Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air – Which is best?

Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air – Which is best?

hey what’s up guys how’s it going this
is Chris Newman with drone pro and today we’re gonna be
putting the Mavic mini vs mavic air to help you decide which series you
should invest in and the reason that we’re comparing them is because a ton of
people are wondering if the newer cheaper mavic mini is good enough for
the price point compared to the Mavic air but specifically I wanted to know if
I could get good cinematic shots with the Maverick mini now before we start
just know that I was not given these Jones by DJI or anybody else to review
so this is a completely unbiased comparison okay the first thing we talk
about is the price the Mavic mini stand alone cost about 399 and the fly more
combo which comes with two extra batteries a triple charger prop guards
and carrying bag come in at 499 the Mavic air comes in at 919 stand alone in
the fly war combo cost 1149 so the Mavic mini easily wins on price okay next up
is weight and size the Mavic air weighs in at 430 grams and the Mavic mini
weighs in a staggering 249 grams that’s nothing that means that according to the
FAA it does not need to be registered with them so is a huge plus and another
win for the Mavic mini next up is flight time the Mavic air is rated at 21
minutes whereas the Mavic mini comes at a mind-blowing 30 minutes at sea level
during our tests we flew in the mountains at 6,800 feet above sea level
and the Mavic air needed to come down for fresh batteries a lot more often
than the Mavic mini did so I’d say this is a huge win for the Mavic mini okay
guys next up is top speed the Mavic airs top speed in sport mode at sea level in
zero mile an hour wind conditions is ready to forty two point five miles an
hour the Mavic mini top speed in sport mode
is rated at 29 miles an hour we do some drag races a sixty hundred feet and the
Mavic air looks and sounds like a Ferrari in the air so if you need to
follow faster objects such as vehicles or fly faster in general and the
Navigator is the choice for you okay next up is the max range distance
capabilities the Mavic air and the Matic mini both are rated by DJI at two point
four eight miles however sometimes when
even 2,000 feet away I was sometimes start to lose signal and get choppy
video on the Mavic mini whereas the air felt really strong and solid the farther
that I got away so I said that definitely the Mavic air wins out on
this one okay next up is obstacle avoidance this features become standard
on the more recent DJI drones the Mavic air is equipped with forward backward
and downward sensors whereas the Mavic mini is only equipped with downward only
and that’s used for landing and keeping its position when you’re flying without
GPS we have to say be very very careful if you’re just learning how to fly you
can easily get in the trouble and crash and so make sure that you play it safe
ok next we’re going to talk about is the lenses the focal length on both drone
so the Mavic air and the Mavic mini are both 24 millimeters in the 35 millimeter
format equivalent so I notice that they’re not exactly the same but they’re
very very close and in my opinion 24 millimeters is kind of a good overall
length for your drone to get kind of good shot that’s not too close that’s
not too wide I think it’s a good all-around focal length to have so I’d
say they’re definitely a draw in this category ok next up is the camera
quality and frame rate options both cameras on the Mavic air animatic mini
both feature a one and a half point three-inch CMOS sensor with 12
megapixels the Mavic air features a max video bitrate of a hundred megabits per
second resolution up to 4k and frame rates of 120 frames per second at 1080p
it also shoots raw and JPEG photos at the 4k resolution
now the Mavic mini also features a one and a half point three CMOS sensor with
the same 12 megapixels however it only shoots a super-low 40 megabits per
second and only the offers up to 2.7 K video it also limits you to 25 frames
per second and 30 frames per second frame rate with no 24 frames per second
offered it shoots 4k JPEG photos no raw option is offered so as far as frame
rate options a bitrate on paper than the Mavic air is the clear winner here
however let’s put the Mavic air in the Mavic
many side-by-side and see how they compare footage-wise up close okay so
this is a non scientific test we put the drones up in the air we kind of point
them at the same spots we use the same exact histograms made this sure that all
the settings were as close as possible to make sure our exposures matched and
then we took some videos and photo samples what I discovered actually blew
my mind when i zoom into the images on the Mavic mini versus Mavic air test it
actually seems that the Mavic mini puts out a sharper clearer image and looked
really really good now keep in mind that the mini does not allow you to change
the settings in regard to color profile white balance and that stuff it’s all
done automatically but it seems to be the Mavic and clarity sharpest and
dynamic range I fully expected to see a very clear winner here for the Mavic air
since the bitrate is a hundred megabits per second and the Mavic minis only 40
megabits per second I also compared the raw photo sample I took from the Mavic
air to the JPEGs of the Mavic air and the mini and actually looked much closer
to the Mavic mini JPEG so this just totally blows my mind I was not
expecting this I cannot believe it I can’t believe I’m saying that the mat
mini actually beats out the Mavic air and video quality in my opinion once
again this was not a super scientific test we match the settings up as close
as possible I cannot believe what I’m seeing here so definitely the Natick
mini I think just out of the box has the edge here next it was hard the drones do
in wind conditions the Mavic air is rated at twenty three point six one mile
per hour wind and the Mavic minis rated at seventeen point nine mile an hour
wind in sport mode so I flicked the extra weight and the speed capabilities
of the maverick air really give it a much more solid feeling when flying in
