in this very beautiful magnetic toy you spin
a fan. you would require an old CD rubber, pencils, screw, etc. now take an old CD and
apply rubber glue across it and then take a thick piece of rectangular rubber with holes
on two ends and stick it on the old CD. then press fit two new pencils into these holes.
apply rubber glue also on the tips of the pencils and stick two wooden skewers, wooden
sticks. now if you take a screw, it will be attracted to a small magnet. now this magnet
in the center of the two sticks. now this is a propeller made from 7cm diameter card
board sheet. you can see these slant lines. cut all the 8 slant lines and then you will
see these black triangles. lift all the black triangles to make this into a very beautiful
propeller. there will be 8 blades. this is the top view and this is the bottom view.
now take an old ball pen and remove its refill. now take a thin screw minus the head and just
screw it in. the pointed end of the screw will be outside. end of the pen is tapered.
you press fit the card fan and place a bicycle nut for stability. and then hang the screw
from the black ferrite magnet and now the toy is ready. you can see the pen hanging
from the magnet. if you place it under a ceiling fan, air will strike the fans of the card
propeller and the whole pen will spin very fast. so this is essentially a magnetic spinner.
here you can see the screw in close up. its a very very beautiful propeller which can
be made with simple materials.

Eugene Islam

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