Manny Takes On a Kite Buggying Challenge | #CokeTVMoment

Manny Takes On a Kite Buggying Challenge | #CokeTVMoment

Yo what’s going on guys, Manny here and for this week’s CokeTV adventure i’m off to the beach to try out kite buggying I’ve heard you can reach serious speeds on the buggies so I can’t wait to test them out I’m here with Julia Hi And we are doing kite buggying How do you feel about that I don’t even know what it is, so, I don’t know how I feel I’m excited, I like to try new things and this is what it’s all about We’re doing this in a controlled environment, under the supervision of professionals So we should pretty much be fine Let’s do it Hi guys, my name is Michael, today i’m going to be teaching you guys how to kite buggying First things first, I’ve gotta show you guys how to fly a kite Look how unconfident he looks, i’m getting right back here Ait, let me get in the zone Walk back quite fast, if there’s not enough wind as well, I want you to pump the bar in and out Hold left hold left hold left You’ve had a minor crash Come on I feel like you’re gonna cry, it’s okay Oh it’s beautiful Look at this, i’ve got this Yeah you’ve got this round That’s pretty nice, left left left Spoke too soon Yeah you cursed me, you jinxed me You did alright though, you did alright Give me a sport’s commentary all the way through Can you put it down already, stop showing off You guys can come back for me tomorrow if you want We’re gonna move on to the buggy okay, now you’re going to sit down in it I want you to power the kite up nice and positively in front of you and it’s gonna start dragging you downwind like this Still going This is more multitasking then I can even comprehend Right it’s time for Manny’s turn and i’m definitely convinced that I did better Yeah, definitely better Come on Manny’s had a few kite crashes and the instructors had to re-show him some of the stuff so i’m feeling pretty smug about that He’s gonna have one more go and we think this is the one That’s it, now get the kite in front of you Perfect, and you’re off Now bring it all the way through And now right right right right, yeah! Hold it, hold it, hold it, right right right That was wicked Well done today guys, you did really well, did you enjoy it Yes, it’s addictive Unfortunately we haven’t got enough wind to the race that we had planned So what we’re gonna do is, we have two kites, and whoever can keep there’s up in the air the longest wins It’s still a competition, so I can still nail him on this I let you have your little moment at first Is that what that was Well I’ll believe it when I see it Okay guys, we’re gonna start you in 3….2…1…go! This is winner’s circle over here And it’s a circle of one You were so nice all day, and suddenly you’re getting so competitive Oh my goodness That kites looking very low mate Don’t take me now kite I’m thinking about a little sabotage mission Stop trying to cheat What! How am I cheating? Like cheaters don’t prosper I’m gonna bring it closer to you and knock yours out the sky Stop edging away from me Stop coming towards me That’s a disqualification, DQ DQ, I win That took effort getting it all the way across the beach just to sabotage yours, i’m pretty happy with that I won by DQ right Okay Michael, it’s your call, you’re the judge, who won out of that I didn’t see it so, I think we’re gonna have to call it a draw Okay fair enough Either way we’ve had a good time, thank you for your patience today Thank you so much It was good fun Cheers So we’ve had a great day, thank you to Julia for coming along Thanks for having me It’s been a pleasure having you, don’t forget to like and share the video and subscribe to CokeTV, see you guys next time Bye

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  1. Coke IS HUGE it's literally the biggest soft drink company ever and their British YouTube channel only has 25K subs. I'm so confizzfuzzled

  2. Hi Coke TV! I have just sent you a private message on YouTube. Please can you check you've received it? Thank you! 🙂

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