Kite en Primera Persona – Pete Cabrinha

Kite en Primera Persona – Pete Cabrinha

Hello to our friends from Zona Kite My name is Martin Caprile from Maui, Hawaii And today we are going to do an interview to Pete Cabrinha One of the referents of this sport called kitesurf We´ll be talking with him about the beggining of the sport, his life here in Maui The objectives of his brand and all about what surrouds the incredible world of kitesurfing I hope that you´ll enjoy it. Watersports been part of my life ever since I can remember When I was about six years old my family moved pretty close to the beach in a talent called kailua that’s on the island of Oahu and we I could just walk from my house down to the beach so immediately I was just in the ocean every single day, so Water sports came really from from the beginning. I started surfing when I was about 6 years old I’d surfing for me it kind of came as a natural progression of things I had been surfing since I was a kid and then I got it to windsurfing when I was about 15 and pursued that as a as a career, I followed the professional windsurfing to her for a number of years like 15 or more years and there was a transition period Where we got out of knots I got out of but we were transitioning out of windsurfing into This hybrid thing called tow surfing and I was doing that for many many years and then a group of guys that I was kind of hanging with and and doing this tow surfing thing with a couple of them got into Kite surfing, but that’s when kite surfing was really on the ground level and in the very beginning I wasn’t that interested. I was like okay. I’m windsurfing and what they’re doing on the kite It looks fun, but it I had so many toys. You know like all these these water sports I was like you know they’re doing down winders and I can do that with them on my wind surfer But then one day. I saw a guy Get a jump on a kite And he stayed in the air way longer than I’ve ever seen any wind surfers stay in the air And I was like okay now it looks good So in the mid-90s when I got into kite surfing the sport was still very much in its infancy and equipment was extremely hard to get There were wipa [kkuk] I’ts at the time And you have to know somebody who knew [somebody] and you know? that would import a couple and and they’re really hard to get and boards and control bars and all that kind of stuff you pretty much have to make your own [I] Was already into board design and so I decided to make Kite boards and so I started a brand called Cabrini design, and we were making custom kite boards here in Maui [and] So that’s kind of what kicked it off for me [make] kitesurfing equipment is pretty pretty detailed. I mean for us akka Brina. It takes an army of people designers engineers testers [you] know our graphic department. I mean just to pull the product together There’s a lot of people involved and there’s a lot of time involved [and] So you know my part in the process well since the beginning it was You know I was really a part of the the entire development being Brand manager Product manager kind of kind of everything and and now I’ve scaled my my position into you know Brand manager which is mostly involved in the the marketing and the The touch that takes the feel of the Cabrini brand and so it’s sort [of] have a broad overview of the the product development and we have a product manager now I Go to the office. I work a bit, and you know I admit I part of the job is testing our [products], so you know many days I go out and I ride with the team and and test the gear and then I have my family my wife and daughter and spend time with them in the evenings and on weekends and whenever I can basically [so] yeah, I keep myself busy there really isn’t a whole [lot] of time I think the future of the sport is going to be not driven by brands. It’s not going to be driven by The industry it’s going to be driven by the riders I mean the writers always ultimately decide how they want to use this thing and believe me people use kitesurfing Any way they want I mean? You can write it on the snow you can write it with a race board a foil board a twin tip a surfboard [you] [know] straps no straps I mean basically any way you want to ride this thing and so people are always taking this kite this power source and Some sort of vehicle whether it’s you know like I say a twin tip or a surfboard or race board or foil board or you know a land board or something and Just they’re pushing it people are just pushing it super far And now it’s really kind of becoming this really strange hybrid I mean if you look at the stuff that that nick [Jacobsen] is doing you know jumping off of cliffs And buildings and everything else [you] can climb With a kite and [then] you know transitioning into the water it’s who knows where this is going to go But I really think it’s going to be the riders that [are] going to Take it to the next level you know Kibriya as a brand is constantly evolving and will continue continue to evolve as the Verse for changes in the industry changes, so that’s kind of on. It’s on it’s a own trajectory [for] me personally you [know] I’m going to be in the sport for a long long time and and all the sports that that I do I don’t plan on slowing down. I hope But Beyond that I mean this there’s a lot of things that I do Outside of the sport I do a fair amount of art, and that’s something that I can always retire on and You know the music and the family I mean all that kind of stuff is just dis life in that that I’m going to be forever Don’t let anybody dictate what you want to do right however you want to ride with whatever equipment you want to ride and and If it interests you go after it like go after it big and have fun Because all the people that I have seen that have [been] [successful] in this Have done exactly that they they didn’t They didn’t listen to somebody that said you know what you have to ride this kind of board with these kind of this kind of connection or binding and Got to put your stickers like this on the board you know that don’t let anybody tie you until box Like just take this thing and go out and have fun and experiment and the fun factor is what actually keeps you doing it day after day in it, and it’s what drives like creativity, so There’s my non advice advice Want to give a big shout out to everybody in latin America. [it’s] good chatting with you guys and a big yellow mahalo Just thank you to Zona Kite

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