mouth before he pulls the trigger even tho you should've had the gun examine your prostate

  2. "You think I got on to YouTube because I am smart and funny and hardworking?"
    Well certainly not that last one… where are the videos Robert?

  3. I think one of the best things whit this game is that not every thing is separate levels, so you can do stuff to effect the next part.
    I feel so bad ass when i clear a part and then throw my gun towards where the next part is and catch it

  4. This is the most and probably only fun I've had in VR so far.
    Need more games like this so I can start using it again. Right now I feel as ripped off as when I bought Diablo 3

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