Pietenpol Air Camper V2 BLUE and Micron 2-24 5cc flat twin nitro engine Maiden flight

Pietenpol Air Camper V2 BLUE and Micron 2-24 5cc flat twin nitro engine Maiden flight

This is it. The perfect convert from electro to nitro. Ultimate HobbyKing Pietenpol. Dont miss double flight with RED & BLUE. Oh yeah… And now for the next convert project. To all RC pilots all over the world, if you heavent flown with nitro plane before then this is the time to start. You never forget the nitro plane flight experience. Never… Big salute to all RC lovers all over the world from Captain Blaž & Pilot Robert Slovenia. See you soon…

Eugene Islam

100 thoughts on “Pietenpol Air Camper V2 BLUE and Micron 2-24 5cc flat twin nitro engine Maiden flight

  1. Kaj naj človek reče? Svetovna predelava, najlepši pristanek kar se jih da naredit. Skratka salutiram obema. Lp, iz Slovenskih Konjic

  2. Scary scary take off, but oh what a landing, you redeemed yourself Captain Robert. Great engineering Captain Blaz

  3. I need to shut up so you can land 😁….great job capt Blaz. Great flying pilot Robert. It was actually a great take off…..you didn't hit anything.

  4. Fantastic flight, I think Snoopy likes a hairy take off, he has to be your mascot on first flight's from now 🙂 looks great in the air.. good work .. yes the landing was perfect!

  5. Waaaaaho! What a take off!!!.
    And what a landing!
    XLNT pilot Capt Robert and Capt Blaz.
    Great conversion Capt Blaz, the Pietenpol is an entirely different model with an IC engine.

  6. Best landing ever!!! Scary take off but you held your nerves! 😂
    Salute the bros for this great plane project.

  7. Great flight takeoff little sketchy but the important thing is you were successful love you guys

  8. Good save on the take off 😂
    I knew it would be difficult when I saw the windsock. The wind was blowing straight down again……

  9. Love the engine mods, the scary take-off, the slow low Fly-by,
    the awesome landing.
    You guys are the best. Thanks for sharing Real fun.
    Snoopy did well for his first solo.
    Salute gentlemen.!!

  10. First of all, nice recovery on the takeoff Robert. A bit more ground speed, longer takeoff roll, and a bit less rudder input would have made that less nerve wracking. With the size of the wheels on that airplane, why do you use the takeoff mat? It looks like it would be fine without it and then you would not feel hurried to liftoff. That engine is really cool, although I thought it sounded better on the bench than in the air. I love that airplane!

    I would really like to seem some aerobatic maneuvers on the the airplanes you fly. Take off and landing is one aspect of the airplanes flight envelope, but I am also interested in roll rate, stall recovery, ability to fly inverted, etc.

  11. one of the best all round unboxing, conversions and first flights…enjoyed it almost as much as you both did… maybe pilot snoopy may have had something to do with the t/o wobbles!

  12. Congrats on a great maiden flight with a perfect landing. Capt. Blaz did a fantastic job building that plane. Love it. I had butter flies in my stomach when you took off. Sweet plane.

  13. very Nice Boys … Congratulations Robert for the first flight and your birthday. Congratulations Blaz on such a super built plane. I hope you have fun with it for a long time. Cheers Daniel

  14. I was as scared as you two on takeoff, but beautiful landing. The plane looks great and sounds great!

  15. Can go one day with out watching a video from you guys oh eaaa good save capt robert.big salute capt blaz salute to you both .

  16. That was awesome guys! Great recovery on the takeoff Capitan Robert! My next project will be a nitro plane…

  17. Holy sh**, that was scary. The flight, and the landing were great, and that little engine was running perfect. Greetings from SoCal.

  18. You keep the thrill in takeoffs that's for sure. Good flying airplane, although I must admit, I do not understand your fervent ardour for the smoke belching gas-guzzling, ear drum rupturing nitro engine. I'm very glad for the electric engines, their ease-of-use and maintenance, not to mention quiet, make the old noisy piston bangers seems obsolete. I realize that that is blasphemy to you, but give me a good old-fashioned (new-fashioned ?) quiet electric engine any day. Well done, keep up the good work.

  19. Great repower on this blaz. So impressive. I love the sound and look on this bird. Great job guys. Keep em comin

  20. Flying was great , love the sound of glow engine . Don't worry to much about takeoff, as I seen a lot worst ! What would really sound good , would be a 4 stroke on the front ! Keep up the good work !

  21. The announcement of the two of you sharing airspace calls for a celebration.
    It will be quite an event to look forward to.

  22. The take off was sketchy but the landing was PERFECT Robert. Amazing plane and snoopy looks like he had a lot of fun in the flight, Ha ha. Have a great day boys.

  23. Wow, I love the sound of that engine. Encore, encore…I would like to see you use the flaperons just once. Try it up high, straight and level to see how it reacts. Snoopy wants to be famous too 😉 He needs much more flying time, Oh Yeah!

