KRAL ŞAKİR: Drone – 22. Bölüm (Çizgi Film)

– Your new drone is so cool Cemşit. – He he…. Now it will be much cooler. – Where’s the water balloon? – Here it is. – Ok… It’s done.
Now we take off ! What’s that?! Whose toy is this?!
Is that a fly? How is that a fly?! Maybe it’s a cyborg fly.
Are you serious? It’s a drone. – Hmmmm…
Let’s make this side like this… – Ha? Why is everyone looking at me? – HIAAGGGHHH! – Hahaha! Huhahahaha!
Hohohohohoho! – (CROWD) This is the last lesson right?
Has anyone got an extra eraser? Are we going to play ball after school? – Igh! Ughh! Stay there you silly thing! – Ughh! It fell again! I told you to stay!
HUH! – Necati!
– Hiaghhh! – Did you put up the leaflet? – What’s his deal man? He pops up everywhere! – I am the principal of this place.
I pop up everywhere! – Put up that leaflet quickly…
I am watching you… – I am watching you… Nihahaha… – I am so scared of this man.
Ha! I need to put up this leaflet. – But I cannot.
Anyway I will hold it for a while. – Huh? What’s that? It says Istanbul drone race
Wow! It’ll take place between Maiden Tower and Galata Tower. – Make way… Make way
for the professionals. – Wow cool kid has arrived. – I used to be cool like him.
I had illuminated shoes. – You still have them… – I love them. – Himmm… Are you ready to adrenaline fueled race
which brings two continents together? – Yees! – If so ready your drone,
big prize for the winner! – Ercan… That’s it! We must win this prize!
Come on, we need to get ready. – Psst Şakir?
Why don’t you enter this race? – Do I have a drone
uncle Necati? – You don’t? – No, of course I don’t! – Ask your father then. – He won’t buy it.
He would say it’s too expensive. – I think he would buy it.
Because recently I heard something from Remzi… – He said
“Gosh I wish my son would come and ask me to buy a drone.” – Yes… His words exactly. – Are you serious? – I don’t joke about these kinds of matters Şakir.
I am offended. – What?!
You want a drone? – Son are you crazy?
They are too expensive! – Uncle Necati?!
What did you say to me remember? – Aaaa!??… – Necati,
why do you using him to get a drone? – I NEED THAT DRONE REMZI! – I SAW THAT KID’S DRONE!
IT LOOKS LIKE A COOL THING! – Necati you don’t even know
what it is for! – Yes but it has light on it!
I like it so much! – Anyway dad… It’s not a big deal…
I am going to my room. – Well done Remzi,
let him go. – You don’t give children
everything they want. – Noo Remzi!
Don’t let him go! – He is just a kid.
Don’t break his heart and buy that toy. – Huh? What are you doing
in my conscience Necati?! – Anyway. Şakir! Son! – Hu! Yes dad! – Look son, that drone thingies are so expensive.
We don’t have that much money… – But… But… – Thanks to my superior engineering
and your designing skills – we can create our own drone.
What do you say? – Eeemmm… I don’t know that, – isn’t a difficult thing to do?
Can we? – Of course we can.
How do you think they invented the internet? – With a screwdriver and a washbowl. – Are you serious? – No. I just wanted
to look like I knew a lot. – Don’t upset Necati either!
Give him ten thousands millions money. – Go away you silly thing.
Even here he doesn’t understand math. – Dit diriii riiiiii!
Red Dragon is ready for action. – Woooww! – But I don’t know how to control it. – Me neither. – I know. Give me that.
Hiaaaaa! – Fly drone fly! Fly to freedom. – WHAT ARE YOU DOING UNCLE NECATI?
YOU CANNOT DO THAT! IT HAS A REMOTE! – Ohh… Ok then give me that.
Hiaaaaa! – Hiaaaaa!
Şakir grab the remote son! Grab the remote! – Haaaaaa! Igh! Hiaaa!
It’s falling! Falling! – Igh!
– Goooaal! – Hmmmm…. Number of engine
is not compatible with the aerodynamic structure… – Metal alloy is durable
but it will slow the drone down. – Huh? How do you know
all those things Uncle Tanju? – Hu?
Just heard them from somewhere. – This? What’s this sign on your cap?
That’s a kind of air force insignia. – No! No!
This cap is not mine. – Are you hiding something from us? – Ok ok you got me.
I was a pilot long time ago. – I can fly anything has an engine
and wings. – That’s it.
We found our pilot! – Me?
