– About to launch the drone
here by the Pai River. (slow inspirational music) Everybody, it’s the second of March, 2018. I’m in the little town of
Pai to the north of Thailand. About to launch the drone
here by the Pai River. The sun is about to set and
I’m gonna fly the drone. Here’s the plan, I’m gonna
fly the drone up to the border from here, I’m going to try to anyway. You won’t be able to see
it if I try to show you from the ground here, but the border is (birds chirping and calling) straight through there somewhere. So I’m gonna try and
fly the drone up to it. And before the sun sets,
so let’s try this out. This is the Pai River right behind me. It’s really nice, apparently
they do tubing here. And let’s try this, it’s
probably not gonna work. (slow inspirational music) All right, so I just
finished flying the drone. That was a fail. The border was much further
away than what it appeared by looking at it from the
ground, so I didn’t make it to the border, but you
saw it on the drone. The drone’s camera, the
border, there’s a white speck on the hill on the mountain and
I couldn’t make it that far. I had a lot of interference, so I didn’t make it very far at all. So the only footage that I
did get was the Pai River and some of the bamboo
bridges around the Pai River. Sorry, I tried. Anyway, so that’s it. Friday night, it is the
second of March, 2018 and going to head to Walking
Street Market tonight. I might even give you
a little tour of that in another video, stay tuned. Can’t wait to see you,
thanks for watching, have an awesome day.
(slow inspirational music)

Eugene Islam

5 thoughts on “PAI THAILAND (AMAZING DRONE VIDEO!) | 02-03-2018

  1. Beautiful drone scenery once again! Remote yet so beautiful filming from the aerial views. Seemed like I am flying from the air! Freedom!

  2. Exactly a year to the day after you filmed this, I watched it! So beind on your recent Fitness Street videos. Got some major catching up to do! Anyway, Pai is on my list for this year!

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