Passer la douane Marocaine avec un Drone ! | BLKMRKT [MAROC EP01]

Passer la douane Marocaine avec un Drone ! | BLKMRKT [MAROC EP01]

humanity being disposed to understand, having compassion for others, which leads to help those who need it but people who know me, know that i’m not a very a comprehensible guy with human state of mind traitor, fake, egoist, power-hungry and greedy i have a lot of different words to talk about us we’re the most devastating specie here on earth , for us, and for others we’re a real cancer for everything yeah, i know, i’m not a very positive guy is it a majority ? or there is still good people, who can help you without thinking about what they can take from you during my last road trip, a real question were on my mind: why this is always people with nothing, who are giving the most ? maybe the world where we’re living, hide our face about what is really essential in our life ? i could start this show with the classic “start from paris at 4PM just slept 8 minutes, my GPS is broken and i’m pretty sure i forgot a lot of stuff for this trip Direction Chartres, at Clement’s House, taking the high way, going to Barcelona , 1000 kilometers after, to take a ferry to go to Morocco i could precise that we arrived just 2 minutes before they close the doors to access to the ferry but we did it and we’re going to sleep a bit on the boat. i could … but after living this adventure like we did, i must tell you this story in a different way But first, we are going to try to pass the Douane as you can see, i’m hot. During the day, we slept in front on the sun on the boat, and i got a sunstroke i was hot, cold, i got nosebleeds i was pretty bad i just wanted to go out of this boat, breathe, and sleep somewhere ! but first, we must be controlled by the Douane if you followed our adventure in live, there is something that i didn’t tell you i had my drone in my bag i don’t know if you know the law about drones here in Morocco, but you can’t bring your drone. normally you have to report it and they take your drone. if you don’t do it, and fly with it in Morocco, you can have serious problems, and some people are talking about going to jail … and you can’t tell that you didn’t know, because it’s written everywhere ! so now, i have 2 reason to being hot like i told you before, no GPS for this trip. Just a map, and google map sometimes, just in case, when i’ll have a Moroccan sim card we’re a bit lost after leaving the boat. We’re trying to take the good road, but we’re not sure where we are. There is cops everywhere We try to find a spot to sleep tonight we took a little track that we thought it was safe, but guys with guns where in front of us. And they weren’t police officers, or military … We are on a area where there is a lot of Marijuana growers, so we directly understand who where these guys with guns we went back on the road, and we took an another wrong direction. We had to cross a little spanish frontiers, named Ceuta. let’s go for a double control … One to go to ceuta, and another to leave this place. This is perfect … with my drone in my bag …. we refuel the bikes, and we take the highway. We’re going to try to find the good road, to correctly start this trip tomorrow this is 5:00PM and we’re so tired. We stop the bike on the highway, and we decide to sleep directly on the ground ! yeah, i know, this is hard to do harder for a first night here in Morocco But sun rises early, clement is dead, and i can’t ride anymore too, it’s okay for tonight. i have to admit that i’m in a really bad mood… So much that i’m not really understanding why i’m here at this moment … but i’m pretty sure this is because of my sunstroke tomorrow, we’re going to find a good place to take a good coffee, to start this first day of the trip in good conditions 6 o’clock in the morning, cold is waking me up i decide to climb on the bike in order to sleep a bit more, but i can’t Clement is still sleeping on the ground i walk a bit in order the warm my body, i watch the sunrise, and i wake up Clement. we’re still on the highway and we have about 30 kilometers to do before arriving to the city of Tetouan. we put our bags, start the bikes, and let’s go ! we found an awesome coffeeshop you know what it is, big coffee, orange juice, pastries … and where we saw the price of all this, we took so many coffees and pastries … Life isn’t expensive here ! and we have access to WIFI, so we really took our time ! This is the first time since we started from France, where we have time to chill a bit I decided to prepare this trip in a really different way of Iceland, for example. For this one, Time isn’t a component of this trip. Okay, first step of the day, going to Chefchaouen ! why Morocco ? After Iceland, we wanted to make something really different. after going on a country were climatic conditions are pretty hard, we wanted something warmer Morocco is a sure value for everyone who like riding bikes on the road , and of course in off road ! There is so many people whore are coming here from everywhere and i’m not going to talk about all the different rally raid organized here, every years ! This country is a MUST for riders ! i didn’t think the north of Morocco was green like this ! but i know that when we’re going to the south, the greenery is going to disappear for how long i don’t know ! But thank you ! it’s 12:00 PM and we’re going to stop on this restaurant to eat something. First real stop in Morocco, first restaurant, and First tagine ! This restaurant is so beautiful .. it’s about 3:00PM and we try to take the road again, under this blazing sun ! But first, police check. The first since we’re here, i hope things are going to be cool -Where are you going to sleep tonight ?
-Fès, i guess … -Fès ?
-Yes if we arrive there – it’s going to take 5 more hours
– five ? wow .. okay ! there is how many kilometers before arriving there ? problem isn’t about kilometers, but the ground. Road is a bit destroyed, but you can go on it well finally, no pressure, we didn’t took off our helmets and nothing. I really though they’re going to compare our faces with our ID, but no. . We have 5 more hours to ride before arriving to Fès. So let’s go we could stop before, but we didn’t slept well since 3 days now, so we really want to find a good place to take a good shower, and sleep in good conditions. We really need it ! when we arrived to the city of Fès, a guy directly took us to show us a place to sleep do you think it’s a good plan or not ? what do you want to do ? I don’t know .. he is talking about a garage and a barbecue .. here you are in the old city, la médina. There is a parking for the bike … Let’s check his place ? And if we don’t want to sleep there we take the road again, okay ? We don’t know what to think about this … let’s see the place, but i already know that we’re not going to accept it … After the day we had, we really want to take the time to choose something cool for us. We didn’t understand why there is so many people in the street. But the “King” of Morocco was in the city tonight. this is why there is so many people and soldiers This was incredible, you have a soldier every 100 meters, ready to fight in case of, from the entrance of the city, until the exit ! to imagine the size of the city, Fès is the 2nd biggest city of Morocco, with a size of 424km2, Paris sizes 105km2 so imagine how how many militaries were there just to protect the king we took some times but we found a good place to sleep tonight, and we can put our bikes into it, so it’s perfect ! let’s chill a bit, eat something hot, and sleep ! Tomorrow, we go to the national park of aguelmame azegza, and we’re going to ride our first off-road sections ! if you want to buy your itinerary, your poster, hoodie or t-shirt, you can go on my store ! Follow me on instagram and facebook, and subscribe to this channel ! See you next week for the 2nd episode of our Moroccan adventures !

