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100 thoughts on “New flying car about to take flight

  1. That’s all we need is this shit falling out of the sky.
    People should not be allowed to drive period .
    Too fking stupid .

  2. This guy is a fking imbecile
    Ask the right questions stupid
    Who is going to police this shit?
    Who decides who is competent?
    When someone fks up and this shit falls out of the sky and kills 10 people, who pays?
    Bad idea.
    Never happen .

  3. Nope…sucks as a car/motorcycle and it sucks as a plane… AND its cheaper to buy a minivan with an ultralight stowed in the back.

  4. That is a fun toy but will not be mass produced and sold. A propeller thrust strong enough to drive that plane through the air will blow dust, rocks, hypo needles into traffic and ruin all of the other cars. This is simply an ultralight or sport aircraft with retracting wings.

  5. I saw recently there's a bunch of new airship designs being tested, one from Lockheed Martin has a cargo payload of 500tons can take off and land vertically anywhere without any ballast or tie downs and has a 90mph cruise speed with turbofan engines which means you just align yourself with the wind or against it. I remember watching a cartoon as a kid about early blimp travel and how they were like cruise ships of the sky and since then I've always wanted to go on one.

  6. Puffy. It will never ever work. Hell most people can't even drive on the ground. Pipe dream.
    Too much Jetsons growing up.

  7. With the autonomous point A-to-B fly feature, you can go to the bar and get home safely! Unless you trip and fall on your way to the doorstep.

  8. Only people who know little about photography photograph things with the light on the wrong side. Fox should consider employing some professionals.

  9. Wait till they get flying and see if it flys well. Problem is that the price will be very high like all new airplanes.

  10. So we're driving on the road and some a**** crashes down into our traffic because he can't fly or drive or he's on the cell phone

  11. As a pilot, yes, there are pilots, with money, that will buy these and no, they are impractical for the common man. In reality, for a pilot, these are still impractical. It is much safer and cheaper to own a car and a plane rather than an auto/plane. If your car gets a dent, you can still drive it. If your auto/plane gets dented, the cost to repair is 10 times the cost, to make sure it is safe to fly again.

  12. They have been putting up the”Sky highway” for awhile now. GPS was used by the military long before it became a consumer item. Personal aerial vehicles will have sat link and have “lanes” and altitudes for east west north and south, just like commercial jets do now. Logistics and integration to come. And it will come fast just like all tech nowadays.

  13. Great design. Have a model four stroke pusher motor I never used. Be cool to use this concept for a model plane. Maybe play with the body style.

  14. Maybe for a few who have pilots license. The flying car will not change the world until they make auto navigation drones. Most people I would not trust in that.

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  20. Never going to happen, there would be no way to safely control that much air traffic and the first mid-air multi-collision above a heavily populate area will not end well

  21. Flight control surfaces are a bit odd? the elevator & rudder distance's from the main wing spar. were are your ailerons? this design may need flight control canards on the nose. as I say to the hyperloop people, prove it works in the real world, …anybody can make computer-generated imagery & post a video. if you have $ make a full scale display mockup model. at the end of the day a flying car is an aircraft, making the diver a pilot. the flying drone taxi designs are winning the flying car race. as anybody can use one.

  22. Short high aspect wings combined with low horsepower means high takeoff and landing speeds means high skill and long runways. Easier to learn to pole-vault 🙂
    And paint the beast white or pink so people don't think "black ops" radar proof. Plastidip is available in many colors!

  23. I've seen "flying cars" on the cover of Popular Mechanics for decades and yet here is another one. Is the real purpose of these to get investors to help you make a paycheck for a while?!?

  24. innovative design on the wings and how they fold out. the seem well protected from roadside accidents…more than the Terrafugia original version with the gangly folding wings on the outside…i'm sure there are many reasons for that tradeoff…in any event…congrats on the design and best during production.

  25. all these airplanes disguised as cars are not "it", why hasn't anyone looked back at the aerodyne? a design with no wings and VTOL is more like it, but these people just won't get it…..NO. WINGS!!

  26. No innovation in this so called flying car,people want drones they can take of and land anywhere so this is a waste of money,cant think they are going to make more than one.

  27. Liability insurance will be very expensive. Aviation liability insurance won't cover this on the roads. Road liability insurance won't cover this while in the air. Collision insurance will also be high. Expensive toy for multi-millionaires. If the goal is to give everyone one of these, you'll have to take control away from the pilot while airborne and make it autonomous. There are other issues that will keep this idea from becoming common place. Less costly (unless you have money to burn) to have a car and plane. Then rent a car at your destination.