the wind the Mavic mini definitely seems like it feels every little bit of wind
and once I got close to mount ops I was actually afraid the wind might take me
over the top and I might not be able to get it back so the Mavic air definitely
wins this round ok next up we’re gonna look at the camera controls and the
ability is smooth cinematic shots this is truly one of the most important
things to me as a filmmaker a cinematographer and a drone pilot I want
to be able to get those cinematic shots now fortunately both the Mavic air and
the Mavic mini have the ability to customize the tilt speed both also have
something called a cinematic mode this allows you to more easily get those
super smooth cinematic shots without jerking too much this is one of the most
important features to me because I just gotta get those cinematic shots so I’d
say this is a draw in this category both drones are very capable of getting nice
smooth shots okay now so a big question for me when I was looking at the mini
was setting exposure how that process works and we’re gonna look at the menus
a little bit and tell you specifically how that happens so as you can see on
the Mavic there you have the standard screen and you just basically set your
exposure by setting your shutter and your ISO to get your proper exposure on
the mapping mini however you don’t have the ability to set the individual
parameters instead of automatically sets the exposure and you just just the EV
which stands for exposure value and the exposure value is the number that
represents a combination of the shutter speed and the f-stop so you basically
just let it automatically set the exposure and then you can adjust the
Eevee up or down to the required exposure and then you lock it down by
tapping on the lock icon this means that your exposure will not be going up and
down all over the place while you’re tilting up into the sky or looking down
into darker places as your lighting conditions change at first I was kind of
reluctant to use this method of exposure night I wasn’t sure I’d like it very
much but I actually found that it’s super fast really easy just to bang it
up there just to make it happen and it worked really really well so overall I’d
say that both ways of setting exposure it worked great and so I’d say it’s a
draw in this category okay so next up is build quality the Mavic air seems
heavier and more solidly built whereas the mini just seems like it’s kind of a
shell of plastic I say the Mavic air is definitely a better build quality for
sure okay now on to noise levels while we were flying the drones the sound
difference was very noticeable the Mavic mini seemed much quieter compared to the
Mavic air but let’s get a little more technical so this test was with my
decibel meter behind the camera with the drones finding exact
same distance away so the Mavic air came in at 79 to 81 decibels and the Mavic
mini came in at 73 to 75 so I say definitely a win for thematic mini here
okay next up is the internal storage capabilities the Mavic air has eight
gigabytes of internal storage which is great for when you forget your cards and
you need that extra space after you’ve filled up your cards after a day’s
shooting let manic many however it does not have internal storage at all so I’d
say the Mavic air wins this battle okay next up is the quick shot modes both a
maverick air and the Maverick mini have quick shots smart modes we tested the
drone II rocket circle and helix mode both of them performed really well in
all of these modes but keep in mind that there’s no sensors on the sides of these
drones and we almost crashed in the trees on the circle mode and the helix
mode and we had to cancel the maneuvers by the way to cancel the maneuver just
simply move your controller stick or select cancel in the app I’d say it’s
probably best and I even attempt these modes unless it’s totally open around
the area there’s no trees or buildings yeah I’d say that’s pretty much a draw
there is a few additional capabilities that the Mavic air has in that regard
but it’s pretty similar ok so now we’re gonna test our low-light capabilities
this test is kind of tricky since the Mavic mini uses auto settings to set
the initial exposure for this test we presented a low light situation then
we maxed out the capabilities of both drones as far as low-light so looking at
both results it appears that the Maverick mini was able to achieve a
brighter picture and also appears to be less muddy than the Maverick air so even
though the higher bit rate I think in the Mavic mini wins out in the low-light
category okay guys so there you have it the Mavic Mini VS Mavic Air the
results are very close but what are the most important features you need in a
drone I’d say definitely flight time portability camera quality so which one
should you buy and that totally depends on what you’re gonna use it for and I
think the main question you to ask yourself is what quality footage is good
enough for your purposes if you’re using it for personal use real estate web
projects that don’t require 4 K then the Mavic mini is a fantastic choice if you
need the extra frame rates the speed the distance then the Mavic air might be a
better choice for you so personally I’m really digging the Mavic mini it’s
capable of really nice to the my next shots it’s super small lightweight
portable it puts out really great images which really surprised me but yeah so
that’s what I’m leaning towards myself also guys if you’d like to learn how to
make cinematic images with your small drone check out my Mavic mini course
right here and if you want to make money with your drone then check out my free
online training in the description below and don’t forget if you like this video
please subscribe if you have any questions I’d love to hear from you in
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62 thoughts on “Mavic Mini vs Mavic Air – Which is best?

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  17. What is the name of the song? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    What is the name of the song? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    What is the name of the song? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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