Good morning! It’s Sunday, it’s 10 am today is the big day, we’re here at the track this is the car they’ve been working to change the axis that broke yesterday see here, it’s crazy… I was about to die it’s crazy it just broke in half well, it happens when racing stuff like this happens to car when they undergo too much pressure see there is the new one the entrance to the track is in two hours, in the meantime they are working also on the other cars it’s drinking This event, the formula x Italian series, which is the context in which we are racing with the Predators did an amazing job, because there are so many grids with lots of cars one grid for the grip g1 a very recent project born in the last few years that mounts the engine of a bike, the Aprilia rsv4 one grid dedicated to the Formula 3, Formula Renault, Formula Gloria one grid dedicated to Tourism one dedicated to the old historic Formuals one for the legend cars, and of course one dedicated to the Formula Predators and our grid will be very hard fought, because there are about 25 cars so it’s gonna be crazy and most of the cars in our grid are Predators PC010 some are pc08 and about 6 or 7 PC015 Also, this event it open to all, entrance is free You can find the link to the website in the comments so for the next events you can go there and see the races live and take a look at the paddock and meet the organizers of the Formula Predators Ok, 20 minutes to go before the entrance I don’t know why maybe ’cause it’s easier maybe ’cause it’s less scary but the anxiety you have before a car race is nothing compared to that you have before a bike race I’m much more at ease here just like with the bike I have no idea how to start, I never tried one I’ll try it now during the warm-up lap, and we’ll see the goal is to try and stay second, then stay attached to the first one and understand where he’s gonna give me that second obviously if I can make a good start you never know Alberto Naska is concentrating ready for his first experience on the track driving a Predators PC015, we heard lots of people cheering you on I regret no having the Umbrella girl it’s freaking hot in here anyhow, it’s all gonna be played there are the first curve I hope I’ll make a good start. Good luck! Noo, the clutch has stalled at the start Can I get this start right at least once!? Once! Ok, not a problem I’m going fast my car is more efficient, there are 10 laps available I have all the time in the world to study my opponents and surpass them so… easy. Why is he braking all of a sudden? Yellow flag did he break the engine? It wasn’t a yellow flag. There’s a safety car, that’s why a few laps before that’s why there’s the safety car, they crashed at the start the thing is that during that distraction with the safety car I don’t remember who I surpassed and it’s forbidden to surpass with the safety car around so since I’m not doing a championship race but I’ve been invited here as a guest to race, and I don’t want to ruin the championship to anyone, I’ll let the guy behind me pass, just in case because I don’t want to do a foul play since he’s playing for the title this is the go pro fusion the 360 camera I use to make those awesome shots the problem is that this camera is beautiful, but it does not work it does more harm than good since I got it I’ve been having bugs, issues, and this bitch decided after a lap and half to not record anymore so the only shots I have are from the helmet, which is cool but the sound is not as good as with this one so you’ll see the race from my view LET’S GO AGAIN I have absolutely no speed look at that How can I surpass