Morrisky entrevista a Dr.Kite

Morrisky entrevista a Dr.Kite

Hey banda How are you I’m Paco Borja “Morrinsky” Today, we are goin to do something really special We’re going to speak with somebody Everybody knows He does a lot of things for the sport And we are going to ask about him and about his life and everything It’s the one and only Roberto Reyes! Nobody know who Roberto Reyes is Everybody knows him as Dr Kite I stared repairing kites in 2002 How did you went from… Going and having fun with a kite to repair them? Well, my son bought his first kite Started using it until it broke Everybody told him, well you’ll have to buy a new one Because there’s nobody to repair it So I told him, don’t worry Tomorrow your kite will be fixed So you already knew how to fix this kind of materials? Yes, because we already had the workshop So what, this was not a kite repair shop? We worked in this shop doing other things In the begining we used to build hanging chairs We worked for Hotels We sew tablecloths, napkins… But when kitesurf started.. For me a kite is this Because when my son bought his kite everything was fun until the day it broke And the next day he went again kiting already fixed Everybody was like, who fixed it?? Because buying a new kite everytime it broke Yeah, because at that time, a kite was not a common sight Maybe a small one, but a real kitesurfing one, not everybody I live by doing this, and I live well I like to do it So wait, you live because we.. practice kitesurfig and broke the kites Exactly Yes! but you do what you do, because of me I have clients from Sonora Guadalajara, Acapulco Veracruz… I went to the water, learned to navigate on the board and like it You are not like the stereotype of the… Rucuchu! That at your age if you have a chingadazo doing skateboard… You can brake yourself something, a leg or else… You can be recovering a long time Aren’t you afraid? I like this kind of stuff Yes, I’m afraid i’ll get hurt My age don’t allow me to have a cabronazo So I try to minimize, and do things my way I like doing exciting things, but I try to tune down the danger Skateboard? Sure! Rollerblading? Yes This guy has all the toys can imagine The other side of your life Is this great friendship that you have with your wife When you go kiting, she does it too. She does skateboarding, This is a very strong thing in your life That you can do everything you love Because you have your wife besides you So this is it banda, we’ll be in touch We’ll be meeting more people and knowing what they do By the way banda Don’t miss our next video, next thursday Click to subscribe Mexico al Limite See you next thursday!

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