Eugene Islam

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    Seul défaut… attendre une semaine pour avoir la suite 😂

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    Comme dhab superbes images, de la musique !
    Des potes sont partis exclusivement off-road et ça me donne de plus en plus de partir la bas !
    Vite vite vite la suite !
    (j'ai loupé le réveil 😅)

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    Pour ce premier épisode je trouve que la narration externe enlève un peu de l’immersion dans votre aventure. Mais ça reste top !

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    Petite remarque concernant la minute 3:00: Il s'agit de la Route Nationale 16 entre Eddalya et Fnideq, qui traverse une forêt de pins où il n'y a rien à part quelques villages de pêcheurs… La région où pousse le cannabis se trouve à plus de 150km de là ! J'ai jamais entendu parler d'une attaque quelle-conque aux alentours de cette route et je ne vois pas qui pourrait vous barrer la route et pour quelle raison il le ferait… Vous pouvez même aller dans les champs de cannabis, personne vous fera du mal. Les gens qui y vivent et y travaillent sont avant tout des pauvres agriculteurs, inoffensifs, qui vous traiterons de la même façon dont le font les campagnards du sud… C'est loin d’être comme en Amérique Latine, où les champs sont protégés par des gardes armés…
    Pour le drone, tu le laisses à la douane en échange d'un récépissé, et tu le récupères à ta sortie du pays.

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    "c'est pas un pb de kilométrage, c'est la route" haha
    PS : ton écologue à défaut de poser le genou, il pose la roue de rechange au sol quand il penche V

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  26. Ce roadtrip s'annonce incroyable, j'ai hâte de voir la suite et tous ces magnifiques paysages. Merci de prendre le temps de partager ça avec nous 😉

  27. Non mais la n importe quoi pout le drone je l explique dans une de mes videos tu recupere ton drone gratuitement apres 3 jours !
    Sinon c est payant je suis passe au meme endroit sur ma video Xadv in desert tu verras le post de douane

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