Mega Construx Destiny Cabal Thresher Gunship set review!

hello everyone this is cabal thresher
gunship a mega construx Destiny set based off events from the very first
opening stanza of the campaign of vanilla destiny – and this just hit the
market and it is February 2019 that’s a tough pill to swallow but the most
important thing here is that finally we get an official i core array figure and
it’s a pretty good figure the paint applications here are nice and crisp
with some very fine detail I think the head mold is pretty good I’m glad that
they didn’t try to put any paint on those eyes because from any reasonable
distance I think it looks alive enough doesn’t look doesn’t look dead in the
eyes in person to me the way that some of the early figures did that have this
design she’s got a shotgun there from destiny – which is I believe deadpan
delivery although it should have had some blue on it some nice dark blue
that’s a minor miss but no big deal she doesn’t use invective anymore and she’s
getting ready to throw a narrow bomb so she just has some space magic that’s
welling up there look at this print over here on her on her bond as well good to
see the prints around the back of the robe again very crisp it’s not easy to
do in a high production in environment on such a soft piece this is all a
rubbery part here early on they had a little bit of trouble with that but no
they got it I got it they got it together and it does come on the stand
Paul figure comes with the you know just a basic stand to get her up in the air
so that she can be getting ready to throw that Noah bomb right in the face
of the Thresher and you will find no mercy in me the
Thresher comes on a stand as well and it is placed close enough to the center of
gravity as this thing is not trying to bend itself off the stand the way that
the the Arcadia jump ship did so you know it it presents itself pretty well
the size of this is something on which I am torn because on the one hand it looks
pretty good on display you know it looks like a good desk model you look at it
relative to a figure just standing on the ground you get my car over here you
know it stands up and stands out pretty well but I can’t help but compare it to
the Cabal dropship said again just in terms of its size now this has to be one
of the most unfair comparisons that I have ever made between a couple of
products because you know this is a flagship product for a year and you know
it’s huge and expensive and all but yeah I just I have this as a mental benchmark
for the size that this type of craft should be in universe this is a smaller
craft but I don’t think the size differential is that great but again I
say I just feel torn about it because this isn’t that small of a model you
know it’s not just a little handheld thing it’s not like a micro fleet model
or anything so yeah it’s not sure what to think about that just want it to at
least share that and show these two together the Thresher build is pretty
enjoyable pretty good stuff for especially the first 70 75 percent of it
by volume I actually have the ability to rotate the rear thruster here on one
axis and these side ones are able to turn forward and back and also lean in
and out I think by default they tend to be angled out just a little bit so it’s
nice to be able to get that they put ball joints in there too
accommodate that and yeah they’re just you know the natural process of building
it feels like you’re putting something together it feels like a brick based
model and not just a simple snap-together model or something that
has you know a whole lot of specialized pieces until you get to the end all of
this here is all one piece all of this get up there there you go all that it’s
one piece well except for these till all two all the things are the front oh this
one specialized piece which is produced well and it looks good and integrates
pretty well with the exception of it having no studs compared to there being
stunted surfaces back here but it just feels like you know just so much of this
just has so much good building good design that went into it then a present
just kind of gave up feel like they could have made more of it with actual
pieces that you put together I’m sure that that was a difficult to design
decision to make because you know at what point do you switch over from
specialized apart to non specialized parts and then how do you deal with the
the seam between those two the scene between studded surface and not I don’t
know if I could have done better myself but it’s definitely something that
stands out to me that so much of this is built up nicely and then you just switch
over to this big canopy piece there’s so much on it got the working shooter down
underneath that just has a little trigger on the side so you can use that
nicely integrated there and a whole purpose for opening this up is to put a
figure in there so you can actually have a figure operating miss Dahlia printed
console up at the front I appreciate the attempt there doesn’t feel entirely
necessary for such a small model but it’s probably a better thing that they
did put it in there have some accommodation rather than then not you
know keeping keeping in mind that this is to some degree intended to be a toy
and not just a model a display model for adults overall the thing is pretty cool
just got a little bit weird at the end to me and then the final thing is just
this red Legion Legionnaire who is produced
pretty well has the slug rifle which is just a slug rifle but they market it
specifically here in this set as sky burners oath which is fine you know just
looks like a slug rifle anyway you just got that almost black color it’s like a
very very dark gunmetal grey very dark has just a little bit of metallic flake
in it and the print of the the jump pack on the back is pretty nice for the paint
application there it’s got a lot of metallic flake in it so it really shines
almost look like almost looks like it glows in some light another light it
just looks metallic but yeah pretty decent stuff there’s respectable kind of
what you would expect for this figure and this is the one that is that is
designed to fit into the Thresher itself it’s a bit of a tight fit mostly because
of the rubber skirt like in piece that he has but kind of squish them down in
there close this up in it does closed up fully around him and that is that I
think I’ve shared all my opinions about this thing most important thing here
still the fact that it includes an official Ike or array so we can complete
the original Vanguard that we originally knew now that a piece of the Vanguard
the original Vanguard is gone and being replaced now in another figure to be
headed so yeah this is just very late but some of it is cool so it is
questionable so it is definitely up to subjective interpretation let me know
what you think if you like to comments below I’ll talk to you in soon well at least we have each other

Eugene Islam

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