Eugene Islam

4 thoughts on “Obama speech – Predator drones

  1. It's funny because it's true.
    Let blow up some innocents and have a laugh. HAHA
    (sarcasm in case it wasn't clear….sick f&^%&%n bastard)

  2. haha yeah its funny its all a game until you read the patriot act and other similar acts that allow marshall law. These weapons can be used on UNITED STATES SOIL just as easy as other places. and the US department of homeland security is well armed with UAV drones to fight its own 'terrorist citizens' its time we shared the truth

  3. What's so funny about this is that Obama threatens a boy band what Predator drones when I think he could have just used his bare hands there a fucking boy band you need to threaten them with Predator drones you have the fucking muscle to beat them up I know faturnal fucking instinct kick in but there not a fucking threat to god damn national fucking security are they

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