Potensic T35 Drone Quadcopter Setup

Potensic T35 Drone Quadcopter Setup

hey folks I’m Dennis thanks for watching
my video for our anniversary my wife got me one of these Potensic t35 drones
it’s a little bit less expensive than some of the name-brand drones you can
get this one on Amazon for about 190 bucks I’ll leave a link below in case
you’re interested buying it through that link helps my channel out so if you want
to get one check it out I got this I’ve not had it out of the box yet she got me a spare battery which is cool got me a 32 gig memory card which is
also needed so I’ll be using those in a minute thanks for watching let’s get
started it’s called a quick startup guide some really small print
instructions those are beautiful it comes with a plastic cover over it and a
styrofoam case. the blades are on the back no so there’s there’s two
packs of four so that’s a nice feature got the battery that comes with it
screws for blades looks like some screw cover buttons some small brass washers
and spacers I’m assuming all that’s probably for the blades those are going
to be the feet those are gonna be the propeller
guards and blade guards got the controller it’s got an extra set of feet
so that’s cool too the charging cable you have to charge the transmitter it’s
got a port here and you’ve also got to charge the batteries they’ve got a port
here you just charge it off the computer using USB and what you’ve got like a you
know one of these cubes you can use that or the 12 volt adapter for your car so
I’m gonna go ahead and charge the battery it says it takes them quite a
while to charge up so I’m gonna go ahead and plug it in while we’re doing the
rest of this . this little bag of parts has the screwdriver
six little plastic caps screws and spacers maybe for the propellers and
then another bag of screws and bag of brass washers, collars go on the
propeller spacer ring fixed ring and the cap I have a fill these instructions
your translated Chinese so we will see how this goes
no no if you be able to see this on camera or not but there’s a there’s an A or a B
depending on the propeller so you need two A’s and two B’s there’s two A’s and
2 B’s and per set you got you got a spare set
with it we want to do an a an A and a B and a B and the the arms on the drone
are actually marked a a b b so that makes it easy just have to make sure
that they’re turned the right way to slip down on this this yoke this hex
shaped yoke so they’re on there all the way that’s easy enough these fixed
spacers are like a collar I do my best to show you this it’s a little plastic
bead it’s got a hole in the side and then these real little tiny screws the
screw goes into the hole on the side so this thing can work like a like a set
screw like so and then that goes on the after the the brass washer he’s holding
the stud that the propeller goes on you can see that and that’s where that
screws gonna go is into that hole the hole that the screw goes into is bored
all the way across so it can go in either side the instructions say to put
on a spacer ring fixed ring and a cap so we’re going to dig out one of these
brass spacers that are packed in this bag of some kind of lubricant like a silicon
or something so they’re they’re a little slimy and a little hard to get out so
you put one of those on and then you take this fixed
collar, line the hole on the side of that fix these little tiny screws are
frustrating I’ll tell you that line that hole up with the hole in the propeller shaft and
then you can go ahead and drive it all the way through so that works pretty
good it’s just a little difficult to get that screw in there and that cap just
presses on so we got to do that all for not too bad other than those little
screws I’m going to do the other three and then come back to you now mine came
with the camera already installed but the instructions say that you have to
install the camera so I’ve taken mine half way apart I’m not gonna unplug the
cables but there are two electrical connectors one’s wider because it’s
looks like a five connector the one to the outside is a little bit smaller it’s
a four connector so they can only plug into the right one you know so you plug
the camera in if yours doesn’t come assembled the camera itself will be but
you may have to plug it into the bottom of the drone and then you basically just
kind of press that down and slip into this channel is a little lock just like
so and then it’s easy on and off take your piece of we’ll take some lens cloth
or a lens tissue and clean the lens on the camera and the feet there’s just a
release button here for the feet you pop out like so and turn and come out so
it’s easy to put them in and out if you if you want to take them off also
there’s a there’s an hourglass shaped one that goes in first they’re marked
left and right this one’s right there’s an R here there’s an L here in this
leg is marked L this is the locking side where the button is so what you do is
you take the keyhole in first put it in here like so make sure it’s all the way
in and turn it like that and then it’ll lock in place then just
pull this one out and slide it into the slot until the button snaps and then
you’re good to go I will say this the instructions are
lacking you can tell it’s made in China and that that the instruction book is
translated well it’s not real complete you have to kind of read through it I
would advise you to read through it all first before you ever start with the
drone and then just kind of get your bearings and you probably might figure
some things out like I say that they don’t even mention in the installation
guide I don’t see anything where they mention the propeller guards they don’t
so guess supposed are optional the picture on the box hasn’t shown but
probably a good way to protect your blades so I think I’m gonna put them on
so on the end of each propeller arm there is a little plastic insert that
you just slide out the propeller guards slides in like so and then it’s gonna
take a couple of these longer screws that they give us to go into through the
bottom right here so it takes two per guard just dropping these little outer
holes tighten them up a few turns I get them snug but I wouldn’t really
