My Favourite Tech for Quality Video Creation

My Favourite Tech for Quality Video Creation

– Hey team, in this video,
I’m gonna walk you through my complete tech setup for when I create all my YouTube content, Facebook
content, LinkedIn content, and all the videos that I love to create. (upbeat music) Hey everyone, and welcome
back to another video. Now, it’s pretty fair to say I
create a lot of video content with my Funnel Academy,
with my Facebook group, with my coaching calls, with my clients, with my videos, my YouTube, my Facebook, my LinkedIn Lives that
I do every single day. I am creating video content
almost every single day. And with that, I’m starting
to get a lot of questions around what camera do I use,
what microphone do I use, what tech setup do you have Gav? How do you use your DSLR and all of this? I’m getting these questions
a lot, and so in this video, I’m gonna walk you through
the tech setup that I have, and that I use for all
of my video content. Now I have to say, I’m by
no means a tech expert, a camera guy, and so if
I get any of the terms or things wrong in this
video, don’t blame me. First of all, I have
to talk about my camera because you wouldn’t be seeing
my face unless I had it, and that is the Sony a6400. I used to be a Canon man,
like every single camera I had was a Canon, Canon G7 X, Canon 70D. But the thing with the Canon
DSLR, especially the 70D, which I owned and used
to create my videos on, is it just felt big and
clunky, and I wanted something that if I went traveling, I went away, I could just almost put
it away in my pocket. Now I could put the G7 X in
my pocket, but it doesn’t really have the same
capabilities as a big DSLR. And so I was researching into Sonys, I saw a few friends with
Sonys and I was trying to find a Sony that had a flip screen,
so I could look at myself. And I was also trying to
find a camera that allowed me to record for longer than 30 minutes because a lot of DSLRs don’t let you. And the only one I
could really come across that had all of the things I wanted and ticked all the boxes
was the Sony a6400. And so, I purchased it and this camera, I absolutely love this camera. It just does everything I want it to do. It looks nice, it’s
sharp, it’s got slo-mo, it records for over 30 minutes,
it’s small, it’s compact. It’s just an all-round good camera. Second of all, I have
to talk about the lens, because I only have one
lens for this camera and this is a Sigma 16mm F1.4. Now, I had no idea what lens to get, I didn’t know what I was looking for. I didn’t know the tech setup. I basically just said to some photographer and videographer friends, hey look, I want a lens that’s
gonna look super sharp. It’s gonna be wide, ’cause
I like a wide angle. And one that’s just gonna look very good. I really like when they’ve got
the blurry backgrounds thing, so that was the things
I said to these friends and this is what they landed upon. I believe the F1.4 means
that it’s super sharp here and blurry in the background, and 16mm which means it’s wide. And so, it does everything
that I want it to do. Thirdly we have the microphone. Now this is the RODE Podcaster mike and this was recommended
to me by my good friend Colin Gray at He is like the go-to person
when it comes to podcast and tech, and I said to Colin, look, I want the best podcasting mike I can get, but I want one that’s super simple to use so I can, lets you just USB
plug it into my MacBook. I don’t wanna deal with mixing desks and all this sort of
jazz, and this was the one that he recommended, and I have to say, I now use it for, not just the podcast, but every single video I make. Every single Zoom call I’m on. Every single group coaching call I’m on in the Funnel Academy. This is the microphone I use. Now I do have other microphones
like the RODE VideoMic Pro. I’ve also got a lapel mic, but
this one just beats them all in terms of the quality of the microphone, also the ease of use, just plug it in. And I’ve got it on a shock mount here, and also this boom arm. I don’t wanna speak whilst I’m doing this ’cause it probably sounds terrible. But the boom arm basically
allows me to move this wherever I want it, but this microphone, I just absolutely love it,
it’s just a really simple, easy, but high quality mic. Number four is all about lighting. Now I’m pretty lucky in that I
have got a window right here. I sit right in front of a window, so whenever I’m doing
calls and LinkedIn Lives, typically it’s gonna be natural light. However, when I’m creating
videos for YouTube and maybe higher quality videos, I like to use a bit of
artificial lighting, and I’ve got two of these to do that. These are the Aperture AL-M9s,
