Eugene Islam

6 thoughts on “Police Pursuit Suspect Enters Mobile Home Park, Continuously Circles Neighborhood

  1. We dont need cops knowing the hypocrisy and traps they make us people starve and imprison people like you and government can get away with many crimes but what goes around come around wake up carbon= imagination freedom and independence of intelligence money a lie time to break free from these chains those cowards put people police to do there dirty work for them why do they know soo much about us and little we know about them does that have not commited sin throw the stone everyone eats we are the human race i dont need you money or stores carbon burn dead matter plants and you are free to fly into space trade carbon for goods and we are going to need our gold back you ego beings lies for a living jesus is the way resurrection 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons resurrection plasma change and so called crime will end piece and love

  2. Heavy is the one that points finger heavy is the one with anger forgive 7 times 77 we are carbon element 666

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