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3 thoughts on “Marvel Champions | Solo Playthrough | slickerdrips

  1. You played Haymaker in Alter Ego, using Peter's ability, but it's a Hero Action. Also, when Breakin' and Takin' was first revealed, you should have taken a second Encounter Card then and there.

  2. At 7:55 he only takes off 6 damage for the Swinging Web Kick instead of 8 damage. At 16:50 he uses Great Responsibility, which is a Hero Action but he is in Alter-Ego form. When he was attacked at 22:15 he should've drawn an additional card due to the Interrupt ability. Even when correcting his exhausted cards at 24:22 by throwing Nick Fury in front of him at the attack , he would still have drawn a card since Spider-Man was who the attack was originally targeted at. At 25:59 he didn't ready his cards at the end of the player phase and didn't draw an additional card by using Spider-Man's interrupt. At 28:28 he didn't ready cards again at the end of the player phase. At 30:02 he starts to use the power of justice to pay for the card, since the power of justice is has a wild symbol it would still count as paying for it with a mental resource to get the bonus threat removal. At 31:54 he should've drawn an additional card from the Spider-Man Interrupt. He also decided to keep the 6 card hand size after deciding to change over into Hero form, when really he would've only had 5 since the draw happens at the end of the player phase.

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