Parrot Disco Drone Early Look | Mashable CES 2016

Parrot Disco Drone Early Look | Mashable CES 2016

This is the Parrot’s new winged drone. It’s
called the Parrot Disco. It’s about a meter across, it’s got a cool camera on the front, 14
megapixels three axis digital stabilized you can see everything on the ground but
what’s really cool about it is that it can fly for 45 minutes on a single charge go fifty miles per hour and the way you
start flying is you just throw it into the air and then you control it with the
free flight app which is the same app you use for all the Parrot drones. It’s made
of foam, carbon and plastic. It’s got actual flaps on the back…it’s still just a
project, coming out sometime in 2016, we don’t know how much is going to cost but
it’s introduced here at CES 2016 and we think it’s pretty cool.

Eugene Islam

11 thoughts on “Parrot Disco Drone Early Look | Mashable CES 2016

  1. The only problem I see with this is that it must have a very large turning circle and that wouldn't be a problem when setting up a short if it could hover in place in order to get a good angle but it doesn't look as though it can do that either

  2. I understand why its foam but that really detracts from the build quality. I love the idea of the drone but I'd really hate for it to crash or the wind to take it, even more so than a regular drone

  3. "its got actual flaps on the back" this guy doesn't know what the hell he's taking about there called elevons

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