– Uncle Tanju, can you enter the drone race with us? – Can you fly this thing? – Huh? eee… – Hiaa! What’s going on?!
I cannot control it! I cannot control it! – Haaaaa! Heeelp! Haaaaa! Aaaaaa!
My Hair! Help!… – No, I cannot do it!
I can’t! Haaaaa! – Oh boy… – I guess it’s up to our luck. – Welcome to
Istanbul Drone Race! – Oleeey! Yeaaaah! Fiiiiuu! Fiiiiu! – We will welcome our contestants here
in a moment. – Oooh! Easy sir!
We haven’t started yet! – Sorry! Sorry!
I guess I put so much rocket fuel. – He he he heh…
We will win this race Ercan. – Look at the other contestants, they are all awkwards.
Awkwards! – Huh?!
Someone is calling us! – Ok guys, everything that can bring us luck
is inside this box. – A four leaf clover… – a leafless clover… – a horse shoe… – a horse shoe
– Catch! (equivoque in Turkish) (equivoque in Turkish) – Red Dragon Team!
Please come to the racing field. – It’s us!
Are we ready Şakir? – I guess we will need some luck. – And now
the race begins! – Alright dear viewers.
Our race concludes with a draw at the – Wild Claw and Red Dragon
passed the finish line at the same time. – So to determine the winner
we will hold a final race. – Yay! Yehuuu! Bravo! Oleeey! – I don’t believe it…
Thanks to our luck we came this far. – With this luck they can win this race.
We need to do something. – What kind of thing? – Something bad…
Something very very bad… – Contestants please take your place,
the final race is about to begin. – By the way, a purple elephant is found
in front of the all you can eat buffet fainted – because of over eating.
His friends should come and take him. – Ighh! Ighh! Ahhh
I hit my hand… Anyway… – And now the final race begins! – Come on son, bring the remote.
The race is about to begin. – Ok dad. – Three! Twoo! Onee!
Go! – Oleeey! Come on! Go Red Dragon!
Come on Wild Claw! – Hahahah! Eat my dust! – Ohuuo! Ohhooo! – Ha? How?
The remote is broken! It’s not working dad! – What’s up?
What’s the problem? – The remote isn’t working! – A while ago Cemşit was
playing with your remote. – I guess he did something to it. – Ohh… We lost! – I am eliminated but
I won’t let you get eliminated guys. – I brought this shrinking device. – This scientist is so cute,
I want to squeeze his cheeks. – Let go of my cheeks! – I will shrink you,
you will go inside the drone – and fly it like a plane.
You won’t need a remote then. – But… But we cannot even fly
with the remote, – we came this far thanks to our luck.
We can’t fly it even if we go inside. – Hey what’s going on?
If you won’t fly now, you will be eliminated. – Hey! Wait! – Ha? This voice?!
This voice?! – Is it Turtle Lady?! – What lady! It’s me! – Uncle Tanju! What happened to
“I cannot fly”? – I was afraid of the past. – But I understand that fear is
no good for anyone. – Shrink us meerkat!
Come on! – Yey! Adventure! – Come on then! – Ha! Run now!
Run! Hurry Up! – Are the engines ready?
– Ready! – Are the hairs ready? – Ready! – We are taking off! – Huh? Unbelievable!
Red Dragon is back in the race! – Bravo! Oleeey!
Go Red Dragon! – Huh? How?! – How they can fly
without the remote?! – I won’t know but
I cannot let them win! – Huh? Something is coming!
Oh boy! What do we do now? – Yeey! A bubble!
I love them! – I have a plan!
Hıghh! – They are so close to finish line
at Galata Tower – What’s that?!
A bubble follows Red Dragon! – Nihahaha!
Now you are done Red Dragon. – It’s getting close Uncle Tanju!
So close! – Igghhh… Come on dragon!
Come on! – Hiaaa! How’s this possible?!
Noooo! – OLEYY! OLEYY!
RED DRAGON WINS! Yihuuu! – And Red Dragon wins the race!
. – Wild Claw team is eliminated
since they used bubble – Grrrrr! Igh! Ouch! – Yihuuu! You are amazing Tanju!
Well done! – We won the race!
Thanks uncle Tanju! – Well done Tanju! Well done!
Come here! I’ll kiss you! Come here! – Wait Necati! You can kiss me
when we get off. – Come here you! – Hey hey! I cannot see!
Stop Necati! – Muaah!
He he I kissed you! – Ohh we’ve crashed…
You are so clumsy Tanju! – I will never get in a drone with you… – Beam me up captain!

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