crank on them because screwing into plastic so you don’t want to strip it
out just slip out this plastic piece it just slides out of there and then put
your blade guard in drop a couple of screws in there so this should be all
the assembly now I just need to charge the transmitter and that’s how the
transmitter looks these batteries are kind of nice what they do is if you just
press the button and release it it’ll tell you how charged the battery is it’s
got four blue lights so that’s fully charged so now we’re good to go if you
hold it down for a couple seconds it’ll turn itself off slide the battery and
it’s got the plugs there and then you’ve got
plugs on the side so it just slips in and locks turn all that off in the back
of the camera right here is the memory card slot just takes one each little
micros I’m not going to get into the legality
about we’ll just say before you fly one of these make sure that you’ve checked
with FAA on their website about drones and it all depends on where you live if
you live in the US or there’s a certain set of rules if you live outside the US
I have no idea but my advice would be just make sure that you’ve checked into
the laws for your area so that you’re not getting a surprise visit from the
police and getting a ticket or something nobody needs that. the instruction book
that comes with this drone gives you a quick little rundown here on page 3 of
the controls there are a couple of bar codes QR codes rather on here one
is for Apple device and one is for an Android you scan whichever one is
appropriate to you and that’ll install the software for you the Protensic that
software up so that you can use your phone with your remote to see you know
what the camera seemed to get your streaming video now the next thing that
we need to do is we need to calibrate the GPS signal so step one is turn on
the drone set it down on a level surface we take the drone put the battery in
make sure it’s charged up turn it on all for your lights will light up and then
your four nav lights will start flashing red you set it down on a level surface turn
on your transmitter and you’ll see the lights on the drone will go to red and white in the front and blue in the back and then they’ll go back to
flashing red to connect the transmitter to the drone you take your transmitter
take the left hand joystick and go up it’ll beep and then down and it’ll be
then you’ll see the lights on the drone I’ll zoom in succeed you’ll see them go
to white in the front and blue in the back again if you’re gonna fly without a
cellphone or anything you can just proceed without this steps on the
cellphone but I like to use it because I like to have streaming video so then the
next step that you take is you go on your I have an iPhone so if you have an
Android same kind of thing you go to settings and go to your Wi-Fi and on
your Wi-Fi listing you’ll see Potensic with some numbers and I think they’re
particularly to your particular drone but you choose it and make sure it’s
connected then you can exit out of settings you should have already
installed the Potensic app so then you go to it and start the start the app and
it’s for multiple devices so this is a t35 so I’m going to pick the t35 then
this is for attaching your phone or for holding your phone we have to calibrate
the GPS so you’re going to take your remote your transmitter and you’re going
to take the left-hand joystick to one o’clock position in the right-hand
joystick to 11 o’clock position and you’ll see that it makes the it makes
the lights on the drone go to flash and red and white on the front and purple in
the back now that’s different than what the
instructions say what the instruction manual says is at this point it’ll be
flashing red and white in the front and blue and white in the back the reason
it’s not doing that now is because the drone is in beginner mode and you can
control that in your put 10 sec app when you go to controls up
here on this screen you go to these settings at 3 bars and you hit that and
it’s got beginner mode you can turn it off or on you can adjust the flight
distance and altitude and all that the beginner mode limits you to and then
when you’re ready you can take it out of beginner mode so now you have to pick it
up and go around in a circle holding a flat tip it on the space go around in a
circle set it back down that helps it to acquire the GPS signal you’ll see the
lights change again and then just in order to help it set its gyroscope you
do just the opposite you take the left hand joystick and go to 11 o’clock in
the right hand and go to 1 o’clock and you’ll see the lights start flashing and
then they’ll quit now they’re white in the front and blue in the back and
they’re solid there’s there’s no more flashing that tells you that now you’re
ready to fly so in order to take off you use this button here this button is for
taking off and landing and you start it the drone will start up it’ll lift up to
about 3 or 4 feet and then you can take over in control and then when you’re
ready to land just get it close to you and hit that button again and it’ll land
for you so that’s everything that you have to do for setup in my next video
I’ll show you my first couple of flights and how bad they are but I didn’t crash
and didn’t hit anything so that’s a good thing you know good piloting skills will
come with practice with me and everybody else so thanks for watching my video I
appreciate it hope you check out my other one on my first couple of flights
on the stroll and check out my my channel and some other videos too
give me a like if you would and hope to see you back soon thanks God bless

Eugene Islam

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  1. Dennis this is Kenny thank you so much for demonstrating about the Drone I was thinking to get one again thank you and God bless

  2. Very Interesting Dennis. China makes alot of things but if I ever get a drone & I am really thinking about it, it would have to be American made or anything but China. Thanks for the demo though. Appreciate it.

  3. Stunning Work, I compleatly enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , you might like 🙂

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