Kerbal Weapons Program #8 – Carpet Bombing

Kerbal Weapons Program #8 – Carpet Bombing

Robaz here, playing more “Kerbal Weapons Program”. Today. We’re gonna build a bomber. We’ll do some carpet bombing. I think carpet nuclear bombing might crash the game. That tail is supposed to be a lot bigger. Yes, and a bit thinner, too Ha ha ha ebola straight ah yeah, but someone came drifting over my penis. Oh the hole Sir air conditioning yes, exactly. We’re we’re we’re using nature to air conditioned. We get the cooktop and engines. That’s so cool How big is this picture? Oh? Yeah, ha ha ha we’re gonna Die quick here ha ha. Speed Real one has gears on end of Wings – you bullshitting me It do have it toss. It correct. You’re completely correct to have something. Thanks a gaming award totally. That’s the banks of gaming or Yes, I’d really like the looks of this the wing wheels it’s like Little little training wheels for Children and Stubby it is luckily liqueur icky to be honest. I’m so happy. We made his cockpit even though It looks like absolute garble it still gives it that that the freedom you know actually climbing into your cockpit Stopped working and start working. Oh now We’re drifting know Why we go sideways? It’s my fault. It’s your fucking fault jan dude. It is your mainly space of Jet Instead of the toward I never I can’t work my ass is too firm, but Joe your ass is shat There’s some floppy floppy shit alright Uncle almost 1800 people than waiting oh, no, I’m sorry Okay, okay, okay? We have the cockpit be calm be calm be calm guys. We can do it If you don’t have the list now, I don’t know how it will work Look at this thing. This is the coolest fucking zombie yet evade The ruling is to have it. Oh, haha. Oh *Autistic screeching in Swedish* Decided that trap shat shat you were sitting here with me designing this garbage Alright. It’s just as much your fault that it’s my fault These are the new Amazon prime delivery canisters they’ve been cutting out the Middleman delivering directly to the customer That’s nice. I wonder driver. Well. I was suggested to have our rotating Bomb rack, but you know fuck it. This will do this will do Jab they are back aren’t they I can smell them they defrag fragrance of the hipsters They are closed we have to strike now and eradicate them Silly Hipsters can’t even make your own designs Copying me. What is this? Drinking some coffee creamer. I’ll rip those mustaches killing off Wait, wait. I know what the problem is now all the wheels are broken That’s where they are breaking. We’re super very weel pop. Oh, no That’s not good. It’s pretty bad is yummy ever take off with pure Determination It’s a big boy It’ll do it’ll do come on come on direct delivery highest priority there seems to be some aerodynamics at four normally The rooms to being president to their skulls, but it’s just part of the design. It’s like an AK-47 You know rugged very very very rugged you can he see lining up This plane is actually is more wiggly with the sas turn on like Wiggly Pop Let the flowers bloom on the battlefield. I will plant my seeds on these hipsters. I will make them bloom oh oh Yeah It is iDen Blue Band club Something like the fauna is so shellfish to regular Ish pit out Thus crank it out haha But a thin – is ever fished and either do a scenario forming while speaking German could have probably done our Rotating rack and go for another round about you know, but pretty that pretty much fucked them all up Impressive pretty cool, and this was this is pretty real Fuck did you know what we need really is more power. I want to do uh nuclear a carpet bombing all right Is fine everybody just need a perfect bomb? Essaouira bomb TSAr bomb carpet bombing that’s what I want to do Thank you. Don’t fuck it two of them I don’t want to I want more than two bombs are not corporate ball meg. You need at least three bombs alright How do I wait it was it cold carpet bombing? It’s not like you’re bombing carpets or putting down a carpet You know there we go if two nuclear bombs made anime three nuclear bombs Should make anime real right? We have found it the hipsters Island home. I will bring them down these lowlife hipsters with their high standard of living Good attic and good morals fuck them. It looks like Mexican so no I don’t want the bomb mix against Every Rose oh Pepe good night Berto Widow Pepe and a widow so you can do it it oh oh Yes, it has to be will wheels breaking I? Don’t think this or bomb was very lightweight And we have three of them get in I am not to blame for this surely workmanship this is A American coffee after all they should have known better. I should have had better wheel It’s those wheels it’s a smokescreen fucking American always one step ahead. Oh I Don’t think it’s a very smart idea dropping a star bomb from 5,000 meters when the comb is did it from 8,000 meters with parachutes not to mention I have three of them, but it has to be done someone has to stop the hipster nonsense Democracy Freedom and honor there we go. Hey. Oh Yes, perhaps. We can get away without the weight with the weight away the weight away. Yeah speed speed Yeah, hi, you know we were pretty much just above the Target now Whoever’s really Gotten this far now. Let me go With my serving with you pepe oh shit, holy fuck how biggest an explosion whoa pepe So this is how pepe died he died making anime real? But a horrible and noble way to go oh What it’s that big? Very when like a favorite this shit newt the hipsters today big mushroom

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100 thoughts on “Kerbal Weapons Program #8 – Carpet Bombing

  1. Why is it called carpet bombing when there is no carpenters or carpets involved?
    Kerbal Weapon Program Playlist:

  2. Robbaz universe is connected these 3 nukes created some of sims 3 characters as well as the cube whick connected all the universes

  3. No carpenters or carpets involved carpet bombing is light, medium or heavy bombers are dropping bombs going the lowest bomb to the highest bomb hit the ground

  4. thats acually how big the tsar bomb cloud would be i would acually be bigger i saw on a wedsite that it would go further then the satilights

  5. That ending literally had me choking up with laughter @ the power of teh tsar bombas, and that tiny bit of delay right after the MAJOR explosion that happens right before the bomber vaporizes too is the funniest shit…just makes the scene.

  6. I thought carpet bombing was made illegal. I mean, it's not like Jeb cares. But perhaps he shouldn't piss off the UN security council too soon.

  7. Carpet bombing means that you're literally laying a carpet of bombs causing mass destruction and doom

  8. 5:10
    Robbaz: Speaking random German he learned at school.

    German kid wondering why he would like to eat a chair: scared Pikachu face

  9. Robbaz only one tasar bomba made shock waves that went around the earth 3 times that was only one and you should of added parachutes

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