them? MISTAKE They throw themselves in from every side? I have to change my driving, otherwise I’ll end up last OK I’m having a crisis moment this is the situation: I have a Predators PC015 around me I have only PC010 my car goes 2 seconds faster per lap why is that? because it has more aerodynamic load so what happens? my car goes faster in turns but slower when going straight so who can I surpass all of these cars? If I have to brake when turning otherwise I’d jump over and when I get out of the turn they go faster than me? I swear initially I thought I’d have no problem surpassing them instead.. it’s hard! it’s so freaking hard it’s hard surpassing someone who’s slower on the turns but faster when going straight I have no idea what to do, I need a solution nothing do, I’m stuck. It’s crazy Ok now I’m gonna try a trajectory crossing so I can get out of the curve faster and go to the next one nothing to do… I just can’t not you too! they surpass me from every side Ok let’s change approach since I can’t surpass them my advantage is at the turn, I’m faster so before a turn, I’ll make some distance so I can go in faster and go out so fast that I surpass them ok this works, but I need to do it better not another one enough! OK I’m gonna try and use some cunning. I’m gonna pretend to give him space so he forces the space and maybe he’s going to fail it worked! Now I need to do a great lap to gain positions Ok I’m in the group, now I have to use my weapons meaning more speed at the turns, more stability when braking and when entering the turn so especially at the big turns I have to go full speed and surpass them Yeah but I can’t do it before a straight road, that’s one km long otherwise they pass he’s braking? he knows I’m faster and he wants me to go first to annoy the group Look at that, at the front they are fighting, I have to cross the trajectory so I can go fast and surpass them yes! No come on! he’s back I should be so mad because I’ve wasted a race, but I’m having so much fun it’s so fun racing with these cars damn insect splattered on the camera Ok I’m right behind him at this distance maybe I have a chance to not lose speed and then surpass him I did it! Last lap! I have to go get them Ok I’m faster at the turn so I’ll try to surpass him from outside I did it! But he’s right behind me, I know he’ll catch up to me I have to defend the trajectory I have to defend my advantage It’s my only option Come on! Now I’ll just pretend to force the distance inside, so maybe he’ll come long and I can surpass him at the turn it worked! it worked! what a race! what a race My God that was awesome! I swear I never had more fun in my whole life these formula predators are genious because not only do they allow you to race without spending a fortune, but they make you do awesome races I could have never guessed I would have ended up fighting with 7 other cars for the second position surpasses, crosses, outdistance, cars opened with 4 in the distance, it’s so much fun but most importantly despite having done a crazy race they were all incredibly well-behaved which proves that all pilots present today behaved like true pros the bad start unfortunately played a big role but without it I would have had less fun so I’m glad it happened. An other important thing is that I learned how to fight with this car amongst the crowd, which is crucial for race #2 In race 2 I will start from the position I got today, so 5th amongst the crowd I won’t spoil anything to you but I’ll just tell you that race #2 was the most fun I’ve ever HAD and what you saw today is nothing compared to race #2 SUBSCRIBE