and these were recommended to me by Jack Gaisford, over on LinkedIn, who’s another video expert
dude that knows way more than I do about lighting and camera setup. And I basically said, look,
I’m looking for a light. I’ve got my office,
I’ve got my desk setup. I want a good light
setup that’s not gonna be one of those massive,
big boxes or whatever, and take up the whole room, and these were what he recommended. Now, I didn’t quite expect
them to be this small, but they’re super high quality. They are super bright,
they do a really good job. And I either use one
of them or two of them. My fifth tool is one that
you can’t actually see because I’m using it right now. It’s called the Elgato Cam Link 4K. And what it essentially
is, is a little USB device. On one end it’s got a
USB, on the other end, that allows you to plug in a HDMI. And what the Elgato Cam
Link allows me to do, is it allows me to take
my camera, my DSLR, and plug it into my
MacBook with a HDMI port. So in my DSLR right
now, I have a mini HDMI. That’s a wire that then runs
into the Elgato Cam Link. And that Elgato Cam Link then
plugs into my MacBook via USB and it allows me to use
the DSLR as my webcam, as the camera that I use when
I’m creating my video content. Essentially what I do with my DSLR is I use it as a webcam now. Whenever I’m on video calls,
whenever I’m doing the podcast, LinkedIn Lives, I only ever use my DSLR. So my screen is here, my
MacBook screen is here, so when I’m looking at the camera, I’m actually not looking at the screen, I’m looking off to the side
’cause I’m using my DSLR. But the Elgato Cam Link
just allows you to have that really high quality 4K, 1080p feed from your camera into your MacBook. My sixth tool is a piece of
software called Ecamm Live. Now I actually use Ecamm to create all of my video content now,
everything from my YouTube, my Facebook, my live
streams, my training videos for the Funnel Academy,
and Facebook group. Every single video I create
is now using Ecamm Live. Essentially, Ecamm Live allows
you to create video content like this, so this has
been recorded on Ecamm. And rather than me having
to hit record on my camera and then take my memory card
out, I hit record on my screen and the file then, directly
downloads to my MacBook. Which means it’s super easy for extending it off to an editor. But it also allows me to just,
by one click of a button, share my screen, so if I
wanted to share screen videos, I want to do tutorials, I can set it up so it’s got my face
here, I click one button and it then shares to my screen. I can also do really fun stuff like add text onto the screen. So if you’re doing a livestream, a Facebook Live for example,
and you want text to come up on the screen with your
website, super easy to do that. I could not recommend Ecamm highly enough. There we have it, that is my tech setup for all things video creation. For me, I just wanted
something that looked good, that provided a good
experience to the people that were watching, and
also made it super easy and simple for me. I wanted something that I
could just sit in this chair, hit record, record something, upload it, send it to my editors,
and the job was done. And that’s exactly what I have now. There’s none of this worrying
about the camera setup being good, the microphone being good, the lighting being good, then
having to take the memory card out and uploading it, and
all this sort of stuff. For me as a business owner,
someone that’s got loads of stuff to do, I wanted a really quick and easy video setup
that I could just turn to whenever I wanted to create a video. Like this video was not planned. It’s just I’ve been in the last week, I’ve had maybe three or four
people ask me what setup do I use, and I thought well,
let’s just film a video. So I came through, planned
this video, five minutes, came through, hit record,
and I’ve recorded it. So if you’re a business owner
that struggles to create video content, maybe from time
or because you’re maybe not the most creatively-minded,
then I suggest you find a setup, invest in a setup that
makes it easy for you. A camera that sits on your desk, that’s plugged into
your MacBook like mine, which means you just hit
record and then you can speak, upload it, and that is the job done. If you find this video useful,
please be sure to like it. Drop a comment with any questions, and please be sure to hit subscribe. Hit that bell notification,
it’s my surname and makes me happy, and
also, share this video with someone that needs to see it. As always, I’ve enjoyed making this. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching it. I will see you in the next video. (gentle music)

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