  28. Pretty balsey…..advertising product before its even had the wheels off the ground…and the claimed top speed/cruise speed plenty optimistic..Already drove it 100 mph on the ground…it doesn't look street legal…the trike deal as a motorcycle gets around a lot but not all dot regulations….and as an airplane any little bump scratch or dent will ground you until it meets your local a/p tech….and if ya damage it at home good luck finding an inspector who does house calls….duel purpose deals will always be a compromise with present day technology and the market for something like that is limited…for that amount of money…the money it will actually cost…figure 175 200k you can buy a plane and a motorcycle and ride the bike to the airport… to see the drive system..gear driven for wheels that will turn a prop…needs at least 100 hp at an rpm that wont use the motor up..

  29. Gonna cost a whole lot more than 140 k. First the automobile will have to pass muster with the national highway safety commission standards and then the FAA will have to type certify this aircraft and make sure it will be airworthy and that is no easy task. It will have to have a lot of redundant features, a lot of expensive electronics, radios for com/nav, the engine will need to have a dual magneto system and be air cooled, etc… I'm a pilot now and those wishing to purchase one of these vehicles will have to shell out another ten thousand plus and a whole lot of dedicated studying to obtain a certified pilots license. Then, if you want to fly in bad weather, you will need to put in two hundred hours of flying time and several thousand more dollars and a whole lot more, strictly dedicated, studying to get an IFR rating. Good luck to all. When this thing flys and starts selling like hot cakes, I'll trade my wings for a real good pair of walking shoes.

  30. There is a flaw in humans flying. It is the simple fact we cannot handle our selves in the air like birds. This is the reason we have to have air control towers and special runways to take off and land as birds have no need of. Our natural habitat is the earth not the air like birds. We were not designed that way. And by the way, we did not design ourselves.

  31. Well be all that as it may on the downside, air travel for daily commuting will become a reality before long. Something has to be done about traffic jams everywhere and the ridiculous carbon imprint that exists worldwide due to cars and trucks etc. idling endlessly in traffic. Think of the wasted fuel and time. Mind boggling.

  32. The list of problems with this design is almost endless………….Besides, this entire concept has been made obsolete by the scaled up drones that are becoming certified as man-rated for autonomous flight.

  33. They will be fun to shoot at with a 50 caliber. Plus America I don't think would allow these in there air space..wait until someone uses one as a bomb..just like 911..

  34. We won't have a true "flying car" until they look and work like the aerodynes depicted in the 1982 "Blade Runner" movie.

  35. Fying car should have folding quad rotors for vtol capability for thats where it should be going, slip in and out of city streets cause its also a car. Folding Wings should also be there like this one for cruising speed. It just need something to make it hover

  36. Did not see it flying. Get someone who knows avaiation to do these stories these reporters just gush all over this thing without asking one real question like does it really fly and what is the takeoff roll etc

  37. Flying cars have typically one of three things, a bad car a bad airplane, an usually both.
    If this ever makes it to market and I doubt it will, the first fender bender your in and your screwed! Knowing that you will be hard pressed to fine an insurance company willing to wright a policy on it.

  38. SHITTY LOW CLASS REPORTING!!! You two pooped all over this guy like he was bullshiting and what could have been an inspiring moment. The one interviewing was more interested talking with the female news anchor than the guy he was interviewing. FUCK FOX NEWS

  39. The reason things like this NEVER happened before is easy..  You WILL need a pilot's license..   They say you won't but the FAA will NOT allow this without a pilot's license.  Wanna take bets.??   There was another craft much like this one back in the 1990s and it was literally shot down by the FAA.   How many times does this idea have to die..??   Just imagine, sitting home at dinner and this "F"ing thing crashes through your living room ceiling..  NEVER gonna happen.

  40. Still no first flight, and this was published 7 months ago. Anyone else wonder why this thing hasn't flown yet, even though they've been working on it for a decade? Because in my opinion, it's a scam. They can't go on collecting reservation $ or investor $, once they attempt to fly, and it just doesn't. We went to the moon quicker. The wings are like 6" off of the ground, for crying out loud!!! CG looks to be iffy also. I feel sorry for anyone who has invested any $!!!

  41. this ignorant no talent reporter almost making fun of this, dude I'd like to see you come up with a better idea.

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