Eugene Islam


  1. IMPORTANTE: In tanti segnalano che l'audio e il video non sono sincronizzati. Funziona tutto benissimo, è Youtube che purtroppo fa casini. Provate a chiudere e riaprire la pagina e magari funziona.

  2. Such an amazing race to watch and race itself! Congrats, the speed difference was ridiculous. P5 was a great result indeed.

  3. you have a car 2 sec fasten than opponents and you finnish in the 5th position…try a race simulator the real life is not for you:)))

  4. Cars that would scare the shit out of me if I drove them, fighting in every corner, speed, sound, grid girls – F1, where are you?

  5. If you have the slower top speed car, then you must be very aggressive in the turns! And the final turn into a long straight you must force the other car on the inside (Why?) yes the other car will surpass but they will be on the inside which means they'll brake earlier and you'll brake late (Position regained) and now use the upcoming turns to create distance.

  6. ma in queste gare si possono settare gli alettoni? in prova nn avevi notato la poca velocità nel dritto? complimenti che figata

  7. I enjoyed that. Thanks for uploading. Liked the commentary during the race. Cars looks like a lot of fun!

    One thing: it's pass, not surpass. Perfect English other than that! 👍

  8. Sostanzialmente la PC015 è più performante nei curvoni veloci dato che ha il passo più lungo della PC010 e ha più aerodinamica. Se non erro ha anche 5 cv in più dato che usa il motore della Hornet ad iniezione invece che carburatori. Il problema è che avendo più carico aerodinamico rallenta sul rettilineo. Soluzione (secondo me e se fattibile): dare 1 grado negativo alle ruote anteriori e posteriori (il famoso CAMBER) così che sui rettilinei lo pneumatico poggia per la metà nella parte interna e la vettura è più scorrevole. Voi direte: si ma facendo così lo pneumatico nella parte dove non tocca (quindi il lato esterno) si fredda? Sbagliato: la percorrenza sul dritto di queste piste non è molto lunga e lo pneumatico ne risente pochissimo….e poi non sono pneumatici da formula 1 che diamine hahahahahahah!!! Il tutto si traduce in una scorrevolezza migliore e quando si entra in curva la sospensione recupera il camber negativo in positivo e lo pneumatico torna a toccare l'asfalto al 100% Se tutto andrà come spero l'anno prossimo parteciperò su questa vettura sperando negli sponsor hahahahahahah!! Grande Alberto comunque!!!!

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed watching this – loved the commentary to get inside your mind during the race – the helmet cam is superb too !

  10. Un appunto caro "Naska": la telecamera sul casco, i piloti sono presi dall'entusiasmo e dall'adrenalina ma i commissari dov'erano? Non è tutto spettacolo ed immagine e si fa presto a farsi male. Non è il simulatore o la playstation, un po' più di professionalità non guasterebbe.

  11. Fun Video but you need some driving training haha theresss sooo mannyy timees i would have chose a different line

  12. bella gara da pilota ti invidio mi piacerebbe correre pure io con ste macchine ma non ho ne contatti ne disponibilita economica per ora

  13. Sei più lento pure in curva, quando vai a corda sei troppo largo, poi sbagli l'uscita e sei inevitabilmente più lento in accelerazione.

  14. dici che andavi lento in rettilineo però manco ti metti in scia a nessuno.. quando lo hai fatto 1 volta hai superato in staccata. devi migliorare molto perchè hai fatto tantissimi errori e la macchina era buona.

  15. Uno dei video più belli che ho visto quest'anno! Per quanto riguarda la guida non stavi sfruttando al massimo il potenziale della macchina,anzi. Il fatto è che tendi a tagliare le curve troppo in anticipo! Da quello che ho visto tendevi a tagliare la curva troppo in anticipo e questo ti costringeva a correggere(rallentare) la traiettoria in uscita uscendo più lento degli altri quando in realta dovresti accellerare prima degli altri per recuperare la differenza di potenza nel rettilineo e magari sfruttare la scia fino alla curva non sarebbe male 😉

  16. primo video che vedo, bello complimenti… non so benissimo il contesto, però mi sembra un po' sfacciato partecipare alla tua prima gara in un campionato dove magari gli altri sono già più navigati e pensare di dare una pista a tutti solo perché hai il mezzo più veloce

  17. Il prossimo video su formula x puoi far vedere le macchine di formula x Turing perché c'è mio papà se lo puoi salutarlo si chiama Fico

  18. Ma quanto sei scarso ??? Hanno fatto la classifica per questo… Non hai azzeccato un ingresso in curva… Tardavi a frenare e si nota la paura nell' avvicinarti all' avversario… Non ci sono parole….

  19. Grande Alberto e da poco che ti seguo ma questo video è semplicemente bellissimo continua cosi👍👏👏👏sei veramente bravo complimenti👏👏👏

  20. Ciao! Leggevo che per partecipare alla formula predator ci vogliono comunque un botto di soldi!!! Ma che cavolo di lavoro fai??? Grande comunque è un piacere seguire i tuoi video!!!

  21. I think You would do better in an old Formula Ford Zetec instead of a Hornet 600 in a copy of the Jedi or global lights 600 .

  22. "è un casino passare qualcuno che va più forte sul dritto ma va più piano in curva" chiedilo a verstappen dopo un combattimento con una ferrari

  23. 6:23 i think the problem with your camera is the memory card: i had the same issue with my GoPro: it would record 5 min. and then stop.. it turns you need a micro SD card with at least UHS-1 classificationfor it to record proper without it cutting out.

  24. How much does one of these Formula cars usually cost to race? How much does it cost per season to race them? By the way great video!!

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