  24. From the white droppings on the table, it looks like the birds use the table more than you guys!

  25. Superb! Xlnt job Blaz on the conversion! Outstanding piloting Robert! Forget the carpet, use the whole nice grass field for taking off. Cheers on another outstanding collaboration! 👍

  26. Dear Robert and Blaž! As I said before this plane combines everything what real modeling means to me. A scale plane with a nitro engine, which is very rare and special. But now you made it even more special, because you put that Snoopy in it. I think it is a great mascot for good luck because this flight was awesome. The takeoff made me almost poop in my pants but the rest of the flight you nailed it. Also Blaž thank you for making this possible:)

  27. Very professional landing Capt Robert! By the way, Capt Blaz birthday is 21'st this month, yours is next week???? Have a happy mothers day (celebrated this Sunday in the US), she must be proud of you both.

  28. Ya know the great thing with big petro planes you can fly in windy conditions and once you make the investment petro is cheap and they will fly 15 min or longer no problem

  29. Great video, I can't wait to see you guys fly together, that will be great. Maybe you guys should put crepe paper streamers on the planes and have a dog fight. That would be fun. Cheers my friends Jeff.

  30. SWEET, SWEET, SWEET!!! I salute you both. The best Pietenpol video on YouTube! Thanks, and THIS IS IT!!!!!! Great landing and great filming, the motor is SICK!! Take off had me scared!! Great POINT! Landing made up for take off! Awesome guys!!

  31. scary take off well saved but magnificent flight and perfect landing. Can't wait to see next conversion. Captain Blaz and Captain Peter promoted to legend status

  32. Robert way to stick with the take off. most guys would have throttled back and tip stall with the cart wheel landing. But no you stuck with it and had success though it was a butt puckering moment. and it turned into a beautiful flight. and the landing. you took us to school on that one. OHHH YEAH!!! you guys are awesome my Slovenian brothers oh yeah I SALUTE!!! 😎

  33. Hello Robert

    I am very moved because it is the first plane that I see flying with the micron 2-24!

    It's fabulous, great, you revive a piece of history of the company MICRON 👍

    You are absolutely passionate and I find myself a lot in you!

    Thousand times BRAVO !!!

  34. I wouldn't screw around with a rare engine as far as stunts eather, not in front of arm chair critics. So many experts would tell you what you did wrong. Crashing a nice plane is one thing, crashing a rare twin cylinder engine is another. I need a take off matt too. Have to admit, that was the crazy take off. A little panic there? Sounded ok, mabe a bit more adjusting on it but nice! You guys rock! Its been cool, clear and windy here. Typical Northern Mi weather really.

  35. Awesome flight! Beautiful plane, great conversion to a 2 cilinder engine, an aerobatic takeoff🤨🤭 ,well flown and a perfect landing. I love it.

  36. I had one of these twin cylinder Micron motors fitted into a Mercury Monocoupe,I sold my collection of glow and diesel engines many years ago,for me it was the end of an era with the advent of quiet clean electric flight,today I convert old vintage models successfully to electric the reverse of what you two are doing,but each to their own as long as you are having fun that is all that matters,keep up the good work with the independent reviews from your great flying field in Slovenia,you are two great guys who are promoting our wonderful hobby throughout the world by making these interesting videos.

  37. Captain Robert was so happy with landing he almost forgot to salute 🙂 . Great job guys, looking forward to future conversions.

  38. Exceptional conversion guys. I might pick up one of these planes at HobbyKing live in Sydney on the weekend. I'm very much looking forward to seeing your super kinetic fly

  39. What a vido. You guys never fail to surprise us. Pilot Robert I know you did that crazy take off just to scare us. Right ? And a great landing. Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing these great films.

  40. What a great looking plane. Nice flight and another entertaining video. Thumbs up boys!
    Cheers, Bob

  41. Love your videos, they are always entertaining and informative. Nothing like the smell of the nitro or gas model engines! Do you keep all the planes that you fly on video? Maybe one of your upcoming videos you could show the viewers your collection, it has to be massive! Thanks

  42. Hi there gents.
    Congratulations on you 5000th subscriber.
    You totally deserve it… Saw this on ebay and thought of you. Too much cash for my wallet.
    All the best. Kev.

  43. The " most " Fun Pietenpol's video of the world !

    Congratulations Capitan J….. and camera man .

  44. Love your enthusiasm boys! Great to see old rare engines being used.Nice flight Robert and excellent preparation Blaz and cool zooming oh yeah!

  45. If your were playing golf Cap't Robert, your landing would have been a hole-in-one …perfect, crazy and unbelievable hey!!!! Oh yeah!!!!

  46. wow.. you did a great job saving that takeoff and it turned into the most beautiful flight and landing i think i have seen on your channel, this is just awesome!! Salute!

  47. Brilliant conversion! It runs like a dream, that has to be the smoothest 2 cylinders you guys have used yet! Snoopy must have climaxed with this! Salute Cpt.Blaz!

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